Getting into the spring mood ๐ŸŒผ 3CE Mood for Blossom Collection – Edward Avila

Getting into the spring mood ๐ŸŒผ 3CE Mood for Blossom Collection – Edward Avila

again Madhuri chime dirty a marble feel like one of those Japanese game shows where they’re like trying to climb up this slippery hill but I keep falling down hurry recording this because color was weird I was completely out of focus for like 75% of the video id’ hair on my face 3c spring collection I bought everything except the nail stuff we’ve got eyes shadow palette blushes and some new colors in their slim velvet line you tell there’s a lot of like when I first glanced at it I was getting lots of pinks lots of peaches a lot of corals I guess the new color of the year is living coral which I’m living for so that’s good you all know I’m like the queen of warm fall color shadows because that’s like my thing but I’ve been more into like pink colors lately so this is a welcome change actually I’m the first time I filmed this um I was wearing like collards and it was really kind of like with the look so I went with like my natural brown lenses I think I spent two hundred ten thousand won the whole collection so that’s like $190 though that of course that’s cuz I got every single thing in the collection but they also gave me this baby glow cushion this came out a long long time ago and I think they’re trying to get rid of it so that’s why they gave it us like free service don’t really like this because the formula is so thick it smells heavily of baby oil like Johnson’s into the baby oil not a big fan I wouldn’t mind it but it’s just so thick especially weather so being so many like really nice glowy cushions on the market these days that are a lot thinner with better coverage so today I’m kind of just using my favorite mesh cushion so I’m gonna put up a little swatch thing of the eyeshadows i swatched it with this brush on my arm where I put a little bit of foundation because in general I don’t think I shadow go well on skin that’s already powder it blends a lot easier but pigment wise it it’s a little bit harder to build a pigment especially with Korean shadows because a lot of them heart has pigment just let’s say eyeshadow from Western I actually use a lot of these more oranjee salmony colors but this time since I’m refill means I’m actually gonna try these more pinky colors because they look really nice and the swatches now normally with my base shadow I kind of just take a brush like this and pack it all over but I notice that my second like my main color like I said the whole concept would like putting powder on top of powder it doesn’t show up as much so I’m gonna try to keep this part of the lid as bare as possible so I’m gonna of this pink and crease for like the promo pictures a lot of the pictures seem really like they didn’t have that many job if maybe max – shadows on the lids maybe like I said in my last video or my other video whenever he’d sheer eyeshadows cuz these shadows by no means are they’re not the most pigmented they’re kind of just like every other greasy palette but sometimes when you have shadow that’s a little bit more sheer it lets your natural skin tone show a little bit more the combination of your skin tone showing and the eye shadow kind of helps it work with your skin tone a little bit better so it’s not too bad that it’s not completely pigmented because again if this were like full-blown pigment on my eyes it would not look good on me so I don’t mind that it’s a little bit more sheer I don’t wanna share because it’s a little bit more it’s still pigmented to a degree so the first time I actually use this shadow and then I use this shot but today I’m gonna use the shadows in my main one and it’s definitely going out a lot better this time the first time it didn’t really show up only because it kind of blended in with the first one and not that this one is any better because the to go Suffolk the two colors are completely far apart but it’s definitely showing up better than before when I was kind of putting it on top of the first color I really want to put this color on my lid this one I’m gonna do it oh yes yes no no do she make such good shimmery shadows that like I don’t feel like myself if I don’t have one on my lid now I’m gonna go in with this dark one just to finalize them because when I start to use too many pinks I start to lose definition in my features so if you were to just use like maybe even like one of these colors just all over the lid just that alone I would definitely recommend eyeliner and mascara I was actually afraid of this cause but they look so pretty for it and then I’m gonna use this color this color here you have to be careful is it’s like a really soft it’s like this really icy shimmery sort of shade that has this really interesting lavender pink shift okay I put a little bit of this pink brown mascara from petty petal it’s not as pink as I was expecting on my eyes it might be because I added this eyeshadow this does have a little bit of that more warm orangie tone to it but it’s not as possibly pink on my eyelids which I’m not complaining about but I guess it’s a good thing because if it was super pink and possibly because even for the promo pictures I was like oh god that passed that powell’s too hastily pink but in person it still retains a bit of that classic 3c like warmness so it’s not overly that kind of like chongzuo on pink the big ass palette from 3c the anniversary one I don’t find myself reaching that because I feel like the other ones suffice for me but this I can I see as like one worth adding to the other palettes now the blush is their face blushes are really soft really blendable um no complaints here again like with their other powers I do find that they work better on powdered skin of course powdered skin blush will blend better but that’s why what I do is I take my blush brush this is the Picasso 108 this is my favorite well it’s just really popular amongst uh the Korean population I get someone there what I do is I tap it instead of rubbing actually you can rub if you want it just depends on the formula the blush cuz some don’t work well with you do this so this is pure cake that was one of the kind of two pinkier blushes the other three are definitely more on the orange side they’re just different kind of like undertones of orange or peach I just I think peach is a better way to describe it this is peach splash you can see that they’re different obviously here we have soft salmon and sorry if my Africa scar here makes it look a little in here full of charm now they probably look really similar to you and they really do could look kind of similar but soft salmon definitely has more yellow in it while full of charm is more pink I think this one is delectable the one little well and I actually don’t really wear a lot of blushes like this if at all but I like the way that it sits on my skin camera though just judging from the monitor very pink in person I get a more soft sheer blush that’s easy to build up so if you you’re like me and you have more of like cub yellow skin tone keeping it a more minimal level and really blended will help just sit better on your skin in terms of the color so the blush is I mean nothing’s really changed from if you like the recipe the mood recipe or move recipe two blushes you’ll probably like these because the only thing different just the color so I guess that’s anything and now for the slim velvet what is it the slim slim velvet lip color these compared to if I’m comparing them to their matte lip colors the matte lipsticks those are more hard and so they kind of tailgate your lips when you apply them these are a lot smoother like way way smoother a lot softer they did they kind of give your lip your lipstick sort of like soft cottony look however if you have dry lips she will remind you she will make it known that you have dry lips she’s not very secretive about that she’s no she’s gonna let you know she’s gonna let everyone know this color peach peach boy reminds me of uh my friends soju on drag race she always jokes about piss play she jokes about it so much I don’t know if she’s joking or not but this is the lightest color so it’s gonna have it’s gonna look worse because it has a lot of white pigment in it it’s more parsley so it’ll really accentuate kind of like dryness and I’ve been moisturizing my lips all day and I’ve been like May I made sure there’s like no dryness but my lips are wrinkly and she made she makes that obvious do you see what I mean Lamarr away look Lady Gaga artpop vibes but it’s yeah I think this is probably the worst one in terms of the formula the color is pretty it just doesn’t suit me my views will look cute on you if you’re like really pale and you’re kind of like stare of a look in that case I think you’ll be fine but for me I don’t really care for this this one is mousse filter definitely a lot better if she really liked this one I was watching before I was filming anything this was one of my favorites from the ones that I just randomly swatched in fact a lot of these colors I mean look better as just a little hint of color in the center of the lips like that that’s cute this one is hold on mmm just cute in the center [Music] it matches the blush though I shoot the whole look it’s just I’m a boy so uh it’s she’s gonna come off a little bit different actually like this combination a lot this one is got a saying dimos orange one these look really pretty what you kind of just put them in the middle but when you look at a 3c male like she like puts that shit all over and like over her lips like that’s her look but I don’t think I can do that on me so don’t think it’s a gradient and more full-on I think when you do a full-on lip to make it a little bit more wearable I guess it’s okay whoo go pack your lip line here when you spread it out but here try to keep it away from over trying to keep it from going over here last year she grow I fucking Widow I bet I went all out like I went all the way up however to keep it more wearable if you like go over put some of your foundation or concealer on just the top part and I feel like keeping it that way makes it look sit better on the face you can see the darker the colors get the better the formula is I think it’s just that first one where she was looking a little a little not she was like not it she was not right and last but not least actually I think this one might might be my favorite one it’s cotton up it’s kind of like a peachy shade or an orange II shape it’s like bright oh I just keep it in the middle it kind of brightens my complexion work more pull actually even that looks kind of not bad it’s really hard to tell the difference between all these shades out there a lot of them are little very similar so there’s my spring globe I hope you found that useful informative panel I’m gonna go and edit this shit have a good night don’t uh share inappropriate videos with shady business been in Krakow touch travel rooms Anna Lee later my

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