Glowing Skin Look ✧ Ethereal Aura

Glowing Skin Look ✧  Ethereal Aura

hi dreamers I wanted to create a beauty look inspired by my aura photograph each and every one of us has energy pulsing through our bodies and using state-of-the-art technology we can actually see the electromagnetic waves we radiate from within these waves are translated into colours so I invited a team of experienced or photographers to come into the studio for a reading this machine was able to capture my inner light each color corresponds with a mood and treat how you feel on the inside reflects on the outside you might not be able to see the light but those who are sensitive can sense it I guess you can say this is kind of like an inner selfie after seeing my own aura I was inspired to create this dreamy look that will make it look as if you’re glowing from within alright let your inner beauty shine through by starting with a clean face I’m using here this soy milk cleanser to keep my skin supple and smooth put some on your hands and spread it all over your face massage your face as you go and rinse off to clean alright so moving on to a matte pore reducing primer evenly apply this product using a stippling brush onto the lips you can add a touch of a moisturizing lipstick with a hint of tint this will enhance your natural lip color giving your lips a nice flushed look there is definitely beauty in simplicity time for foundation take a few pumps on the back of your hand and load some onto your stippling brush the goal is to avoid covering your entire face you just want to even out your skin’s natural texture and color focus on the areas around your nose lips and eyes for a bit of coverage around your eyes use a creamy concealer to conceal your dark circles try finding a hydrating concealer because your under eyes tend to be a little bit more dry than the rest of your face take a little extra and tap it on as eyeshadow base remember to be gentle with the delicate skin around your eyes Tugg it’s totally normal if your lip shape is not even if you want to reshape them take a little more concealer on a small synthetic brush and line your lips to even out the shape afterwards just be sure to blend out with a sponge whatever you have left over just even out your eyes and blend that out as well okay now you can take a nude highlighter and accentuate areas of your face wherever the light naturally hits your face accentuate that area you can apply along your brow bones inner corners of your eyes a little on your nose cheeks and Cupid’s bow here’s a fun tip drawing small crosses on your cheeks will help highlight without looking too harsh and with a brush slightly blend out the highlighter light will reflect wherever you apply this highlighter this will give you that enchanting glow as for your eyes take a sheer creamy eyeshadow and Pat it all over your lids for a wash of color try finding a beautiful lilac color and if you want go for a more iridescent look on your eyes as if light is coming from within take a frosty white shadow to brighten your inner corners and bring this glow all the way up to your crease framing the inner half of your eye place any leftover product on your brow bone and tap it along the lower lash line this will give your eyes a halo effect onto eyeliner we don’t want this look to appear too harsh so just tight line your eyes by lifting up your lashes quickly and gently gliding the pencil along the upper waterline if your eyes get watery it’s totally normal once you’ve tight lined your eyes add some of this pencil eyeliner on an angled brush and wing it along the upper lashes let’s give some love to your lashes find a mascara with a tiny wand this one is perfect for getting extra close to the roots of your lashes creating a tight lining effect so comb through your favorite mascara that has a natural finish you want to make sure to keep your brows looking natural for this look so use a pencil or powder to fill them in enhance the shape but don’t overdo it brush the hairs into place and blend out the color if your brows appear drawn on try using feathery strokes this will give them a more natural finish all right take your favorite highlighting powder and we’re basically gonna cheat that glow from within use a taper brush highlight on the areas on your cheats where light is naturally hitting it and whatever is left over on your brush just tap a little on your forehead unless you already have a nice curved forehead I’d skip this step continue building up your highlights until you’ve reached the glow you’re satisfied with using your index or ring finger dot some product under your eyes to punctuate the halo effect and if you want you can even highlight your collarbones so that the light can reflect off of them and if you’re looking to give your lips that aura light glow use a lip liner that’s slightly deeper than your natural lip color line your lips and blend it up just keep repeating until you’re happy with the shade and shape of your lips to soften the look of your lips take a soft pastel lipstick that complements your skin tone and place it all over now with a frosty shadow from before Pat it on the center of your lips finish it off by adding a nice tinted oil that will add extra moisture and shine don’t neglect the hair it needs to be shiny too I’m a huge believer in using hair oil take a dime sized amount of argan oil in the palm of your hands and rub them together to warm up the product and from there just run your fingers through your hair focusing on your ends keep finger combing until your hair feels soft and you see that shine all right and now you can style your hair I’m gonna keep it simple and use my trusty old hair clip that’s super 90s looking clip the sides of your hair back and take a few front pieces to frame your face and now my dear you’re done go out there and let your beautiful aura shine through I believe that Souls recognize each other by vibes not by appearances so put out good positive energy and thoughts good vibes only please if you happen to have your aura photograph taken tag me and use the hashtag inter selfie until next time good luck dreamers Oh

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  2. C'mon why all this disbelief in auras and stuff. People don't just come up with such things. I think people who say this is complete nonsense are very insensitive. Ever heard of a thing called VIBES? E.g. many musicians a very sensible and thus capable of feeling vibes. Dude. Or ever heard of Charisma? People RADIATE charisma. Or they RADIATE negative energy (like once you meet them you feel like wanting to turn around immediately). That's all, that's aura. Dunno about the colors for I see no colors in other people but I definitely won't put it down as nonsense. Jeez… ignorance everywhere.

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    I searched about it and there’s one scientist who’s actually studied about it, he recorded it where people say they hear the sound and machines got it but he can’t hear a thing . He also acknowledged most doctors would say it’s just imagination I believe some people can see or feel what I can’t just like how nobody believes what I hear cause they can’t ..

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