GATE ARCHITECTURE & PLANNING I Building Construction and materials preparation strategy

GATE ARCHITECTURE & PLANNING I Building Construction and materials preparation strategy

hi everyone today we will be discussing
building construction and building materials each year almost four
questions are asked from these two subject with a marks weightage of seven to eight
percent and often these question asked our maximum time so looking at the
building construction syllabus and pattern of the question asked in gate
exam you will find that mainly the question are asked from the x component
and the application of everything that you could have a studied in bachelors like
brick and stone masonry arches wood joinery DPC staircase door and window
and all that is shown on the screen you have to cover the aforementioned topic one
by one in a manner that I am going to explain I am taking window as an example
so there are different type of window including fixed sliding pivoted
casement etc. so talking about the component of the window we have many
functional and aesthetic component like jam sash top and bottom rail muntin
mullion transom and many others in similarly you can cover the whole
syllabus of the building construction – similar way syllabus of building
material can be wrote it down in types properties behavioral characteristics and
application of different material like concrete coarse aggregates and cement
and glazing etc again as an example I am explaining concrete is found in
fresh and hydrated type and in different grades of M 10 and 15 and 20 etcetera
concrete possesses properties like setting and workability
and many factors affect those properties like water cement ratio amount and type
of aggregate and amount and type of cement also apart from properties you
need to cover defects found in those material the in case of concrete
Air entrainment and concrete bleeding etc. you can study other word in it in a similar
manner so this was all about building construction and building material
syllabus and how to prepare these two important subjects for Gate.

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