Go HERE To See The Great Wall Of China WITHOUT Crowds (China Vlog 2019)

Go HERE To See The Great Wall Of China WITHOUT Crowds (China Vlog 2019)

Good morning welcome back to Beijing.
Today we’re going to explore one of the most famous sites of China. It’s one of
the seven wonders in the world, the mother of all walls: the Great Wall of
China! We got up at 6 o’clock in the morning- quarter to 6:00- I got up at 6:00. Then left the hostel at 6:15. You didn’t! Left at 6:15 to
catch a metro to get to the bus station here. Where we are now waiting for the
bus to the Jing… jinshanling section of the Great Wall. There are a lot of places
around Beijing, well around Beijing… relatively speaking. I think it’s 140
kilometers from Beijing. There are a lot of places where you can go. Jinshanling
is supposed to be one of the more remote restored sections of the wall to avoid
the many day-trippers that go to Badaling. A lot of reviews online said it is the
most beautiful section so we’re now going to board the bus and head for a two
and a half hour bus ride to Jinshanling. We have arrived to the visitor’s center. Naick is buying the tickets. This is where the walk to the wall starts. It looks amazing. We’ve seen
some scenery on the way. I don’t think I’ve been awake for more than than three
minutes all the two and a half hour drive but the scenery that I did see
it’s just absolutely stunning. So very very curious. It took us a while to get here
though. It said two and a half hours. But I think… It’s a little bit more. Just bought the
tickets. Now let’s search for the exit ‘entry’ Sorry I just woke up. They’ve made this little path here that you can follow all the way up to the wall. It’s a good
walk here. You don’t have to follow the Road. It’s right there. It’s much more pleasant this way.
We’re not entirely sure where we’re going to be on the wall. It’s about a six or seven kilometer part of the wall you can hike.
We’re not sure if we are on the eastern side, western side or more in the
middle. Now we’ve reached the Chinese wall right here it’s a bit smaller and a bit lower
than I expected but hey it’s pretty cool. I would say its very impressive seems very long.
Seems legit! Okay sorry, that was just a silly joke.
Obviously this is the real Great Wall.
You can see it’s pretty high. It’s made at a height that Chinese people
can’t climb over it easily. But I don’t know. It still doesn’t look that impressive. What
do you think? More judgment is being passed. I think that is the real Chinese wall. I’m so excited to almost be at the wall. Just have to climb to the top of this hill here and then we’ll see it in all is glory. The mother of all walls! But I’m so curious to see if he made the right choice and coming
here. It’s not the section of the wall that is closest to Beijing is quite
a bit of a trip to get here. Wow Crazy landscapes! Wow! It’s so cool how it snakes through the
mountains. so in Casey the nerves yet he made its a
great wall you finally made it through the Great Wall of China super super
super impressive and I’m so happy that we came here because there aren’t that
many people known it’s just here and there’s a few groups of people but
nothing on the this stretch of all you cannot even see them almost they’re
invisible oh I’ve seen some pictures from the bubbling wall during high
season and it’s like shove people away and fight some Chinese people throw them
off the wall they get in trouble because can throw people off the walls not
there’s no Chinese people look at this the view is absolutely incredible you
can see how the wall you can see how the wall snakes the mountains really follows
the contours that’s you that’s really impressive I mean they would imagine the
wall just runs straight through somewhere but here just goes up and down
follows the mountain he almost made it to the top of this section just a few
more meters now you can already see across the valley on the other side and
the view is absolutely beautiful you can see the wall how it goes on for forever
it seems to go on forever you’re like over there all the way in the distance construction on the wall began in the
third century BC with more than two thousand years old which is crazy it was
under the first Qing Dynasty which unified China for the very first time
I’m not exactly sure how long it took them to build it
the initial section was like ten years with hundreds of thousands of people
working on it but they kept adding pieces on throughout the ages yeah in
twelve thirteen 14th century a lot of pieces were added no idea what they’re
doing in total the wall spans a length of six
thousand kilometers if you combine all the individual pieces because contrary
to what a lot of you don’t think it is not a one total wall six out corners
nope it’s several parts together yeah they were built throughout the history
but they were never fully closed due to constraints due to already some natural
bears which were they’re like really huge perilous mountains I didn’t really
feel the need to build a new wall on top of that because it provided them with
enough safety or so they thought yeah also I thought indeed because
unfortunately it wasn’t really good defense because there were still some
open sections and that made that in the 13th century changose count could just
write all the way through to Beijing instead of having to conquer the wall or
break down the wall take the wall he just wrote through one of the open
sections and hey presto he was in Beijing so it wasn’t really that useful
wasn’t only used for military purpose not just as a defense but also to
transport people and goods and it was very good at that and also even if
saying this can could write street food wall and into Beijing because of the
system of these watchtowers that they have and the smoke signals that they
could make from the watchtowers they could alert Beijing in time so that he’s
knew that he was coming for their ass but they still lost
yeah sorry about it show you what we have left in our little
banshee for lunch even yesterday we bought some bananas she bought four of
them but this one looks like I’m not gonna be so good anymore
take it zero banana right yeah that actually is my banana I gave you two
good one banana time we have some leftover peanuts but now look like me
because outside was still honey cool outside of peanuts you’re wrapping the
wrapping the natural wrapping after the gift wrap the gift wrap is a peanuts my
peanut monkey demands peanuts so far we have been loving oh yeah oh the food the
landscapes the sightseeing’s for the past few days what
all things that we’ve done like yeah it’s really incredible it’s like
highlight after highlight and then when you see one thing eating like whoa this
is so cool this is going to be one of the coolest things I see here in China
and the next day there’s some new thing there’s like wow this is even cooler and
then you come here and it’s like oh my god I love how atmospheric this is and
then we rented Forbidden City news like oh my god this feels like so Radle and
so cool in such massive buildings and this is one of the details of Beijing I
don’t see how it can get better and then you come to the Chinese wall you’re like
gum dammit have to revise my opinion all over again when we get back to Beijing
we will have some Chinese dinner we don’t know what yet we will roam the
streets a bit for a restaurant that looks good that’s what we usually do we
just roam the streets a bit see where there’s a lot of locals not too many
tourists this is an turn and just boring at the menu or just ass give me food but
this is China there are lost Chinese everywhere so we’ll see you back in
Beijing we are the two different dishes we are
the two different dishes at one so much noisier we are two different that one is
cool pow – it’s nice chicken with some spring almonds and a spicy sauce
otherwise positively so it will be a surprise and something spicy what sweet and sour is it a little bit
Swedish Swedish but sweet that’s pretty good I was expecting it to be spicy but
bad chicken spine so chill need to put on a New Year’s
all right so restored in the rid of Chile oh no too spicy now exactly the
right now we found about chicken is just spicy and all sweet and sour we didn’t
know that liver dish which is race eggplant discover the sweet and sour
sauce of accidentally Richard G sweet and sour sauce so good so it’s really good at something sector
get a little like mush then on the outside you can see that there is some
caramelization from the sugar that they probably put something this is very
shadrach reading dish and it’s vegetarian winning at life
enzyme which is me you already quieting down a little bit we had a really really
nice day for me probably one of the best ones we’ve had in Beijing so far so
we’re going to turn in early because evidently we’re pretty tired we hope you
enjoyed the video as well we hope you love the Great Wall and the drone
footage if you did like the video please leave a like and remember to let us know
if you have any tips for China down below and subscribe to make sure you
follow the rest of the journey and then we will see you in the next one
bye bye have a good night

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