Germans Built A Wall Taller Than The Berlin Wall To Block Out Refugees (HBO)

Germans Built A Wall Taller Than The Berlin Wall To Block Out Refugees (HBO)

German Chancellor Angela Merkel met with turkish President Recep Erdogan to talk about a potential deal between the EU and Turkey to slow the flow of migrants into Europe but in Munich some locals have come up with their own solution to the migrant issue and it isn’t particularly welcoming since 2015 15,000 refugees have moved in or around Germany’s third largest city Munich here in the city suburb of maple oxide there’s been a heated dispute over the presence of this a 300 foot long 13 foot tall stone partition separating locals from what will soon be a refugee housing center that will take in 160 unaccompanied minors that have fled to Germany it’s more than a foot taller than the Berlin Wall Costas matatus a Greek immigrant who’s lived in Munich for 40 years lives only a hundred yards from the wall he like the majority of locals say that the barrier is merely there to shield them from the anticipated noise of all the refugees playing sports outside when they ultimately arrive here coming the tunnel was allowed under Solomon’s 80-yard if there was a nursery that do you think they’d also asked for a 13 foot wall to be built I have got to decide how big must be here within the evil Germans yeah this is an earwig not puffed this technically flipping it it’s in this quiet neighborhood just nearby there’s already an outdoor sports facility without any exterior noise barriers which is why Guido Buchholz who sits on the local council committee that originally approved the refugee center isn’t buying the noise arguments 300 metres away there’s a very big sport area it’s not the noise they said we don’t want the refugees okay now we have to live now with this building and we don’t want him but we want the wall local residents took the court blocking the construction and demanding a sound barrier it was then that the council agreed to build the wall symbolic kids it’s a monster against refugees he was so angered by what happened he made a film about it and posted it online when I took the film in the internet I got many many mails you why you do these things for Refugees you know that it’s German law the wall and why you are against it Stephan Reich is one of six residents who brought legal action against the local authorities you see the wall through the trees and behind the wall there will be the soccer field and behind the soccer field you can see the refugee home yes in graffiti drawn on your house can you tell me what that said I thought the graffitis tilt and Aravind as he had Enric Sala di calabria as his own the under and not see on Tareq’s fascist the Muslims need for taking the enriched eschaton on their team of efforts on some standpoint Reza an Afghan refugee who fled from Iran lived in housing around 20 minutes south of the wall you’ve been in Germany for a year have you seen a change in the attitudes of local Germans towards refugees Jay Conewago Amalapuram are bidding on about dangers in the in Makani in EXO last owner and editing a long time time how you can me is also can be modest Amelia Vatican million modular the ecolution HD bomb can buy via ham Boyet images of Bashar the young refugees are due to arrive in noble Oxford in April they’ll be greeted by the wall which residents say is here to stay you [Music]

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  1. Bro first a US Trump Wall and now a Munich Wall? What's next?

  2. you say you aren't evil german but your mustache #justsaying

  3. kick them all out.

  4. It's a terrible thing to live in your ancestral homeland and have it invaded and your culture destroyed by third world creatures.

  5. unfortunately liberals don't understand that people are naturally tribalistic.

  6. if ignorance killed… i wish it did actually… –'

  7. this facility is sopposed to be for unacombany minors, you better make sure they are actual minors and not military age men. cause thats what happened on many occasions.

  8. When they complain do a Trump and make the wall 10 feet higher.

  9. I find it humorous that so many of these "refugees" are fleeing nations that aren't at war. They just want free things, and you idiots in Europe are giving it to them.

  10. A lot of these refugees are rapy

  11. You keep referring to the wall as if it's this big thing in Munich. Doing a coupon of short interviews doesn't make this good reporting. The "wall" (it's what, there hundred feet long? Yes it's too big and yes it's a symbol now) has very little to do with Munich.

  12. I read all these comments and shake my head. What is wrong with all you people!!! Are you all so blinded by your vitriol that you dont see that stunningly beautiful reporter just "wearin' them jeans" in this piece? Focus!! See what's important here fer goodness sakes!!

  13. who cares. its just a wall.

  14. Why do you dislike the videos? If you don't like the reality that is being shown, then don't watch them.

  15. You know on my papers it says that I am 21. But if I come to Germany without them, can I be treated as a 16 yo please?

  16. Germany is Fucked you idiots let the flood gates open and welcomed the refugees with open arms

  17. Building walls are in vogue right now. I wish I could build one around my house but the homeowners' association won't allow it.

  18. A Greek migrant who supports the oppression of Arab migrants. Both should get the hell out

  19. 2:02
    damn she's cute

  20. Why arent  these "refugees" going to the Muslim countries? Like Saudi Arabia, Emerates, or Qatar? Why do they think that Europeans are so happy to see them there? They understand very well that Europeans don't want them there. But they are stubborn and they are convinced that if they call themselves "refugees" everyone should respect them. After the invasion of the refugees in Europe in many countries the liberal government will follow them and we will see the result of cultural diversity in Europe. Live where you are born and everything will be fine.

  21. 0:31 cut a man in that takes a look at his watch because it kinda looks like a nazi salute in order to make people subconsciousnessly think that they are nazis

  22. Oh please policor Vice, stop this shameless marketing of your political views.

  23. Wow. Not what one would expect from expect from the Germans in 2017. In 1940, Germans did that kind of shit in German-occupied Poland. But in the 21st century?!?

  24. they they people back… set up safe places near where they came from and enough of this guilt tripping already from lefty idiots… you lefty reds are really finished already. People are getting the confidence to speak out.

  25. She has an ass on her boy!!

  26. What's the reporter's name? She's very pretty.

  27. thank you germany for taking in all those refugees. you are a wonderful example of human tolerance!

  28. This is such a shame! As Munich being the most expensive city in whole germany, i (chemistry student originally moved to Munich from a rural area) can only afford a 16 m^2 flat!!! Why is there no social housing or support for those who are going to pay 45% of their loan taxes in future!!! The whole government is anti germans!

  29. meh… I wouldn't mind a wall.. if I live in a quiet peaceful neighborhood I wouldn't mind refugees living in the neighborhood, but I wouldn't want them to create a lot of noise.

  30. Instead of being grateful they want more! How ridiculous! I just want to know how well-designed life they had before. Bunch of beggars with fucking humoristic rights.

  31. It will be better when they get the razor wire on top, perhaps add some guard towers, oh and yes some dogs lots of dogs – nearly forgot the spot lights, yep check for tunnels for escapees. Mines yes mine field em what else hmm yep the SS.
    Don't get me wrong – the poor children living there will have lots of fun, average age for the children 30 odd.better build the wall higher. well i'm off ops – forgot machine guns.
    Would have been better to stop them coming in, but don't worry – your paying for it ALLLLLLLLLL

  32. Nice smartwatch on Reza's wrist! Goes well with the smartphone. And the free housing. And the free cash. Understandably, he misses his family. If only he could go back to visit… Oh wait! He can… but let's milk zee Germans a little longer…
    @ VICE: did you also discuss career plans with him? When does he expect to become a contributing member of his new community?

  33. I applaud countries like Germany that take in large amounts of refugees.

  34. That reporter tho…

  35. these refugees need to be more greatful look at that mktherduckers free apartment

  36. Whose the journo? Asking for a friend..

  37. This wall idea is jus racist… And who is the journalist? … She's beautiful!

  38. The Huns are coming, that is, refugees….

  39. Put all the migrant bastards inside the complex behind those strong walls.   Then fill it with water.

  40. Meanwhile, refugees are causing chaos in Germany.

  41. As a German, I am shocked about this bungling, lurid report. Germany welcomed 750.000 women, children and men who fled from war zones without any time for prior preparation. While many other countries refused these refugees. A brand new building is constructed for some of these refugees, with large sports- and leisure- areas. However, citizens who built their houses in this quiet surrounding did not want any large buildings in direct proximity, therefore a wall is built and some trees are planted. You can go around this wall, its not a prison. Comparing this to the Berlin wall, which teared our nation apart, led to the killing of 250 people and imprisoned half our people is just so stupid, that I can not find any words. I am bitterly disappointed in vice… What is the purpose of this deceptive report? Feeding the right wing? For many years I have been a huge fan of your productions 🙁

  42. omg… these people are not nazis… but these refugee camps are indeed, loud and there is often a lot of screaming….

  43. Hard to feel sorry for Germans when they brought this upon themselves. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember Germans (and other Western Eruopens) bending over backwards welcoming the "migrants." Leaving shoes at train stops, feeding them, and sponsoring them. What a bunch of dumbasses they are! Oh well, at least no one can accuse them of being "intolerant" or "islamaphobic." Enjoy your multiculturalism Germany, you asked for it.

  44. Too bad it's not 20 feet tall. Your voice is the dramatic voice used in similar feminist videos. Your "serious" voice doesn't matter anymore. Don't like it? Go back to the camel ponds. What will be your job then?

  45. Solution for the flow of migrants: Kick em all out.

  46. Locals claim that the wall, which is more than a foot taller than the Berlin wall, is merely a noise barrier but local politician Guido Bucholtz disagrees. “It’s not the noise,” he told said. “Symbolically, it’s a monster against refugees.”
    Watch Next: This French Man Organized An Underground Network To Smuggle Refugees –

  47. Nimbys… always the same thing. In Germany we call them "Angstbürger". They're not per se racist, but a bit stupid and frightened.

  48. Is it wrong for me to wish for a bus to run Merkel over? Is it?

  49. Some advice "Hide your wife hide your kids"

  50. As a German i confirm: yes, most of the Germans are really this retarded.

  51. I feel so sorry for the German people, their Government and local elected politicians forcing this situation on them.

  52. Is she really like "locals have to adapt to refugees"?!? Seriously? Maybe i should move to iran to start crying about how they are not german at all. I would be lucky if they just laugh at me, but here people shame their country for not beeing like the people who come here, still trying to compensate things that happend almost a century ago.

  53. Germans in the past they built walls for jewish guettos and now they ar building again for islamics……………………

  54. The migrant countries have safe zones since Jan 2017 …E UR OP E is not for those who want to live the European dream without contributing.

  55. Congratulations on your wall. At least you are trying to do something. However you still need guards.

  56. Happy i live in the US 😄😄😄

  57. Kick out all non whites

  58. keep Germany German much love from England

  59. Wenn Sie die Mauer nicht mögen, können Sie in Ihr Heimatland zurückkehren. Willkommen in Deutschland. Die Leuten haben hart gearbeited, um Deutschland stark und stabil zu machen. Sie brauchen kein Problem, die mit den Ausländern kommen. Seien Sie gute Nachbarn und arbeiten Sie hart, um deutscher Staatsbürger zukommen. Wenn nicht, nehmen Sie Ihre Arschen zurück in Ihr Land.

  60. Why is it racist to want to live with people who look like me, talk like me, think like me. It makes me feel familiar, feel safe. Yes, I might miss the chance to learn different cultures, but why is it so bad?

  61. Build the wall, or ideally use the centre to house Germanys homeless instead

  62. Isnt that just a noise barrrier ?

  63. it’s our country, not theirs. if they don’t like it then they can leave

  64. people in these communities dont want them, why are they forced to live with the people that in a different situation would most likely talk bad about germany

    why anyone would want to live where they aren't wanted is beyond me.

  65. This wall is probably really being constructed so they cannot escape. When refugees get rejected, they frequently try to escape and hide to evade deportation if you don't do that, and it becomes difficult and costly for police to track them down and deport them.
    Their Asylum Requests Denied, Thousands Stay in Sweden (Some for Years)
    Out of 18,000 failed asylum seekers in Sweden, 12,500 have gone underground, according to Patrik Engstrom, head of the Swedish Border Police. “We have the capacity to deport at most 5,000 rejected applicants a year,” he said. “We’re a smallish law enforcement agency.”
    The workload is increasing as Sweden continues to move through the 191,000 asylum applications it received in the last two years. Fifty thousand rejections are anticipated, according to government figures. The police tried to track down Mr. Akilov, the suspect in the Stockholm rampage, without success, but even if they had found him, deporting him would have been difficult.

  66. We thought they would tree us like family they did until they realised how a great majority of them behave towards the country that welcomed them, you all saw it happening but where were the people protesting about some of their own peoples behaviour instead you call the locals fascist for complaining about the behaviour, now they don't want you, how would you react if a another people came to your country and behaved this way.

  67. The thing I am sick of hearing every German feels they have to say there not fascist you don't and should not have to say it.

  68. They shouldn't be there in the first place

  69. Entitlement is unreal. "We expect to be treated like family"

  70. Build the wall as long and high as you want! It’s YOUR COUNTRY – block the refugees out if you want!

  71. And that guy expected “Germans to treat them like family.” Is he crazy? Their country is being invaded! Family – bullshit! Go back to your own country!

  72. Well don't like the wall? Deport all refugees then. Vice is so sickening.

  73. Don t apologize!!! Cringe!! It is their right not to want them… wtf

  74. I can't blame them for doing this. They are sending young men of fighting age very few families. Most people call that an invasion.

  75. If “one” of us makes a “mistake”… I don’t know if that is the understatement of the year or the century. What his people do aren’t mistakes….they are crimes and usually serious ones. The wall is nothing personal, they just don’t know what type of people they are, it may come down…or maybe it went up because they “do” know. It’s the same as having locks on your doors….which a lot of third worlders believe is just a suggestion.

  76. Good for them. Protect your borders

  77. Berlin: 4 Millionen People ->400.000 Muslim = 10%->0,01% is may be truly integrate .

  78. It’s a fucking wall


  80. Such an easy fix….. only is these animals would stay out of our countries.

  81. No one wants leeches

  82. The Wall is not high enough make it higher

  83. QUARAN 5.3 create violence to the non believers of Islam until they submit

  84. You can see all the downvotes are by leftist cucks who don’t believe walls work or that the US is evil for wanting a wall. Fucking hypocrite dipthongs

  85. I don't understand why they built a wall like this, I mean this wall is to short, cant really prevent bad things happens. however, bacuse existing this wall, the refugees must feel very sad. I feel truely sorry for the people who have to leave their country for survive, but they have a bad choice. just go to america. maybe more tolerance.


  87. The Moochers should stay and fix their own countries.

  88. 95 of 100 emmigrants are free living garbage…………….asia and africa..they never become europeans..out is only way

  89. Germans send the criminals they dont wont into little ireland under blackmail of economic failure ,blitzkrieg is alive and well but with. € instead of Lugar , .no mutti here

  90. Europe is going to lose its culture.. Why don't isreal take them or egypt? I would not want them in my country.. Why is that wrong??

  91. Why don't they send them back??? They say they miss their family. So why not pay to send them back.

  92. Good,do anything you can to keep out all these muslims

  93. Awesome wall. Where in Europe has the refugees made the country better.

  94. Cultural clashes at its best.

  95. 11 tax payers to support 1 refugee, how many are you willing to take in.

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