Friends With Benefits Secretly Share Their Feelings For Each Other

Friends With Benefits Secretly Share Their Feelings For Each Other

Was it a yes? I mean… should I really answer him? I’m Pierre Exo I’m 24
I’m Stephanie Weinberg. I am 43 years old. And if I could describe our relationship Its fiery Rock-paper-scissors Oh my God, what’s that? You don’t know that- she’s from Europe, so how about you just you go rock okay? Just put your hand out. Just just leave it here rock paper scissors. Okay, you go first Like any couple of this digital world we met through social media specifically IG, Instagram, you actually slid into my DMs and You messaged me about my voice.
Well basically, he liked a few of my pictures and I went on his profile, and I got very interested And I started liking and I start like watching his videos what he’s doing and I’ve been really caught with his voice And I just messaged him, and I I told him that He had an amazing voice, and we started talking like that I was like okay Supermodel. She looks fairly interesting. I think we could get along You’re you’re also slightly intimidating as well. You still are actually Are you kidding me?
Look at that! Oh my God! Really? I mean a little bit.
No way. Oh come on, you’re like a supermodel. You’re like a Swiss supermodel.
You’re a rockstar! There are pictures of you like half naked I would describe our relationship as like like a volcano, just in Mount Vesuvius, just- like they’re like just boiling underneath a saute pan you know? Repay for this medium-rare steak.
Okay? He’s like the pizza, and I’m like the fire Yeah, I mean it’s super passionate. It’s super- I don’t know what I can- what I can Say. It’s super intense. Passionate. This is a good question actually so we actually had an argument and Where I stand is that I don’t really know exactly And I kind of prefer it that way. Our relationship is like the perfect representation of like a digital, Postmodern world where there are absolutely no labels No gender, and no age or like anything to define what the hell we’re experiencing in this short amount of three months And if I could find a label to describe what the hell just happened it would be nearly impossible He’s my boyfriend No yeah, I mean yeah, he knows that but he doesn’t want it But the thing is like I don’t fear any word, and I don’t fear any Problems, like regarding a relationship. He fears these kind of things so for me This is like a normal thing so this guy is my boyfriend. Yes. I want to see him when I have free time I don’t want to see another one Well, I’d like to go with the label-less route I like to think that we’re just doing what we’re doing and we’re having fun doing it I think it’s too soon to say whether we are boyfriend or girlfriend or not But I do I do enjoy the time we spend together and I think it’s important too. Yeah, it’s very important I agree. I know you know it’s another I know it’s fine. I know everything about that To be patient to be patient, I’ve learned to be patient.
To be patient and To listen to him He is- sometimes he’s depressed, is going in this dark place, and I know that you know like sometimes You know you speak and you- you have to just let it out like this you you feel all so better like it’s important And it’s important that he has somebody with who he can talk to and I told him that And I because I want to know him like it’s not that I want just to like hang out. Yeah, that’s That’s cool You know? No I want to know him like I want to know him really you know like also when he’s sad Or he is pissed off or whatever some other- what is making Pierre “Pierre” Yeah Yeah Yeah, I love him of course I think he’s amazing he’s just Otherworldly Yeah I think so. I think it was a yes Was it a yes? You know it already you can feel it anyway. Yeah, I can feel it. Yeah, so of course. I love you Damn I do in one particular way, I mean I’m not even sure what love actually is within myself So maybe I got to figure that out before I start sending it out to other people I know I don’t want to give you the wrong information Who knows if I’m right? With that being said I do care for you a lot, and I hope the best for you And I really support you with everything that you do you You know I get these episodes of like Just complete hopelessness within myself for you to see something and someone as young as me and like to really just Believe in me and the way that you do is something that I don’t think I’ve ever experienced I I don’t want him to be depressed because he has so much in himself He’s so talented and he has everything he could. This is frustrating me so much because I want him to be happy And yeah, this is what I would I would say to him There is opportunity you are so talented you can’t make it like really Right here, and if you make it here you will make it everywhere and you can because you are fucking talented Like you have everything to do it like I trust in you so much, and this is not only me For some reason it’s I’m kind of resistant to believing these things. I don’t know I need I think I need to work on a form of acceptance. But you know I’m just for my whole life. I’m just so used to negative responses and rejections, or it becomes almost weird to receive anything else and You know I almost longed for rejection because that’s all I know But to hear you and believe in me so much, I think you’re slowly teaching me a language that I’m starting to understand And I really thank you for that and that’s why I really care about you I think you’re I think you’re a beautiful person I think you’re extremely unique, and you’re also also extremely talented But on top of that you believe in yourself like no other and that’s something the rest of the world needs to learn and I think that’s one of the big purposes that you have here to show people that I’m gonna cry I’m gonna cry oh my god Yeah, but really you got something special, too And I think I think everyone’s starting to see as well Just like you *quietly* Just like you

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  2. The guy is super hot

  3. Imagine 43 year old guy telling a 24 year old girl "she's my girlfriend. She doesn't know it yet or want it. " She's kinda too controlling.

  4. They both seem like good people with interesting lives…but she may be a wee bit emotionally unstable, and he is still in the process of growing up and finding himself. I think if this lady was serious about landing herself a committed relationship, she should know better. This guy wants to explore, have fun…it’s obvious to anyone that he’s not serious relationship material, c’mon.

  5. Of course he fears labels he getting his cake and eating it too 😂. She needs to ruuuuuun he is lying or has some serious self esteem issues.

  6. The way she looks at him 🥺🥺🥺

  7. No one should be judging him or her. The whole point of this was for two humans to come together and express their truth. They both care about one another that’s plain as day to see. This woman is teaching him how to open up and he’s literally saying how much she’s pushed him to do better and become an even greater human than he already is. And you can see she loves this man and wants him to succeed in all aspects of his life. This was so raw and beautiful ❤️ Thank you for sharing!

  8. He is cool man (I subbed to his channel and he explained this

  9. Pierre is the most beautiful human being I've ever seen. Like how is this even possible? 😱

  10. This is so beautiful😊Every second was worth watching👏

    WOW 👏👏👏👏👏♥️

    Thank you for posting these kinds of video. I hope a lot of people will watch this as well and reflect on it 🥰

  11. FWB/SB thingey, works out great initially UNTIL one catches feelings then BOOM, starts to go downhill if one doesn't want it to progress further than it is what it is.

  12. I honestly dont think she looks good for 43, am i the only one?

  13. I come cause i think this is a lesbian couple

  14. woow, i thought that guy was a girl until i heard his voice,
    made me jump lol

  15. I thought they were both girls

  16. Not really secretly if it's on YouTube for the whole world to see.

  17. I was just watching his videos, what😂

  18. He cute y'all can't tell me nothing he is cute his hair is everything

  19. I know and like pierre since that video 🥺

  20. What happened to her voice? I came here after the follow up and her voice sounds so different

  21. That's one feminim lookin dude

  22. He released a video on his channel Pierre XO explaining it. They knew eachother for 2-3 months and he didnt agree to bring in a full relationship, just being FWBs.

  23. I really connect with Pierre when he explains how he longs for rejection, because thats all he has ever known. Negativity and rejection. Its difficult to grasp what love is, but with time, with the right person, you'll gain a better understanding and grow from it. He's a wise talented man.


  25. He makes me uncomfortable for some reason

  26. this episode made me cry

  27. This woman is gorgeous and I was really happy when she liked some of my artworks on IG 😄

  28. 👀 👀
    This is gross. I'm out.

  29. so its a boy…… i fcking thought it was a girl who dressed as a boy

  30. I thought it was 2 girls in the thumbnail

  31. is that raja's twin

  32. I loved watching this so much. Where's the follow up?

  33. A one sided relationship. Been there. Makes me wonder if it's better to bottle up your feelings until both people are more confident that they are in the same place in the relationship. Confess too soon and you just scare them away.

  34. their age difference is grody

  35. I think she was infatuated with him, not in love. 2 months is too early to say that someone is you gf or bf.

  36. He is wasting her time and his

  37. That dude is a total narcissistic a-hole. He os hung on himself and tries to play out like he's all sensitive. As a LESBIAN, I find it very OFFENSIVE that HE is stealing our SWAG. Stop trying to dress like us and find ur own style. Lottle boi….😒

  38. Pierre’s voice is unreal. I just couldn’t believe that he has the sexy voice.

  39. 00:22 OMG! He is laying on the charm heavy!! He is being so seductive.

  40. I always liked his answer when asked “do you love her?” Cause fuck…I felt that. “I’m not even sure what love actually is within myself…so maybe I gotta figure that out before I start sending it out to other people.”

  41. Who came here after their after 2 years video?

  42. You tried to do the right thing Pierre. I´m only a few years younger then her and I can´t imaging putting someone, 20 years younger, in this awkward position. Love knows no age ok, but being around 40 years old you should understand better what to expect. And grant someone the same life lessons and experiences as you had and did. Enjoy life Pierrie, you might be as pretty on the inside as out 🦾 1💚

  43. Omg it's Jang keun-suk🤩🤩🤩🥰🥰🥰🥰

  44. something about that him captivates me…

  45. Um, he’s not edgy or post modern. He’s like every douchebag male that wants to have his cake and eat it too.

    Male in every century : let’s just be edgy and go with the flow. Why do we need labels, baby?

    Females: ………….🙄😡😡😡😡

  46. they look so cool.

  47. This woman need to move on from this boy and find a man. This kid don’t know what the fuck he wants, he’s a waste of time

  48. He posted about this on his own personal channel and his perspective really gets you thinking. Y’all should check his channel Pierre XO out. He’s not the multidimensional fuckboy everyone thinks he is. He’s actually incredibly intelligent and insightful ✌🏻

  49. I thought they were a lesbian couple…. Nevermind

  50. The way she talked about him… you can feel how much she loves him through the screen. It was palpable but I can't help but feel that there are underlying manipulative connotations

  51. FUCK THIS ALL, sorry but no one is seeing how she is toxic?

    also pls this come from a feminist so let that sink in 😉

  53. This is not a woman? Oh then who cares…

  54. I am yet to see a guy hotter than this

  55. Y’all she sounds like she’s about to cry I’m gonna scream

  56. To be honest I hate when people shout and and laugh “I’M GONNA CRY!” Instead of just crying. It feels less real.

  57. Noooooooooooooo ew

  58. I thought that he was a girl, I think that is sexy his androgynous image.

  59. In alternate universe,
    they were happily married with two.

  60. they are both very attractive but this relationship seems unhealthy and like typical girl thing where she's like oh I'll love him into make him want to have an actual deep committed relationship with me oh i can save him from his darkness or depression whatever like gurl come on u wasting your time

  61. What type of noise cancelling earphones are they using?

  62. The guy looks like a black veil bride member

  63. hope he hears this queen

  64. i wish i had a hot shiksa that was obsessed with me and loved me as much as she loves him

  65. I thought he is a tomboy

  66. But he is younger.. bet he will not be loyal..

  67. I genuinely hate these type of dudes girls think they are so different and unique but behind all that flamboyant ass makeup this dude is as weak as they come fr

  68. "I'm not even sure what love actually is within myself so maybe i gotta figure that out before i start sending it out to other people." i love how he actually wants to not only save himself but also other people by not sending them wrong signs.

  69. people be open minded, don't judge their "relationship" with just one video, in one of pierre's videos he says that at that time he didn't want a relationship and he explained it to her at the beginning, he was polite and honest when he said he loves her in one particular way but not like a girlfriend, he is not a bad person, stop.

  70. She is 43!?! The real question is, what is your skin care routine sis?!?

  71. watching this after the recent video of them reacting to this vid again…. who elsse? the recent one said that they last contacted each other on christmas… look what holiday it is😂

  72. To me it looks like she got attached way too fast but he's still young and open to experiencing and learning things whereas she might r wanted things to get serious due to her age hence how in this video she's copying his style but after they separated her style became much different

  73. Bro she is way to ugly for you find a pretty woman like y'all would be much happier if she's not uglier then you swear to god

  74. shes like suuper old lmaoooo

  75. I want to slide into his dms

  76. I'm sorry and I'm not here for judging this couple but I just felt that he was acting. It was like a dramatic movie scene. I feel sorry for her, really :/

  77. May be he's wants her but scared bcoz of his past?!

  78. You shouldn't say that a guy is your bf ,when you are friends with benefits

  79. I love the contact and communication and incredible connection between these two.. I appreciate both of what they say about themselves and eachother.. love both if them. I like that he so honest about his feelings . So sweet about it. She's so great. I like them and their appreciation for each other. So sweet💓

  80. They looked like a cute lesbian couple from thumbnail but here we are
    I mean-

  81. Ill know that’s disgusting

  82. This man does not love her. He obviously has some emotional issues he needs to work out and she needs to move on to a man who is interested in what she is—which is a relationship.

  83. He’s gorgeous, she’s gorgeous, and he’s being honest, only time will tell. Wishing them both the best of luck on their journey together or not

  84. I’m so confused. First of all she’s like 20 years older than him. Second of all she literally said “He is my boyfriend. He knows it but he doesn’t want it.” What?? The girl also gave off toxic vibes

  85. I thought it was about l……….. Nvm

  86. His voice is pure sex . Could listen to him all day. The contrast of his looks and voice is fascinating.

  87. She is much too old to expect anything from somebody so young. He is figuring himself out. She has horrible boundaries

  88. lol I've watched this so many times. if the roles were reversed and a man was saying to a girl half his age.. people would have something to say "he's in a relationship with me, he just doesn't know it yet" "he's my boyfriend". Dude he's half your age and your making him be part of a relationship he doesn't want. HOW CAN PEOPLE NOT SEE THIS IS BAD?! "I don't seen problems regarding a relationship" IT'S NOT CONSENSUAL (idk how to spell that) LADY! LET HIM BE AND LEAVE HIM ALONE! LOLOL

  89. Bloody hell I thought it was two girls.

  90. I cried watching this video

  91. did he just assume that Europeans don't play Rock paper scissors I-

  92. His voice 🤩🤩😍

  93. He should join a kpop band

  94. I'm on a FWB … I really like him… hope he's like him..

    time will tell

  95. Ok. By what he said, I sense he was in an abusive background. He is somewhat lost as a result, which he alluded to.
    She is the type to not only fall easily, but to think that her love is enough to repair him. It isn't.
    Ladies, don't make great sex confuse your mind and make you think you are in love. Great sex is only great sex.
    The bonus would be if the feelings are mutual. But don't let hormones confuse you.💜

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