Goodbye UD Naked Palette | Neutral Smokey Eye Tutorial

Goodbye UD Naked Palette | Neutral Smokey Eye Tutorial

Hey guys, my name is Angela thank you guys for tuning in this channel and today’s video is a makeup tutorial on the look I’m wearing right now on my face So Before we jump into this tutorial. I want to talk about the naked palette from Urban Decay I am using this palette in this video and if you know this palette You probably know they are discontinued this palette recently or not recently like a couple months ago if you haven’t seen this palette before or if this is the first time you see this palette and you’re probably very very very very young to the makeup world and There’s so much fun waiting for you to explore if I can do it all over again I will I just want to remember that why I’m fall in love with makeup and I want to bring this joy to you so this is the og palette owww like people fall in love with makeup because of this palette It just have a lot of meaning for a lot of people including me so I want to do a tutorial by using this palette if you don’t have this palette that is okay because this Kind of basic neutral shade. You can find like a hundred million dupes in the market You can find there are a lot of similar palette or they are not similar, but they carry the similar shade so Don’t worry just play makeup is all about playing right it’s just carry only two matte shade in this palette, which I think is not enough for this day, but The shade here is very very beautiful They have gold olive gold and like slightly reddish coppery shade and there’s one black and one super and a bunch of neutral here and It’s a good palette, why are you discontinued this Urban Decay why? It’s okay. There’s always new palette There’s always new stuff popping out every day And we will remember you forever let’s just jump into the tutorial So I already have my eyebrows on for the primary I am using color FX mattifying primer with anti acne treatments. I just place a little bit around my nose For the foundation I am using Too Faced Born This Way mix with Rimmel lasting finish liquid perfect coverage SPF 25, PA++ foundation I bought this in Japan. So the shade name is OC one and it is a perfect foundation mixer Toofaced born in this way is such a good full coverage foundation Unfortunately, it doesn’t match my skin tone currently. So I mixed these two foundation together to get my perfect shape For the concealer I am using Tarte shaped a concealer I mix two shades as well Which is light neutral and fair neutral I just mix them together and dot on my under eye region and buffing out with Real Techniques deluxe crease brush Which is one of my favorite concealer brush in my collection for setting the under-eye concealer I’m using cover fx perfect setting powder in the shade light I like to doing this with a giant Fluffy eyeshadow brush because it can really get into the small region under my eyes. I Really really like this packaging it has a shell kind of thing in it it really prevents powder flying everywhere it feels very secure and very travel friendly For setting my whole face I’m using Ben Nye Colorless face powder. I just dust all over my face and down to my neck We’re controlling my nose. I’m using NYX wonder stick in the shade light medium It’s a little hard to explain my nose contour But as you can see, I just carefully shape it into the way I want it to be which is more narrow and more pointed a Use NYX wonder stick for a very very long time I really really like this product has perfect undertone, which is not too red. Not too orange or too ashy! Although the blend bulgy is very very nice. It’s still a very very pigmented product So instead of directly use it on my skin I like to use a brush build it up a little by little it Really Helps me achieve that seamlessly natural contour To went a little bit further I’m using the sculpting powder from Kevyn Aucoin in the shade medium to set the cream contour we put on before It really makes the whole thing last longer throughout the day For bronzing my face. I’m using chocolate Soleil bronzer from Too Faced It is literally smells like chocolate which is a huge plus for me I placed on the hollow under my cheekbone my forehead and bring it down to my neck you Can see how much I love it by hitting a pan already? it is the most perfect neutral tone bronzer in my opinion and Then warm up all over the face and body I am using another bronzer from physician formula It’s their butter bronzer in the shade Bronze The packaging is everything it smells so great The shape is way more lighter than chocolate Soleil which make it perfect for that all over glow Now I’m going to zoom you guys in a little bit Conceal my lid. I’m using Catrice liquid camouflage concealer in the shade light beige and Then I’m using Mac painterly to prime my eyelid To set the primer and concealer I’m using Laura Mercier translucent loose setting powder I’m using the shade Sanders stage from Fame palette as a All-over base shape and then I’m using the shape naked for my first crease shade I’m using a table blending brush blend it into and slightly above my crease and outer corner and Then I’m using the shade buck with a smaller tapered blending brush blending more concentrated into my crease and outer corner and Then I placed the same shade on the front of my lid and it seems I poked my eyes and then I’m using the shade Creep, which is a shimmery black to kind of smoke out my upper lash line Then I drag it up to my outer corner to draw a guideline Once I satisfied with the angle I deepening it with the same shade to achieve that really defined cat eye look Don’t worry about the harsh line because we will blend it out Later And then I grab the shade dark horse Which is a very beautiful dark olive green shade to Pat on my outer corners And Then I dip my brush into the shade smog and put it right next to the shade dark horse on my lid And for the center of my lid I’m using the shade half baked Just Pat it on from the center of my lid towards in the corner For the most in the corner of my upper lid I’m back to the shade smog Using a felt-tip pencil brush really helps me reach that small area Then I mix shape version and sin together to really brightening the center of my lid And then I’m back to those two Matte shape naked and buck to really soften the edge above my crease And I’m grabbing a clean blending brush to blend out any unwanted harsh line on the outer corner For dramatically brightening up the whole look I decide to use a super shock shadow from colour-pop I like to use some glitter primer underneath the super shock shadow Which is unnecessary because these babies can hold themselves really well on lids But adding attacking base can really bring the intensity of these shadows to another level So this is how I’m gonna use it now I’m going to use shade sidecar to softening the edge of the super shock shadow We just put on For my lower lash line, I basically just used that to Matte sensation shade just filled it in and smoke it out For the liner I am using a black gel eyeliner from maybelline to brightening up the brow bone and the inner corner. I am using the shade virgin Okay, we are almost there I mean almost for My blush I’m using classic blush tan color blush palette from BH Cosmetics I’m going to use this peachy shade in the middle of second row for this look For the highlight, I’m gonna use moonlight pearl from elf cosmetics It’s such a pretty product in a super super affordable price It is my go to highlight lately For my lid. I’m going to use creme lux lipstick from colour-pop in the shade lay over According their website it is a medium, rosy beige, but for me, it is more Rosy than beige The packaging is super cute the formula is very Very nice and the price is super affordable as usual if you haven’t tried them yet Just go for it. You won’t regret I Decide to put on some false lashes for this look And throw on some mascara for my lower lashes Okay that completes this look. I hope you guys like this video if you liked it Please give me a thumbs up, and don’t forget to subscribe my channel. I will see you in my next video. Bye

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