From Coke Bottle to DIY Cement Vase | Concrete Room Decor | Curly Made

From Coke Bottle to DIY Cement Vase | Concrete Room Decor | Curly Made

Olá everyone, I’m Daniela and since it’s Spring I thought that I could do a slightly themed DIY today so i’m going to show you I make these recycled cement vase using well cement and a plastic bottle, so lets get started Start by cutting your bottle just a little before the center to give it a better finish I’m going to melt the edge of the plastic using an iron make sure to protect it by using a piece of wax paper and tape to hold it press the plastic to the iron until the edge starts to melt and curve inwards make sure all the sides are even now onto the cement part, as a mould I’m using this coffee capsule box that as you can see is a perfect size, if you don’t have a box that fits perfectly you can always make your own template I’m taping the bottom of the box so so the cement doesn’t leak out and since I don’t need it I’m also removing the top part as you can see the bottle fits really nicely inside, I don’t want the bottle to pick through the base of the vase so I’m going to start by preparing a smaller batch of cement to fill just the bottom pour the cement and add water a little at a time until you have an even smooth consistency pour that into the box spread and tap it to release any air bubbles let it sit until it has slightly harder in my case it was about 15 min after that I made another batch of cement to fill the rest of the box after I place the bottle inside I realized the cement was not nearly enough so I made a bit more and poured it around after about two hours I was able to remove the box to help the cement dry a little bit faster this actually took me about a week to fully dry but it may depend on the type of cement that you’re using and the size of the piece you can make this type of project on the weekend and wait until the next one to work on it again Once it was dry I sanded the top and the sides to make the texture a bit smoother if you feel like cement is starting to crumble a bit, kind of like a sand texture, it may not be fully dry if this happens leave it to dry a bit more and check on it again later, remove the dust I just use my paintbrush and also a paper towel for this there was some sticky residue on the bottle so I got rid of that with rubbing alcohol do not use acetone I tried that and although it works much faster it will also take off the shine of the plastic and make it slightly white if you want a minimalistic look you can leave it as is but I wanted to add a little more color so I taped painters tape in the diagonal line making, the sides match like this and painted all the sides in this soft green shade next I added another intersecting line again with painters tape and painted it orange again making the sides match like this so it kind of looks like a triangle you can see that when i took the painters tape, some of the green paint came off and I cover that by painting on top with the green paint again lastly I just cleaned the plastic to make it look as shiny as possible and that’s it thank you so much for watching, let me know if you enjoyed this video by giving it a thumbs up and leave your comments suggestions, questions in the box below I always try to answer to everyone so ask away I will answer as soon as I can and that’s it for this video I’ll talk to you next time bye you

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  1. That's really cool! 🙂

  2. cement dry faster in sunlight

  3. awesome video / hack

    I will try it tomorrow 😊

    have you thought of using the big water bottles ( 5 litres )
    it might make a cool little fish tank or light ( filled with fairy lights )

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