Geiger 3D Printing Concrete Casting Molds

Geiger 3D Printing Concrete Casting Molds

The project is actually a historical building. It’s a monument. Parts of the windows had to be replaced, because they were destroyed. We developed, together with the client, a method where we said, ok we will print the negative form, the cast form and send the print to the fabricator. Then the ready-made single element, the segments of this window, would be assembled onsite. This first print cast project shows one possibility of how 3D printing, as a new form of digital fabrication, can be well utilized for the construction industry. We always compare it to a dentist who is now using scanning technology and 3D printing to create copies of your teeth. This is exactly like implants in a traditional building, where you basically can re-create elements that have been produced before and cannot be produced anymore in this way. We have developed a material that is water soluble and once you have poured in the concrete, you have created the form, you can afterwards wash out this material and create hollow structures within the concrete that has already solidified. You use in the end less concrete because the structure is enabled through a more complex geometry. With this project, with the print cast, we see a clear possibility for architects. You have direct control over what you design on your computer and how you produce it onsite. So, you don’t have to wait for a company to come up with an idea of how to produce it. You can just rely on the 3D printing technology in order to create a one-to-one copy of your design, on a one-to-one scale. And then you’re able to implement this in the real world.

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  1. Wonderful application, very promising

  2. So very interesting!! And yes im going through all your videos!

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