Foundation Repair | House Leveling | Over 80 Years Experience

Foundation Repair | House Leveling | Over 80 Years Experience

At Olshan, we understand that
finding signs of structural problems around your home can be a bit unnverving. For most homeowners, you don’t know where to start. It’s important to find the right company to help you navigate through the
process of diagnosing the problem, identifying the
right solution and getting the job completed on time and on budget. Foundation problems are
caused by the continuously changing conditions of the soils around your home. Clay soil in the weather affected zone
expands as it absorbs moisture and contracts as it dries – which can cause
foundations to move, settle and crack. Beneath these active layers
lie more stable soils with consistent moisture content. The most effective foundation repair
methods penetrate below the weather affected zone. Other factors that influence foundation
performance include: seasonal weather changes, poor drainage, trees and tree roots, under-
slab plumbing leaks. Olshan has been an integral part of
the evolution of foundation repair over the last eight decades. Older
technologies represented the right options for their times. Back when we started in
1933 the concrete pad was a common foundation repair solution, but they offer shallow depth, move when
the soil moves and are a short term solution. With drilled piers, proper depths are difficult to identify and may not
extend past the weather-affected zone. Improper installations can lead to
failures and most jobs take two to three weeks, which can cause extensive loss of plants.
Driven steel piers may require a breakout of a portion of your home’s
foundation footer. These piers can also bow and flex when
not installed properly and driven steel piers also have the
potential of future corrosion in the weather-affected zone. Like steel,
helical piers tend to buckle and the load the structure cannot
determine depth requirements. Plus, corrosive soils can have long-term
effects on the steel shafts and the bracket supports the foundation
indirectly. Simple pressed pilings often face installation problems in tightly
compacted soil conditions where penetration and depth is challenged.
Light structures and additions, can also limit piling depth. Our patent-pending Cable Lock ST Plus
the leading foundation repair method available. Only Olshan Foundation Solutions can
offer you more than eight decades of experience and the superior technology of the Cable Lock ST Plus System. The system combines the penetrating
power of steel pilings with the strength and longevity of
concrete pilings locked together with a cable to ensure alignment, depth inspection and reinforcement. The
breakthrough Cable Lock ST Plus system advantages are: the steel segments can be washed during
the driving process to help gain greater depth in tightly compacted soils. The larger concrete sections provide a
greater bearing area for stronger repair and the concrete will not corrode in
upper soil layers rich with oxygen and moisture. Plus, the cable locks the system together
and is installed directly under the foundation of your home without the use of heavy equipment. Cable
Lock ST Plus hybrid foundation repair system combines the strength and longevity a
concrete pilings with the depth of a steel pier locked together with the cable for a
deeper, stronger, more reliable repair. With more than 75 years of experience in
helping people with their foundation problems, we know choosing the right repair plan
for your home and family is important. At Olshan, we diagnose the current
problem with your home work with to develop a repair plan
that makes sense for you. Sometimes that is a comprehensive
approach, and other times it is solving the immediate problem at
hand. When you meet with your certified structural technician, he’ll discuss a range of warranty
options. Armed with this information you can feel confident you’re making the
right decision. The available Cable Lock ST Plus Lifetime Warranty is
transferable – if any adjustments are required during
the warranty period, due to settling, Olshan will adjust all
areas previously underpinned. Performing our work is designed to be
easy on you and your home – quick, clean and safe, performed by our highly trained and
experienced crew – completed on time and done right. We will relocate any plants
from the work area – we then create access holes. The Cable
Lock ST Plus starter segments are pressed into the ground at each predetermined location and
subsequent interlocking steel segments are threaded onto the cable and driven to the required depth and
pressure. The number of steel segments varies based on soils. In difficult soil
conditions, steel sections can be washed into the
ground using high-pressure water, then a hybrid transition piece is placed
atop the last steel segment, and the first concrete cylinder is placed
atop of the transition piece. The concrete segments are added onto the
cable and driven into the ground to the point of refusal. A pile cap is then positioned on top of
the last concrete cylinder and the entire system is locked together with
a cable. Trained personnel direct the repair process while carefully
monitoring the reactions of the structure. Upon completion, spacers are inserted on
concrete blocks to support the building. The top portion of the holes are then re-
filled with soil and any surface concrete breakthroughs are patched. Plants are replanted and the work areas, walks,
and driveways are cleaned. The Cable Lock ST Plus system
installation process takes one or two days in most cases.
“Polite, efficient, knowledgeable – just the perfect crew. They did everything that was asked of them and then some. I will most certainly
recommend your company in the future. I now understand why Olshan is successful –
great people!” – John D. Great letter, John. Never fear, Olshan is here!

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  1. I'm sold with you guys, I like the warranty you give. What is the average ball park figure  to fix the foundation of a house? I'm presently having problems with the brick cracking from top to bottom.  Do you do south Texas area, around Harlingen, Tx? Thanks for the video.

  2. The main problem with Foundation companies is the refuse to finish the job and fill in the cracks after they sell sell you their over priced helical piers system promising you they are going to close up the cracks then they give a warranty that is no good because they have no liability because how are you going to know if what they done works if they don't fill in the cracks ? You want because they know if they finished you job and filled in the cracks you could see if it moves in the future because the cracks would have been filled in. Now all home owners should realize that they have a large picture showing crack brick on their trucks as advertising . But they refuse to finish the job and fill in the cracks . If you ask them while your getting a price from them about your cracks they will tell you we don;t fill in cracks you will have to hire some one else to do that job. This is the main problem they should finish the job and fill in the cracks after they sell you on their helical pier system but they know if they finish the job and fill in the cracks you will be able to see if it moves and you should be able to clearly see if it is crack again. That is why they refuse to finish the job and fill in the cracks after they do the piers then they would have to truly warranty the job . because then it would be a complete job. The other reason why foundations Companies want fill in the cracks which should be #1 part of the job because the reason why most home owners call is they see CRACKS in their brick work and block work . Now if you ask them to fill in the cracks after they finish the piers they will tell you they don;t do that ,you would have to hire another company . This is a big problem why? because even if you ask them to recommend a brick layer or block mason or any masonry company they refuse to give you any person who could come and finish the job and fill in the cracks. Why want they recommend another company? because then they are more responsible and would have to stand behind their warranty because gave you a phone number or just said call this company . They will not give you any information they will leave it up to you to find another company to come and finish the job they started. Wow this is crazy . Why want some of these foundation companies finish the job? this is a parallel or another example of how they do business. If you went to a tire store to buy new tires and that company said we can take the tires of and sell you new tires but you will have to hire another company to tighten torque down the nuts we just don't do that. What would you think about that company? you would probably say no to that company . Surly if they take my tires off they should finish the job and tighten the nuts done properly. Well that;s right But the reason why they say you will have to find some one to tighten down the nuts is they want have any liability if the rim comes off while your driving down the road then who ever tighten the rims down is the company that is responsible. That is why these foundations refuse to finish filling inn the crack they in essence telling you we can't tighten up the nuts you will have to hire some one else to do that job. This is a big secret in the foundation industry only the certain people know like the owners and estimators who come out to bid the job know to never tell the home owner if they are ask about filling cracks to tell them they don't do that you would have to hire another company These are all lies to get out of their warranty . Also if you hired another company to finish the job and fill in the cracks because they refused , And over time you see some cracks developing in same areas where they done their pier system and you call them and say the cracks have come back after you hired another company to fill in the cracks . They can tell you that the company you hired evidently didn't do their job correct. Now you have a problem they have refused to stand behind their warranty and now your going to have to take them to court and possibly the other company also. This is where you have to realize that your problem is now even bigger because the foundations have been sued so many times they got smart and realized we will never finish the job and fill the cracks because now you have to prove which company did their job wrong? and that is why the foundation companies have no liability . They know you have to prove who is at fault. and that is why they win . Now the main problem is never hire two companies to resolve any issue with your home. Because the foundation companies know you will have a hard time trying to prove thy are at fault one you get another company to finish their job. home owner you have been warned be alert now you have knowledge of how they do business you have to make the choice they will scare you and tell you that your house is about to fall down. Don;t believe them it is scare tactics to get you to buy their system which is a rip off why? because they refuse to finish the job and fill in the cracks

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