Google Earth Tutorial: Intro to Creation Tools

Google Earth Tutorial: Intro to Creation Tools

In this video we’re going to talk about
how to create your first story or map in Google Earth. We’ll show you how to save places, photos,
and information all in one project, so you can create a map
to preserve your memories or tell a story about a journey. See where your imagination takes you. To start creating, click on “Projects.” Click “New Project.” Click the pencil icon to give your project
a title and description. You’ll notice that your edits are
automatically saved as you work. You can start by searching for a place
you’d like to add. When you’ve found the place you like, click
the “Add to Project” button. Save that place to your project. You’ll see the place appear in the list
of features in your project. Let’s add one more place. In addition to searching for places
by name, you can drop a placemark directly on
the globe with the Creation toolbar. Select the “Add Placemark” button, and click on the globe to
add the placemark. Give your place a name, and this time, let’s click edit to add more information. Here in the property editor you can add rich information to your places such as videos and images, text, style
placemarks, and more. You can even add an amazing 3-D view
to your place by tilting the map and clicking
“Capture this View.” You can continue adding places to
your project including lines, shapes, and
Street View. You can share your project with a friend by clicking the “Share Project” button. To see your finished project,
click “Present.” Use the Previous and Next buttons in the
Table of Contents to journey through your project. Congratulations! Now you’re ready to
create your first project in Google Earth.

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  1. Is this to replace My Maps?

  2. It has the option to embed into a website?

  3. If you could open up the use of the Historical Orthophotography that found inside Google Earth Pro would be great. (maybe you already do offer that in Google Earth?)

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