Good Deeds: Building Rededication

Good Deeds:  Building Rededication

hey Harry a Prentice terrible Donald
Nash the floor well thanks very much President John Adams my
name is Bill O’Donnell and as registered deeds I’d like to welcome you to this
rededication of the Norfolk County Registry of Deeds building the madrigals
in Norwood have been entertaining you and I big thank you to Cathy Moen and
Jennifer hotnet of the Norwood high school finance department and of course
these great young people from Norwood high school so could we all just please
stand because they’re going to sing the national anthem for us thank you bang thank you very much you know there was a
push in the eighteen hundreds to to have a separate Norfolk County Registry of
Deeds building because the county population was increasing and there was
increased real estate transactions and the deed that was recorded here in 1889
was for seventeen thousand one hundred ninety-eight dollars so this whole site
was purchased for that amount this building was constructed in 1903 it
opened on September 1st 1905 and it’s the fourth location where the Registry
of Deeds records are kept and I I always say many of us have children I have
three children one of my son’s is here today and you know would do anything for
them the first Register of Deeds he was waiting for the building to be built the
County Courthouse he kept the registry records for three years at his dad’s
house so as parents even back in the 1700s they would taking care of their
kids and again that’s some of the history of this place in some of the
history you see around but you know there were there’s been a number of
improvements and I have some people to thank
I want to thank elected officials for coming we have John Buckley and Kate to
me Kate’s the register in Worcester County
John Buckley’s the register down in Plymouth Dave hey Jean Norwood selectmen
and of course Joe Shea County Commissioner the county supports us here
at the registry and helps us do things like get this building done the
improvements that took place they took place between 2018 and 2019 I want to
thank the architect CG kV architects and New England build the contractors and of
course the county administration the county advisory board for making it all
happen you know this the rededication of this
building really reflects the commitment to preserve this historic building was
built in 1903 by the citizens of Norfolk County and I hope this makes us reflect
on the history we have in Norfolk County it was also a way to launch our second
book we have a notable records book a vol 2 police
taken on the way out the records that are here at the registry they go back to
1793 come alive when you read some of the story boards and we just have some
remarkable people that have lived here in the county of presidents for United
States presidents were born here in Norfolk County so I hope you enjoy the
storyboards there around the building I hope you enjoy the book that we put
together in conclusion what I want to make real clear is that the Norfolk
County Registry of Deeds is more than just a beautiful building what makes
this building special on the employees who come here each and every day that
makes this notwithstanding my colleagues other registries makes this the best
registry of deeds in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and I want to thank the
employees for all the work they do here every day thank you thank you very much you know I you know pulling an event
together like this I want to thank Craig Kristen Sirois Clea Lombard rich Kennedy
my Greek Lee Bob Glenn rich Serrano Alicia ghana kathleen palmer and helen
corbin for pulling the event together i want to thank my senior staff at my IT
department they met every week with the contractors and the architects to make
sure this building came out well and a special thank you to President John
Adams the second president of United States who is greeting everyone here
today President Adams is played by our own Registry of Deeds employee lanquin
employee Mike LePage big handful Mike thank you and what better way to end this event or
at least the speaking portion than with them singing a song that means a lot to
me and my Irish heritage and I hope you enjoy it and I turn it over to them and
again a big hand for the magical my name is Bill O’Donnell we’re here at
the Norfolk County Registry of Deeds we just had a rededication celebration this
building was built in 1903 and one of our guests today greeting people at the
door and handing people are booked on the various notable Land Records is
President John Adams and John Adams welcome my pleasure so some of your
thoughts about Norfolk County from your perspective well it pleases me that at
this time that not only have i well I now live in Quincy it’s opposed to
Braintree but we now have a new County as of my time that I believe will
flourish and not just because my town is in it but because all of the surrounding
towns will profit very much from our new government and our new economy though I
truth be told do not wish to get secretary Hamilton too much credit
for all of that it is a great day a great day of celebration of Republican
representative government and where better could it be displayed than here
with free trade well President Adams I hate to tell you but Hamilton actually
has a big playing now there’s a big play going oh dear but we’re working to get
you a statute down in Washington DC and what many people don’t realize is that
you were the father of the Massachusetts Constitution which is later use as a
framework for our federal government can you can you tell people out there what
your role was in that I would be delighted to I had returned from a not
so fortunate trip to France to aid dr. Franklin to bring the French in to the
war for independence and unfortunately dr. Franklin did it without my being
even necessary what better work than to come home after that trip and to be put
to work doing what I do best writing on government which I had done
before we declared our independence with my pamphlet thoughts on government all
of the ideas of the government we have today came from thoughts on government
and I could finally put pen to paper that year of 1779 and I
could draft a representative Constitution for all in Massachusetts
including one of the most important tasks for all of us and that is the
education of our children well and that’s one of the things we’re doing
here at the registry we try to do it every day educate people that come in
about how to protect their homes but to tie in this County Norfolk County was
established in 1793 Governor John Hancock one of the signers of the
Declaration of Independence signed the law creating Navajo County and one of
the persons we selected as one of the readers many remarkable people that
lived in off Laurel County but as Dorothy Quincy she was the first lady of
Massachusetts an American patriot and as she was married to John Hancock so you
know them how we’re how was things living in Quincy or Braintree depending
on your perspective well he was a fine governor mr. Hancock and of course I
remember him best from those days as governor when we arrived home finally
after the second trip from Europe mrs. Adams and myself in all of our
baggage and what we’d accumulated in France he was there to greet us and my
carriage took us to Beacon Hill and we were wined and dined and of course we
had to wait to move into our new home and of course even before that as
president of the Continental Congress he was the president and of course he a man
of Massachusetts was married very much for independence and he voted right
along with us when the motion for independence was finally passed well
President Adams you revered in Quincy that your house has actually become a
national historic place there’s a national park there where it’s anyone
who hasn’t been there I have I just enjoy walking around the grounds in the
library and for those who want to come down on the Registry of Deeds we
actually have the deed from President John Adams to his son John Quincy Adams
who was the sixth President United States and Norfolk County is known as
the County of presidents because four presidents were born here we have
President John Adams we have his son John Quincy Adams we had President John
F Kennedy was born in Brookline and a lot of people don’t realize George
Herbert Walker Bush was born in Milton so it’s really remarkable that for
presence in the United States were born here and again these storyboards we we
picked different and interesting people and we have a book about them that live
here in Norfolk County so there’s a lot of history in our records and we try to
make the history come alive the history of you have time and you know you
provided a great foundation for a great country you’re most kind I think you
have a future in Congress or the most eloquent speaker being kind all right
thank you very much and thanks to Quincy cable and Quincy community access for
covering this they are a great partner with the Norfolk County Register
a big tip of the hat at tomorrow’s me and thanks so much

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