Game Pad Productions

Game Pad Productions

Welcome to Game Pad Productions. My name is Mike Mood, and some of you may
know me as the co-founder of TheMeatly Games as well as the co-creator of Bendy and the
Ink Machine. A lot of game devs out there may also know
me as the president of Mood Foundation, which is a relatively new company that I started
with my wife to help the game industry, specifically in Canada, but we also do worldwide events:
conferences, game jams, etc. Today what I want to do is invite you into
the Game Pad, introduce you to the team and tell you what we’re all about. Some of the things that Game Pad Productions
will be focusing on are the Mood-specific events. So we do CGX, which is the Canadian Gaming
Expo, as well as game jams, and game dev collective meetups. So Game Pad Productions is going to be coming
to all of our events all over the world, showing off what we’re doing, and really helping
create a domino effect. So if we’re doing a mentor lounge in a city,
being able to share what we’re learning, what we’re teaching and what we’re bringing
to the game industry with anyone who wants to be a part of that is going to be really
valuable. So this is the Game Pad team right here. Who are you guys? Uh…. This skittish young gentlemen right here is
me. Schmidt! I write and narrate our scripted content and
serve as the team’s editor. You’ll be hearing from me plenty here on
the channel, so I hope my voice engages you. Uh… yeah, I’m Jordan, and I basically do the tutorials, and uh, most of the equipment handling. *Cryptic Incantations* Confidence. Charm. I’m sure you’ll agree we’re a couple
of competent chaps! If there’s one thing we can promise you,
though, it’s that we’ll be doing everything we can to get Schmidt done and keep you entertained,
informed and interested in all of the Mood Foundation’s initiatives. But that’s enough out of me, so let’s reset the mood and kick it back over to Mike. We’re insanely excited to bring all of you
on this journey with Game Pad Productions. This channel is going to be for gamers, for
game developers as well as aspiring game developers. It’s also going to be for people who are
excited to see really awesome change in this industry. Change that’s needed. And we’re going to be sharing everything
so that you understand the games, you understand who makes them, and we celebrate successes
and positive change in this industry. So welcome to Game Pad!

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