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  1. Can you do art using makeup supplies.Btw I love your passion for makeup and your makeup palette.

  2. Why can't I use Code James for 10% off on the pastels? ☹️

  3. James I just realize that u have beautiful pair of hands…like really pretty.💞

  4. 2:44 miranda whooooo

  5. If you are a sister comment if you are not like 👍

  6. To sub to Niamhy DIY

  7. "Face paint"

    "Now these usually do not go on the face"

  8. James Charles found his foundation shade 2:02

  9. Omg James say hi to me I always wanted to meat you so say hi to me

  10. James: why is it that every time I think of art I think of a little french man with a moustache painting on a little easel (don’t know how to spell that).

    Me: thinks of Bob ross

  11. How does he do it so well with paint I CANT EVEN DO MY NAILS RIGHT 😂😂

  12. I think that this is unhealthy And dangerous for your face!!!
    Is'nt it????

  13. Love you, Sister!!! 💞

  14. Damn that brow tho like dang

  15. this is the best his brows have looked

  16. I really love his talk expressions 😍😍😍

  17. Oh my god you look like a masterpiece

  18. Is it me or James sounds like Miranda sings here 2:43

  19. James : Perfect makeup with art supplies

    Me : Ruins my face and makeup supplies

  20. Who agree if james does makeup using baking suplies

  21. Roses are red
    Vilots are blue
    James Charles you are beautiful so are you if you agree make this blue 👇🏿

  22. If you like James Charles make this blue ⬇️

  23. Sis!, what the heck happened to the sister squad:( has anyone else noticed how they don’t post together anymore😭 but I’m still subscribed and that bell is on❤️

  24. James Charles isl so good

  25. I challenge you to talk slower.

  26. no one:
    literally no one:
    James Charles:

    Anastasia Beverly Hills who???
    Morphe who ???
    omg this shade !!
    You got to be kidding !!!!!!!!!!
    Morphe do you want to tell us something ?????

  27. we got bob ross in the house

  28. Disclaimer ⚠️ THIS IS NOT A HATE COMMENT

    Is it just me or does that brush that james used to do his eyebrows with not an art supply 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ it looks like a brush from his set 😊😴

  29. You look amazing! Only you James could make this challenge work! Awesome 👏

  30. You got me into makeup and your so inspirational.

  31. James your sooo talented like I can’t even do my lipgloss right🥺💋

  32. James (shows face paint): These are all items that shouldn't be used the FACE.
    Me: But James, its called FACE paint!!! James (says he gonna use the face paint now): Thank goodness it says body safe!
    Me: But James, it's called FACE paint for a reason!!!!!

  33. Your so good at makeup 💄 I wish I was as good as u at makeup

  34. I feel like this video is throwing a TON of shade. I mean he kept on bringing up Morphe, Anastasia Beverly Hills, etc.

  35. Who’s here when he bleached his hair

  36. Oiu sister looking cute

  37. When did you start doing makeup 💄

  38. Really he's most handsome without make up 😍😔

  39. Why is he using tart shape tape?

  40. And now he’s blonde

  41. I live how excited he got when he got them eyebrows bc that really set me in like awww James wyd

  42. No me anduvo el sustituto en español🙃

  43. painters: HA makeup isn’t art
    james: does makeup with art supplies
    painters: …….

  44. When I think of artist, I think of a lesbian in art school 🤣

  45. James: face paint does not normally go on the face.


  46. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I’m not subscribed
    But I’ll give you a view

  47. James: "I got some face paint and it is BODY SAFE!"

    Me: No kidding…..

  48. When your brother buys you "makeup"

  49. That is my exact same colour of two face foundation I love too face

  50. and now he has bleached hair.

  51. Why did he look actually great???

  52. Not trying to hate cause who am I to say but I eye brows are scary James sorry not a hater love you❤️❤️❤️❤️

  53. I love your hands💋

  54. James :

    Next video : full face of acne using acne

  55. Alguien q hablé Español repórtese :v

  56. James u do good makeup with everything u go

  57. James: thinks its all going to go rong

    Me: wait for it….

    James: "morphe, what are you not telling us!"

    Me: there it is!

  58. I love you sunshine

  59. James:OMGGG that brow is low-key FIREE🔥🔥

  60. When you forgot to wear makeup to school.
    So you have to be creative
    Get it😫

  61. Me:"Mom!!!!
    Me: where's my art supplies

  62. Wow your so daring you should go to jail

  63. james sister i have no idea why i am sssooo in to you

  64. Yeah, face paint doesn’t usually go on the face.

  65. If you listen closely you can hear James skin screaming for help …….

  66. Play 0:47 and then 0:52 hmmmmm you sure about that sister?

  67. please speak slowly please

  68. Ahhhh omg i learned something from james charles btw im new here new sister hahaha omg i love ur makeup ideas!

  69. love the makupe i hop i see u in Houston soon

  70. Hi James I bought your pallet today again LOL

  71. Lol looking good sister ✌🏻

  72. 1:48 omg XD I love this

  73. For every like I’ll add a heart for no reason
    Starting with mine

  74. Nobody :
    Not a soul:
    James charles : Morphie something you wanna tell us here??

  75. makeup brushes r so expensive imo. I already own paint brushes so I guess that works?

  76. 3:57 when you forget to do your math homework 3 days in a row

  77. nO bOdY:

    AbsOlUtly nObOdy:

    jAmEs: wEE wEE I Am An ArtIst

  78. Makeup is an art♡♡ love u James

  79. U should do a full face with only kids makeup like if u agree

  80. No one:
    Literally no one:
    James: Wee wee I’m an arteest

  81. Me at the bronzer : sIsTtER sHoOm

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