Get out and #voteIRL – for SCIENCE.

Get out and #voteIRL – for SCIENCE.

Hey! Emily Graslie from the Brain Scoop, at the Field Museum, in Chicago, here to tell you to register and vote in this this year’s 2016 presidential elections. There are dozens of government funded and supported science based organizations and institutions that could not do what the do if you don’t go vote. These groups provide services that have massive benefits to your education, health, and safety, without you having to think twice about them. I’m talking about groups like the National Science Foundation, the Environmental Protection Agency, the US Geological Survey, US Fish and Wildlife, the National Park Service, NASA, NOAA, our friends at the Smithsonian Institutions, and the Field Museum. Lots of research that you see on our show wouldn’t be possible without collaboration and support from the groups I just listed. Your vote can help insure their priority and funding Through representation and advocacy of our elected officials, and, yes, some of your tax dollars. When it comes to things like environmental issues, expanding scientific research capabilities, and education around the United States, the root of change and growth for these programs comes from voter support. Politics isn’t just about people arguing in Washington D.C. It’s about know that policies made in Washington are carried out and enforced thought the country. These policies cover things like the EPA enforcing compliance from businesses in the private sector, and making sure sewage isn’t polluting your drinking water and you can thank the USGS for giving you a heads-up about national disasters. I’m voting this year because I’m think to the future. I’m thinking about the world we are going to leave behind for our children, our grandchildren, and all future generations of people, not just in our country, but across the globe. I think we can make a change in the world, and I think our voices deserve to be heard. Go out and vote! *soft music plays*

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  1. This mentality applies to more than just this year's presidential elections, too. Your regional and state elections – who you elect to represent you in D.C. – make big decisions about funding for science research. I want you to participate, which is why I made this video. We're going to make a difference whether you want to or not; let's be proactive and make sure the difference isn't a negative one because we let apathetic attitudes make a decision for us.

  2. Vote Trump IRONICALLY.

  3. I'd love to be republican, but I'm pro privatization of religion, and pro science and education which Republicans have deemed fit to defund. even their economic policies don't make any sense anymore as we've seen trickle down economics fail. incompetence forces me to be a democrat.

  4. I'd much rather donate money to the organizations I like than vote for someone who doesn't actually represent me. And I'd much rather see this channel begging for money than begging for votes.

  5. There's no-one good to vote for.

  6. Government funded research is a bad idea, corrupt results and poor incentives to provide something of value.
    Publishing papers to receive grants, when the results are insignificant.

  7. Well I care a lot about NASA but IDC about the Smithsonian lol

  8. Thanks! You keep educating, we'll push to keep funding.

  9. For Jupiter's sake, people, don't vote for the damn megalomaniacal, idiotic, racist, demagogue. America does not need to be the one to make "Emperor Nero II: Electric Boogaloo", a thing.

  10. Thanks Emily, The Field Museum and the team behind The Brain Scoop!!! This message doesn't get said enough. We need the leaders in LOCAL and national government that will maintain and put more resources towards scientific endeavors and agencies for today and for our future! Thank you for speaking out clearly and sincerely about the importance of voting in our elections is VOTING FOR SCIENCE. Bravo.

  11. EPA does not protect us from pollution sources that are well politically connected.

  12. Thank you for the video!

  13. Thanks, really useful. Because all your viewers are from your weird-ass country. -.-

  14. hurray for USGS! my thesis depends on it!

  15. First time I think I down voted Brain Scoop please stay out of politics. Especially when it comes to voting for either a war monger or a jerk. The only people who loose this election is all of us. :-/

  16. I was already planning to vote, but you just convinced me to cast Emily Graslie as my write in vote for president.

  17. To the people in the comments: you guys know that you're also voting for Senate seats and that those are probably much more important for the issues addressed in this video than the presidential election is, right? So could you stop bickering about Trump vs. Clinton for like ten seconds and actually think about to whom you're going to give your votes?

  18. I would like to point out that Trump what's to cut funding to many of these organizations.

  19. 500+ homicides in Chicago in 2016. Results you can count on. Vote Hillary 2016! Guaranteed murder rate increase in the USA or your money back!

  20. Registered to vote three weeks ago here in conservative Orange County, Ca. Haven't received any correspondence about where my voting precinct is, or if I was registered at all (as a Democrat). Hmmmm. Hmmmm.

  21. I guess we can deduce from this that you support Hillary. Not only because of the causes you promote in the video (namely pro-regulation), but because the people who watch your videos are overwhelmingly millennials, who, if they vote, will vote Democrat.

  22. I am such a nerd this election (my third), I already filled out my sample ballot…This election just terrifies me…

  23. a.k.a don't be like us in Britain and put our science in a state of purgatory

  24. Unfortunately, I think you're mostly preaching to the choir here: people who care enough about education and science to watch your videos are significantly more likely to be aware of and interested in their local and federal political processes. Here's hoping you reach those few who aren't!

  25. So.. vote Jill Stein? Is that what you're saying?

  26. Scientific America graded the 4 candidates on science. The choice is clear.

  27. I live in the UK and we are just starting to see the consequences of Brexit. Check this week's UK news for details. NOBODY EXPECTED THIS TO HAPPEN! Our last general election was also a bit of a shocker. Votes count when enough people TURN UP TO VOTE. If you don't vote because you can't find a perfect candidate you are helping to open the door to the one you like least. Learn from the UK. Fucking vote.

  28. "go and vote for your money to be stolen" – person who benefits from the stolen money (emily)

  29. Giant Douche vs Turd Sandwich, so excited.

  30. I think its too late to go in a new, better direction. But hope is a service im willing to pay for!

  31. Btw, if you don't like any of the candidates, voting for nobody is better than not voting. Voting for nobody is the most painful thing you can do to politicians. They fight tooth and nail to get people to travel to the voting booth. If you physically travel to the booth and vote for nobody, you're killing the politicians. They look at how many people do this, and it is incredibly painful for them. People in the booths are expected to pick an option. Saying none of the above forces them to change their position and tactics in future elections, they cannot afford to squander votes. Staying home and not voting makes you meaningless, voting nobody tells politicians they have to change.

  32. I was gonna vote anyway but if I weren't, I would now because Emily asked so nicely.

  33. Here's why I decided to stop supporting Trump.

    Back in 2010, Haiti suffered a massive earthquake.
    Donald Trump went down there and promptly steered all of the reconstruction bids to his business friends. Those friends underdelievered, pocketed the difference, and left Haiti even further in debt.
    Even his brother, Tony, received a huge payout for securing a mining contract for VCS Mining, a company for whom he sat on the board of advisers. All in all, over $200 million was estimated to have been misappropriated and paid out from donations and government funding set aside to assist the Haitian people.

    I can't support someone so selfish and greedy that they'd have the audacity to steal from starving and desperate people to enrich themselves, their friends and their family members.

  34. Emily's not 35 yet, is she? Otherwise I'd just vote a write-in for her. It couldn't be worse than the other four choices we have.

  35. Admirably non-partisan. I'm not sure I would have managed that. Definitely not without proofreading a script several times.

  36. I'm voting with my feet and fleeing to Canada!

  37. TRUMP / PENCE 2016

  38. I’m in Germany and I haven’t heard a single word about science
    in the USA election campaign. Is there anything in your media?
     Clinton wants a new war in the Middle East and unreasonable stricter gun laws at home.Trump want out of different wars but more protection against immigrants what is partly curious.
    And other candidates are close to not featured in the media.

  39. Voted today!
    (Different elections, different country, but still.)

  40. I'm not an US citizen, but I vote for you Emily. You hereby the president of my subscription list. 😛

  41. Make sure you vote for the candidate that still has brains on them 😝

  42. I'm a libertarian who doesn't support any of those programs

  43. Yes indeed do go vote!

    My single, tiny issue is that it is all real life, I believe you meant #VoteAFK 😉

  44. Vote IRL. Is there a way to vote IFL (In Fake Life)?

  45. Политика это грязь, печально, что наука не может существовать в разрыве с политикой.

  46. Even though the presidential candidates may be bad this year, I think we can agree that one party has show itself to be extremely anti-science and anti-environment across the board. If you care about those topics then you should vote the the other party, which while not perfect, is far more likely to enact positive change in these areas. If nothing else vote in your local and state elections.

  47. Vote #EmilyGraslie2024!!!

  48. I like how she says to vote in the presidential election, then doesnt even say who to vote for. With basically two choices shes trying to persuade while too afraid to make people hate her.

    How about we research who endorses science. How about we tell our state reps well only vote for someone who does, and then follow through on that.

  49. I'm 18 and this will be my first time ever voting, How do I vote for all the stuff I love like all the organization you talked about in the video?

  50. There's more to this election cycle than just the presidential elections, local elections are just as important, if not more on a lot of subjects, like who will run the school boards, how much money will go to public transportation, etc. So register, inform yourselves, and vote.

  51. Don't vote for the "Presidential Elections" if you don't want to… However, you better get your ass out to the polls because there is a BUNCH MORE SHIT GOING ON than those two Asshats running for an office that neither one has any business occupying!!! And yes, if you don't vote for either Piece of Shit candidate you can still Complain!!! Fucking Go For IT! Yell it from the damn Mountains! Make sure you know what's at stake during voting time and that you are aware of what choices you wish to make… and Research, Research, Research!!! Now Go Be Damn Good American!!!

  52. Thank you for not suggesting a side. That's what earned you the thumbs up 🙂

  53. I live in Australia, so It's so odd seeing countries where it is not compulsory to vote. Like, we get a massive fine if we don't, for any level of government.


  55. "And yes, some of your tax dollars."

    This is the kind of thing I wish my tax money would go to, instead of funding wars.

  56. I'm in New Zealand so I'm obviously not part of your elections, but I made sure to vote for my local council elections going on currently because I believe it's important to have your input. This time around I knew that I wanted people that had our environment and improving city's sustainability practices in mind so I voted accordingly. Vote for people that you believe will voice and stand up for your concerns.

  57. do more dissections please!

  58. People that don't vote don't have the right to complain when the government they wind up with is like the government we currently have. We need a better way to fire these folks, either fire them up or fire them from office.

  59. Just say it already. Vote for Democrats, vote for Hillary. Why dance around it?

  60. Emily, may I be your groupie?

  61. When we break the bi-partisan stalemate that has been going on for a while now that is the time when I will vote- for the third party that is. Right now is just a lost cause because "checks and balances" has turned into "let's have the government shut down for a while because we don't want to work together"

  62. I vote Emily is a bombshell! <3

  63. Trumph or Hilary?

  64. Is that a tiny Jackalope on the top shelf behind your head? It's white, looks like a mouse and an elk had too much to drink one night.
    I'm also curious. How does the message "go vote" inspire the comment "science is a religion"?? Is there a religion that uses votes by the members to guide them?

  65. animal agriculture is the leading cause for climate change. Go Vegan

  66. Vote for science! I might add that one of the big parties in this election is pro-science and the other is strongly anti-science.

  67. the only thing that comes from voting is jury duty notices to your current address. SKIP.

  68. God, this video made me hate this channel.

  69. srry but I think we need a mass human die-off to fix the numbers. :/

  70. Do you really believe your vote matters? Our voting system has been proven to be mathematically incapable of representing the majority, so even if you believe democracy is the will of the majority voting makes no difference. This system is there just to be manipulated and make ppl think they have something to to with who has power. The one with more money invested in its campaign wins, tahts how it works, plain and simple.

  71. i thought you were smart…

  72. Trump would be even worse than Bush and Bush was a disaster!

  73. i like that little skeleton behind you

  74. Have already voted and sent out my absentee ballot ^^

  75. More specifically, if these things are important to you, vote for Hillary.

  76. What is the skeleton in the background? The human looking skull just doesn't look right on it.

  77. Im sorry Emily, I can't support the Clintons even if its for science. – Trump isn't perfect either but fake socialism and crony capitalism isn't the answer.
    I will happily pay for my ticket to the science museum but don't take half my paycheque. This year Trump is the libertarian candidate, Hillary is the establishment.

  78. It's not only your country. The results of research of these institutins, policies they make and knowledge they share is beneficial for the whole world. And it's crucial for the whole mankind. Thanks for voting.

  79. "…without you having to think twice about them." Maybe we SHOULD be thinking twice about them. Or thinking about them a little bit, anyway. An informed electorate would vote better if it thought carefully about what these groups/agencies/institutions do.

  80. Emily FUR president!!

  81. In other words, don't vote for Trump.


  83. you forgot to say vote but not for trump! RIP science!

  84. The problem is government becomes greedy, so they use their funding to get what they want out of scientific study, and it taints the entire process, cheapens towards becoming a means to an end for some ambitious politician's wallet or one-sided debate.

  85. we made america great again

  86. Science shouldnt be funded through extortion. #TaxationIsTheft Unsubbed.

  87. Thank goodness Hillary lost, MAGA

  88. It's too bad this video didn't get a couple million more views so that Hillary won the majority… o wait

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