hey guys welcome to today’s video we are
gonna be going through the entire Maybelline and Gigi Hadid collection I
have the jet setter palette right here I haven’t touched it’s washed it none of
that business with any of this actually I have the East Coast collection the
West Coast collection I am missing the lip liners but I have everything else so
I’m gonna do a try on first impressions and then swatch the rest of it for you
we’re gonna dive straight into this I have a lot of good things to say about
it and some things that kind of made me go hmm
Maybelline why did you do that so we’re gonna chat about it all this was sent to
me and I actually had an opportunity to review this two weeks prior to the
launch but just being real with you guys they wanted me to sign a nondisclosure
that I was not comfortable with that had some terms and conditions that
potentially could be harmful to my channel if I stepped out a line and the
only reason I’m sharing that with you guys is if you are a smaller Channel and
you don’t have a lawyer I’m grateful that I do have a lawyer kind of looking
after me and making sure that I don’t sign things that could potentially be
you know trouble for me make sure you are reading everything I guess I want to
put that out there it’s easy to get wrapped into be like wow that
opportunity it sounds so cool but you know just make sure that you are in
agreement with everything I tend to be a very outspoken channel and I like to
keep it that way so I just decided to be patient and wait for you know the PR to
go out to everybody and knew that I’d be sitting down doing the first impressions
the moment that it landed in my lap so here we are yeah that’s all I have to
say about that it’s packaged really really beautifully I want to start there
like is this just the theme of the year this is very trendy packaging it has
holo on the label which is pretty cool kind of Gigi Hadid isn’t a little bit of
a holo thing and even the sleeve on the jetsetter palette is hollow I like that
the first thing we’re gonna test out is the tinted primer this comes in two
shades you have a light medium and a medium deep well light medium actually
looks kind of dark and then that’s medium deep so I think that’s pretty
good as far as the color selection I’m gonna take the light medium obviously
very pale these days okay so we’re gonna go in with the primer I am using a flat
foundation brush just to kind of paint this on holy sue monks oh my god wait
what that’s that is the medium one right are you for real I’m so what confused
right now is this a liquid bronzer or a primer for
a foundation what the hell is this now I’ve read the ingredients on this primer
and it’s not really like a thick silicon based primer it is more something to
hydrate the skin that you could wear on its own or you know to prep your skin
for foundation but this is just feeling really strange to me I don’t know if I’m
into this you guys feel like I’m rubbing pudding all over my face I did read the
directions to I went on Ulta calm and it just says that this is a primer where
alone where underneath foundation something about it helping your contour
I don’t really know how it helps your contour because this is just kind of
strange I mean maybe it kind of wait no that looks horrible oh my god it looks
like I just rubbed dirt all over my face look how much lighter my neck is okay so
I’m just gonna kind of rub this out a little bit Gigi shares her secret weapon
for her perfected freshly contoured face use a tinted primer that’s at least two
shades darker than your foundation apply this lightweight tinted base to contour
before applying foundation I can kind of see like if you use this just to contour
like just underneath you guys know I have told you about Scott Barnes
technique how he will actually take a darker cream underneath foundation and
that’s how he does his work on JLo and it’s beautiful it’s a very beautiful
technique to contour the face with I think this is a very confusing product
because it says tinted primer does it say tinted contour to use underneath
foundation it just says tinted primer and now I have smeared it all over my
face to keep with the drugstore theme I am gonna take a little bit of wet and
wild photo focus Foundation and bit and fifity Boppity boo I’m buff bisque I
think I just earned a goal star for actually saying that correctly
okay I’m gonna apply this and then we’ll be back for more
Maybelline okay cool so my foundation is kind of okay that primer I’m gonna go
ahead and say for me it’s a pass I just don’t think you should use that all over
your face and I feel like it is a more advanced technique to contour underneath
your foundation it was just kind of a tricky thing so we’re gonna move on to
the Gigi Hadid jetsedder palette this is $29.99 this is a high priced item for
maybelline you do get a lot of product in here you get a blush bronzer
highlight you get two darker shades right here that you could use as liner
if you wanted to you get some beautiful eye shadows here two concealers two lip
colors and two brushes a mascara so you do have enough to do a full face the two
concealers are relatively light so if you have deeper skin tones you’re gonna
be counted out on the concealer front that’s something I noticed right away is
they didn’t really have different options for different skin tones we’re
gonna give this concealer a try like that’s not a bad concealer and
actually Maybelline kills it with concealer they have some of the best I
am gonna go ahead and use my age rewind look like how empty I am on this one
this is one of my absolute fave just because I feel like I want a little more
coverage before I move on to powder I do want to try out one of the new Gigi
Hadid liquid strobes now these are pretty much identical to the master to
the master strobing liquid there is a price jump and I’m gonna explain that
with most of these items there is a huge price jump and you definitely like it’s
not even a question you are paying more for the collaboration for Gigi’s name to
be attached to the product the master strobing liquid is $6.99 the Gigi Hadid
is 1199 now these are limited edition colors so again your you know not just
paying for the name but also you know it’s a limited edition product that is
actually very pretty it’s kind of like a peachy iridescent type of a thing
reminds me a little bit of the milk makeup peachy kind of iridescent thing
and I like these so I’m just going to pop this on the high points of my face
and blend it in it’s a very subtle highlight I think that the original is
much more like bang bang bang this is the original much more pigmentation and
they have a light medium deep there is a difference there this one is much more
natural and sheer and it makes sense because Gigi is known for more of a
natural natural beauty type of a look I’m going to go ahead and set my face
really quick with a little Cody airspun and just keep some of the potential
shine at bag crap is this stuff just always so messy though I really kind of
feel like that primer jacked up the look of my foundation I’m not thrilled with
it the illuminator does come in one other shade and it is gold gold is more
pigmented than the first one that I showed you the iridescent they’re both
pretty we are going to bronze up the face with the bronzer that is in the
jetsetter palette I wish that they had maybe put the bronzer as than the
biggest one and then the blush is the second biggest and the highlight as the
tiniest because that kind of is how I use my pants like I use the most bronzer
second I used the most blush and then I always use just a tiny little bit of
highlighter like I almost never go through highlighter that’s going on
really nice I haven’t even dipped back in and it still has a lot of pigment and
it’s not bad alright the good thing about this bronzer is it’s blending out
really really nicely the bad thing about the palette is it is so hard just to get
your bronzer and I don’t even mess around with these brushes you guys like
this no this is just can you imagine me trying to do all of that with this
there’s no way I wanted to give this a chance with my own brushes that I use on
the daily and this did blend out really nicely let’s take a stroll down blushing
why why do I try to be cute like that like stop and talk to you it’s a little
bit dusty hmm okay this is beautiful so I’m down
with the blush I’m down with the bronzer let’s see about that highlight I’m gonna
take a fan brush and I’m gonna go into the highlight really pretty I’m really
impressed with this highlight the color is spot-on it is that perfect light
pinky peach type of a thing without being harsh lately when I put on
highlighters I go to edit and I’m like like that was a little bit too I see it
almost looks gray whereas this just gives you like this
nice soft type of a thing this is the cup that James didn’t break it’s a
coffee cup and it’s surrounded in bubbles I’ve had it balances thank God
and yesterday’s unboxing who remembers that so we’re gonna move on to eyes and
I actually want to take a break from this palette right here and go to these
right here now these little palettes these are these city mini palettes it is
a bit of a bummer that there is a $5 increase for the collaboration I think
that’s a lot of money if you go on Ulta the ingredients to the other palettes
that are $9.99 and the ingredients in the GG palettes are the same line for
line the same so you’re not paying for a better version of the formula you’re not
paying for anything different you are literally paying for the collaboration I
think I’m gonna use the more cool tone palette just to kind of go with my
outfit today a little bit more but these look like yes like they’re gonna be very
very beautiful they do also have these smaller palettes that open up and look
something like this the sizing on them to me was a little bit weird I just feel
like they could have done like a bigger pan with the space they have with this
palette and these aren’t cheap they’re $14.99 as well you do get a lighter
shade to maybe use as your base and then you get a bunch of shades to kind of
contour the eye width they’re not shimmery they’re more on the matte satin
side there’s a warm one and then there is a cool one so I’ll probably be using
a little of this cool one to accompany this
palette right here but let me zoom you guys in so you can see all of my
wrinkles so there are two brushes that are available within this collaboration
they’re $14.99 a piece and we are going to test them out this looks like it’s
gonna be a great brush for all over the lid we’re gonna try this one out a
little bit in the previous maybe I don’t know um but first I am gonna take a
fluffy brush and I’m gonna work with this cool tone palette take that lighter
shade and just fluff this all over the lid – do you guys that primer just
really jacked up my makeup so hard like I want to wash my face and start again
we’re gonna go into this guy right here and I am going to take this shade on a
Mac 224 and just start building up the crease now I’m going to take the purple
shade and we’re gonna go in with this brush right here this kind of purple
shade and I’m just going to press this all over the lid
I’m gonna take the darkest shade and just go on the outer edge it’s not
translating very dark it looks very dark in the pan not a lot of fallout which is
great I’m going to go back into this matte palette and take the black shade
just on my fingertip really try to emphasize that outer corner okay now dot
that is painted I’m now gonna wet my brush and we’re gonna go into this shade
right here and I’m gonna go all the way into the inner corner now that’s really
pretty yeah this one has a lot of fallout it’s surprising even when you’re
using it damp alright so I am gonna smoke out the lower lash line I’m gonna
take an itty bitty brush and we’re gonna go in with the first shade that I used
in the crease and I want to go into the lightest shade in here and work on the
inner corner something about these though you guys is they are incredibly
powdery be warned I think that’s where the fallout issue is coming from they’re
really really pigmented and they are very very beautiful but there
very powdery this is the liquid liner it is $11.99 and we’re just going to line
the upper lash line the line went on really nice I do like that a lot so
let’s you know try to use as many products as we can
there is a waterproof liner right here and I’m just gonna pop that in the
waterline very very rich I really really like that I hope it stays good and then
they do have a couple of mascaras one is a new formula the other basically is the
same formula a different package they both say gigi hadid one is called
the lash sensational mascara I think we’ve seen that before this is just a
different package more expensive the regular formula on this is 629 the Gigi
version is 1199 and then this is a fiber mascara for $12.99 I’m gonna use this
the same way that I used those fiber kits that I recently did a video on
where I’m gonna do the mascara first the fiber and then more mascara and just
hope for the best this mascara is really nice we’re gonna go in with the fibers
and pray to God alright that is impressive I really
really like that it did not transfer it to my lid it’s giving me a lot of volume
it’s giving me a lot of emphasis to my eyes and big lashes that are kind of
clumpy but not too clumpy I am into it and you know what I’m gonna do you guys
cuz I keep looking at my makeup and it’s driving me literally crazy my under eye
area just everything looks so dry that concealer the first concealer I laid
down just really creased so much that it didn’t matter what I put on top it just
looks very cakey and my under-eye area never looks like this and the foundation
is gathering in weird ways and I use this foundation all the time the only
thing different was how blotchy and grabby the primer was so my whole face
just feels very dry and uncomfortable I’m gonna take this off I’m not gonna
use the primer and I’ll be right back I just redid my makeup I used my tart
shape tape I used my tart primer but I’m still
using the wet and wild foundation put on all the GG powders the highlight bronzer
blush and I think this is so much better so we’re onto lips right now and there
are six matte shades three for each Coast and let’s just go through the
shades I’ll show you swatches of each right now for the West Coast collection
there are three Reds they’re all matte there is Cajero austin and lanai for the
east coast collection it is much more neutral we have Erin Torah and McCall
normally a color sensational lipstick is gonna run you $5.99 these ones are $8.99
so a little bit of a price jump and I am gonna go ahead and line my lips I don’t
have her liner on hand but she does have corresponding liners this is also a
Maybelline lip liner that’s a really pretty color this is magnetic mauve and
I’m gonna go in with Erin it’s actually a really nice match now it does say on
line that these are matte but it feels to me like they have more of a slip to
them so it’s a very comfortable matte it’s not a dry matte at all I’m gonna go
ahead and pop Tora in the center just to see how they layer I love the color
selection in both groups I actually think this is probably my favorite of
the whole collection I think the colors are just very very beautiful
everything’s opaque it looks really nice I’m into it and I want to try on one of
the Reds I am wearing a red lip liner from L’Oreal this is in matcha waited
with you number 102 this is really pretty
L’Oreal and Maybelline or sister companies so similar formula actually on
those two lip liners now we’re gonna go in with Austin I think this is what Gigi
is wearing right here and I love this shade I think it’s such a beautiful
fiery red and I just got really really excited about this color when I first
got this in the mail so it looks really pretty I really really love this
lipstick so much that I would pay the premium
these colors that they curated are so beautiful that I definitely feel like
I’m not mad about paying the price jump with the lipsticks but we’re gonna run
down the entire collection I think along the way you guys probably know what I
think but let’s just rapid-fire through it alright the jetsetter palette as much
as I love that highlighter in there look how beautiful it is it’s gorgeous on the
face the blush was nice the bronzer was nice the concealer was just not for me
it creased so badly that that was part of the reason that I redid my base
makeup and I don’t necessarily love the setup of the blush bronzer highlight
business it kind of all jumbles into one another and I’m not a fan of that the
brushes in there we’re kind of like no thank you and the gloss is in there
they’re okay they’re not like that great I guess the thing that I’m running into
is I’m like thirty bucks at the drugstore that’s so much money at the
drugstore like why it’s a lot of money and there are problems with the palette
so even though there are elements that I do appreciate about it I think that I
would say I’d pass on that one I would get excited about other things that are
within this collection like the eyeshadow City minis yes they are $14.99
but maybe you wait for a sale at the drugstore at Ulta they have a 350 off of
10 unless they’re excluding that coupon from this collection but I do think that
the color setup in these is beautiful I think you have to watch out with the
shimmers having fallout but beyond that they blend really nicely they wear
really well and I love the color selection I think that these are really
well done from there I’m gonna go ahead and say I’m not a fan of these though I
think the packaging is kind of weird like there should have been a mirror in
here maybe this could have been a bigger pan it just doesn’t really make sense to
me it just looks like these little things are so small and then there’s
this giant base shade it’s just I don’t know why I can’t get into this it’s just
not for me $14.99 I’m just not into it lipsticks we
already know a plus love it as far as the strobing highlighter the liquid
illuminator if you want more of a punch go with
their original formula and light medium or deep if you want that peachy
iridescent that maybe you’re gonna put on you know natural skin you’re not
gonna use a lot of powder then I think it’s a beautiful shade and you know it’s
worth a look it’s not a bad product the primer not for me I am curious to hear
from you guys if any of you have played with it what your thoughts are we’ll
leave that in the comments below I want to hear what you think I just thought it
was very weird okay moving on from there the mascaras I like the fiber duo I
think that is so cool I’m actually loving the way it feels and nothing has
flaked nothing transferred I think it’s really well done as far as this guy
right here just buy the original save your cash the only difference is that
this says Gigi Hadid okay so as far as the liners Maybelline does liners so
well I love them this has not really you know moved around in the waterline and I
have had it on for a long while now being that I redid my foundation and I
think that is it so we’re at the end oh the brushes no by morphe brushes less
expensive they’re at Ulta now by Ecotools Real Techniques this is just
too much $14.99 I just did not like it but I did like a lot of it so I hope you
guys enjoyed this review if you did hit the like button and be sure to come back
tomorrow because tomorrow we are testing out a glittery crazy product that is
actually high-end so you don’t want to miss it alright I love you guys so much
thank you for hanging out with me and I will see you

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