Gorgeous Cozy Tiny House on Foundation For Sale

Gorgeous Cozy Tiny House on Foundation For Sale

Gorgeous Cozy Tiny House on Foundation For Sale

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  2. Looks cheap and has the personality of styrofoam packaging. Other small homes has charm before the furniture went in.

  3. It's a nice house💖🙏💖

  4. I work for a Tiny Home inspection company and I see hundreds of them every year. I think this charming Tiny House has a well thought out floor-plan and attention to the details. Like the ornate L brackets holding up the breakfast bar, or the adorable window box. I also think that some people wouldn't know charm if it smacked them in the face.

  5. Looks like a kit home from the early '80s …

  6. Its the same size as my 2 bedroom condo. I like that its in its very own setting for privacy. I do like the open concept layout. Smaller bathrooms don't mean you need less storage though. Its a pain when you have to leave the bathroom to get what you need from outside the bathroom. Toiletries need to be stored in the bathroom. I think this tiny home could have come up with more storage spaces in all the areas.
    My 2 bedroom each have 2 full size closets side by side. One with shelves, the other for hanging clothes. My bathroom also has laundry with storage above, as well as hot water tank in closet with storage above and toilet with storage above as well as in the vanity. All bathroom related items stay in the bathroom as well as laundry supplies – and I don't feel cramped at all.

  7. This house is not telling the trurh about it the door tell it all. Why lie

  8. I like this place except for the color of the kitchen cabinets. They should be white or darker like cherry wood. Love the bathroom and the small window in it. I also love the front porch too. Nice.

  9. Could not understand the layout of the house…..a floor plan would have been nice!

  10. 😍🏠🌳👫🐕

  11. Where is it for sale and how much?? I've been looking for a tiny house that is already set somewhere so I don't have to find a place for it. I'm closing on the sale of my condo in 2 weeks and would like to find a place to buy but cannot afford another house I'm certain or even townhome. If this is under $100k I would like to know how to purchase pls.

  12. Nice home how much is it and where can i get it does it have washer and dryrr hook up please let me know it would br gpod on my land thanks.

  13. The front pictures of the house don't match the inside layout. Once inside there isn't a small window beside the door, also if you look at the outside is there isn't enough space on the other side of the door for a kitchen. So the front of the cottage picture is a bait and switch. Makes you wonder what the outside really looks like.

  14. I'm so excited, and want my own tiny house. Are there any out there for sale???

  15. That's not a "Tiny House" it's a "Small House"

  16. Why don't the size of windows and doors match their placement on the outside with the inside? A floor plan would have been very helpful.

  17. Love it. Where is it and how Much?

  18. That was a cute one bedroom house,
    the only thing I would change is the way the front door opens.

  19. Where was the bedroom

  20. 86 thousand for tiny house. Thats ridiculas

  21. So, where is it? How much? Where's the dishwasher??

  22. The outside of this house is not the same as the inside of the house. False advertising.

  23. Appliances-hideous. Wall color-hideous. Kitchen cabinets-cheap. Light fixtures- horrible.

  24. Una stanza in piu per 4 persone e il mio ideale

  25. Tiny House ? The outside doesn’t match the size of the inside. Beautiful home but I am confused.

  26. Even if I liked the inside, it’s in Inverness. Yuck. But I agree with the other people… I don’t blame the poster, but I think it’s a different house inside than they show on the outside.

  27. Getting ideas to Built mine..🙏🌼🌹

  28. It's bigger than it looks !

  29. It should have stainless steel appliances.

  30. Ha ha door isn't even the same….

  31. This isn't a tiny house. Way more than 200 sq ft.

  32. What does one of these tiny houses go for,?

  33. Once inside I think we are facing the back door where the kitchen is because the window in the bathroom matches if you look at the front window of the front of the house.

  34. The inside looks too big to be a tiny house and the outside does not match the inside.

  35. This house gives me a wierd feeling. The way the window in the bedroom is wierd and the ceiling is awkwardly high.

  36. Never showed full picture of house and with no furniture.that is pretty fucked up😝

  37. 86k for that, you can build it w 20k at the highest. Theirs no upgrades on anything just plane Jane. 🧐

  38. You've got the pics wrong. The outside pics don't match the inside.

  39. I can’t believe how many dumb people leave stupid comments. It’s the same friggin house people. The door shown off the kitchen is the back door😏

  40. I would definitely buy! I love small homes!! I bought a condo and I love it!

  41. So I clicked on this home because it said it was for sale 'No info on cost.Can you please add price etc etc.

  42. Thumbs down for lying!

  43. Las fotos de la fachada no concuerdan con el interior.

  44. This is not a tiny house! Liers

  45. My concern is, shouldn't the tiny home be raised on a foundation ? What if it rains hard couldn't the water leak indoors !

  46. It looks so big inside. Maybe it's just the picture.

  47. This is obviously not in the UK, and if you think this is “tiny”….then you should see where I lived in Hertford 7 years ago. It was HALF this house.

  48. Of course it’s not the same house. From the outside the front door has a huge oval window. From the inside it’s a small half moon window at the top.

  49. Too much money. The house only has one bedroom. Seems to me another room could have been hacked out. One bath. Need at least a half bath, too. There is no garage and no back porch. The inside looks like it's been done with veneers rather than real wood.

    I know the Inverness area and a more reasonable price would be at least 10K cheaper.

  50. I love this tiny house.

  51. It's rectangular. The house looks "small" straight on but if you walk around to the side, it's regular size!!!! Deception!


  53. What's up with the house inside Does not Match out side 2 different types of home's I CALL YOU OUT THIS IS BULLSHIT WHY WHY WHY!!! 😠😠😠😠 LIE.

  54. Tiny house for giants.

  55. That’s a big house. Not a tiny house.

  56. Wow, that house looks hugh on the inside 😄😄😄💖

  57. I like the pretty blue

  58. The address of this house shows an empty lot on a 2019 Google Earth Photo.?????

  59. Kill the music. I'm out of hear.

  60. The inside is totally different from the outside. Out of several, the most obvious…..the front door (design)is totally different.

  61. GREAT …dog-house !

  62. "double Pain Windows" in the description, LOL!

  63. Guys. The front door you see from the inside is on the back of the house. Look at the small window next to the porch. It’s a perfect match and style match to the bathroom. The small window on the side in the back you see in the end of the video is a match for the kitchen. The larger window on the side and the one on the front with the planter – which is really the back – is the bedroom windows.

    Watch it again. You see the open corridor to the ‘front’ door…

  64. The colors are ugly.

  65. Why would someone post something so obviously fraudulent?

  66. Super Nice. How much does it cost?

  67. Show the right tiny home/the door on the front of the home is on the very right side/ but on the inside the door is in the middle.

  68. Not even the same house as pictured on the outside…

  69. 😍😍😂😂🔇🔇✌

  70. No thanks, you're not charging enough for it, so, I won't buy it!

  71. What a fake video! From the outside there is no kitchen.

  72. bait and switch for 84g

  73. did i miss the bedroom?

  74. Tiny house? Opulence, conspicuous consumption.

  75. Does it has a washer and dryer closet?

  76. And you want $86,000 for this? I could get a regular size house for that!

  77. WTF. Are you kidding ? Scam!

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