Gangsta Poki | FEELING-FREE ZONE 😡 | HO! HO! HO! | FEELING-FREE ZONE | Offline TV Highlights

Gangsta Poki | FEELING-FREE ZONE 😡 | HO! HO! HO! | FEELING-FREE ZONE | Offline TV Highlights

Okay, there you go, there you go it’s better Please don’t spread this information around. Okay. All right back in high school. I Basically wanted to see how many times I could lose in a single day Tomorrow please 11 oh That’s okay, well, you’re a worker, you know – you’re watching me oh my god, I feel special. Oh My gosh We were working on the Christmas Eve. That’s not the one day. That sounds like oh man What kind of Christmas Eves always a hard time? Hi, Kade Sparta Oh, welcome guys How are you guys feeling today? Okay, tell me honestly been Zillah, right, oh we’re not leaving Hop around like a fish How do you flop around like oh My god buddy, how didn’t you do? Ah How did you put a Christmas Oh buy Things on top, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Grinch please The Grinch story. Okay. That’s a good story and story. How long is that? Oh my god. Bye. Bye belly fly Though sure She’s gonna hate it’s gonna have quads I’m presenting just trotting yo, I feel you long Leg we’re about to go. Are you ready yet? What are you doing? Leslie we’re we’re late for lunch. What are you doing? Okay, that was the worst joke I’ve ever made in my entire life if Leslie sees that she will actually end my life Hold on Content couple minutes content fed. I think that you bring so much content to offline TV Really yeah, like I really think you you know, people say you’re the glue but I genuinely believe you’re the glue Yeah Oh, he’s gonna be so sad when he finds out that was a stream gold Chicken music just pasta champ. Hold on. Yeah, yeah All right, got it hmm hi if you guys are new welcome Hi, okay, if you’re welcome, I mean shit if you’re new welcome hot fuck Okay, anyways, um today I’m your doctor pokey If you don’t know what that is, it’s like, dr. Phil but It’s me instead of dr. Phil, that’s why it’s dr. Pokey to get it So I’m not going to sing eggs, I’m shy Sounds like they leave dr. Pokey more than chat. Honestly, I kind of agreed Sounds like Michael is adjusting. Well, I don’t think Michael was part of that $2.00 ODST Hawkeye Paquita dismembered. Oh, yeah. Happy birthday Five dollars sylveon or my suicidal hehehe and I want to cut myself almost every day. Hehehe and I suffer severe depression and anxiety Hehe If that is true, please do get some some help Furio You can order head if you order 20 items or more No, dude, you’re lying – because we’re gonna that’s easy. We have like we have like 11 people Though they’re famous for their Nashville chicken hot like hot chicken sandwiches I get right Yeah 31 no Oh, I see I love them 15 for number 11 No, I want tickets baby one more twenty twenty two more rats I’m gonna let it ride I figure it’s like a booster pack. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It’s like a booster pack Yeah, you should just learn how to support passively or a little pile Yeah. Yeah. I just wanted to get VIP on his chat Yeah, that’s not how you get VIP you get me no. No how You get VIP by okay, not by the quantity of your messages, but the quality of your messages Quality, yes. Think about it this way Every time you’re about to type some shit in his chat think if he reads this Will he think I’m cool Okay cuz you want everything you say for them to think it’s cool cuz then if he reads like Five messages from you and they were all fucking cool. He’ll be like damn that’s a cool ass person I should VIP them done, but he already hates me. So what can I do? Just a bit closer so the mic in here come here I’m sorry Oh my god, dude – he hates me he hates me. Oh, he hates me. I know you only God Oh my god, I fucked up Thank you Ayers, I’d watch that look Please shit, but the pros outweigh the cons by far look at the cons are litter like ok I get mean Commons once in a while people shit me with someone who’s like 30 years younger than me. Um, I Guess like when you have so much different life in public, um, there are some archers and now Psychoanalyzing people out there weird people but the pros far outweigh the cons And the fact that you’re forced to join the house Used to make mailing me the video with me what I did I read that fast enough I couldn’t read up Okay, I say 30 because I’m not actually and I’m only six years older but like I say 30 because I I want be able To get detracted from shipping me with him. I don’t want the ship Anyways, I I intentionally make it like bigger like Michael is literally like 13 years younger than me. Like I don’t see that literally 12 Willie comment on that Yeah, yeah three of those 18 ticket more ticket or an 18 He’s meditating We Huije keep ooh, don’t you just love baby, boo jp2, don’t you just love JC food jakey boos, don’t you just Saw what is this? Nuts Jay Kapoor they’re gone All right, I Actually really want to learn Holly’s old and I don’t know what it is I haven’t so she just dashes like she just dashes to anyone because she does she – you a target or does she – just anywhere Faneuil figured out but uh Yeah, thanks for coming guys. Got Marcelo His name is is useful in the Czech. You ever see him not developing these they’re snaps period Talk to you recently. Of course. We got a DM are emote our emote mod And water alright tears no more. Jiggy. We give that shit out of here. Ok. Mr. Goodbar I’m out Not chicken raw dude, that’s not fried chicken. Yeah, what do we do? Pork belly Or Monday pencil from team Vento dc-7 there in 20 months It’s smelly I Don’t know man. That shit’s crazy. I just can’t figure that out. I don’t understand about I still can’t get it four hours is Once you hate to be a shop next door, I don’t know you probably I bring you some business Yes I have to go peepee back. I think it’s just a straw. No. No I said that My dick is just a straw a Beer back School’s out. So he’s probably just a preteen with severe self-confidence issues in a baby piece Oh hello troll arena You Jakeypoo, KKomrade, First time dium met jake, WAITING IN LINE FOR 4 HOURS FOR A CHICKEN SANDWICH W/ Friends ,JENKIN POOGERS,POGGERS! ANOTHER TICKET!,Lily re-confirms January 18th for Michael’s 24 hour stream,FEELING-FREE ZONE,mmmmmmmmmm microwave,Scarra used Flex! But it failed! ,Lily Calling Fed !!!,FEELING-FREE ZONE 😡,LilyCougar seducing zoomer Michael ,pikachuu,michael reeves is babye,THE PILLOW D,turtles,Viewer shares his mixtape with Poki,Ten Times!,Gangsta Poki ASMR,dr.poki ❤️ talking to viewers on discord,oooooooof,Give Nazmin VIP

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