Fort Drum – America’s concrete battleship

Fort Drum – America’s concrete battleship

Back before warfare
involved high speed travel and easily maneuverable units, nations defended their territory
with huge fortifications, particularly, their coasts and harbors. Like, if a nation owned the
finest harbor in the Orient. This was the case for the
American port at Manila Bay. After the U.S. acquired the Philippines during the Spanish-American
War, the U.S. Board of Fortifications called
for better fortifications, leading to the development of
defenses on several islands at the mouth of Manila and Subic Bays. One of these islands, El Fraile, would later become Fort Drum,
America’s Concrete Battleship. Construction on El Fraile began in 1909, and was completed by 1916. The new structure was 350 feet long, and 144 feet at the widest point. Exterior walls were made
of reinforced concrete, 25 to 36 feet thick. They also had a 60 foot fire control tower to complete the battleship look. For firepower, each side
of the fort was equipped with dual 6-inch guns
in armored casements. The top deck was more reinforced concrete that mounted two turrets
containing twin 14-inch guns, and also held 3-inch anti-aircraft guns. The fortifications were tested under siege in 1942 when the Japanese began targeting the Manila Harbor defenses. The fort endured bombing
and shelling for months, taking damage to its
anti-aircraft batteries and 6-inch guns, but Fort Drum continued to resist and return fire. Even after the fall of
Bataan on April 10, 1942, left the islands of the Harbor Defense as the last American
forces in the Philippines. Unfortunately, the efforts of
the men defending Fort Drum could not stop the Japanese onslaught, and the decision was made to surrender the remaining U.S. Forces
in the Philippines. The fort was never actually taken, and its main guns were still firing up until the announcement. The Japanese then manned all
former American positions, including the concrete battleship. When American Forces
eventually recaptured Manila, Fort Drum was once again the
last bastion of resistance, this time, against the U.S. Knowing that the fort had been designed to resist all manner of bombings, the Americans came up
with a grisly alternative to remove the Japanese. They poured a mixture of
diesel oil and gasoline into the fort and burned everything out. The fire burned for several days, and the harbor was cleared
of Japanese holdouts. The concrete battleship
has never been reoccupied and still stands to this day. Like, share, and comment below. Maybe you’ve got a story or two about brilliant fortifications that have turned the tides of battle.

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  1. FYI. That not in america that for phillipine. Because the el freile is in cavite located on phillipine

  2. So this is propaganda? Wow…. Americans are too proud of themselves

  3. Diddly-dum it's Fort Drum

  4. Philippines and america OK

  5. What ? American Concrete Battleship…Actually Filipino`s has that idea to build it… saying gurl..Proud Filipino Here

  6. 😤LOL Did she say the fall of BRI-TAN ,OR AM I THE ONLY 1 THAT HEARD THAT??

  7. Do a video on the amphibious tanks of ww2. There was a whole battalion of American tanks on the bottom of the english channel and there was German submarine tanks that I believe never made it past testing phase

  8. I am speechless out of this video

  9. It’s just incredible

  10. It is pronounced sue bick not sub bick. Most fantastic Liberty port for US Navy sailors post WW2.

  11. I saw for myself, and I thought it was a poor man’s house

  12. Never reocupied huh? JEE I wonder if nobody wants to clean out all those charbroiled skeletons…

  13. And freaking looters are canibalizing this for metal scraps. I’m from the Philippines by the way.

  14. It will never sank coz it is an island made of rocks then make it to a concrete bunker like ship,,,

  15. Hindi sumusuko ang fraile kailanman. Mula nang mabagsak ang corregidor sa kamay ng kalaban. Napilitan narin sumuko ang mga sundalong pilipino at sundalong americano sa kadahilanan na patayin ng mga hapon ang bihag nilang mga preso. At inokopa ito ng mga hapon ang fort drum. At dumating ang panahon na sinalakay nmn ng mga sundalong americano ang fort drum para bawiin ito. Hindi cla nag tagumpay dahil sa subrang kapal ng mga naka balot dito. Kaya ginawa nila binutasan nila ang tok2 ng fort at binuhusan ng daming gasolina at pinasabog. Daming namatay na mga hapon nung panahong iyon. Hindi cla nakalabas. Share kolang ang knowledge ko. Para sa mga hindi pa nakakaalam dyan. MABUHAY ANG MGA PILIPINO!!!! 😎😎😎😎

  16. If that thing were not a tomb (which should be cared for as a memorial IMHO), I'd love to live there 🙂 (as long as it has power and an internet connection (and a boat bringing food every few weeks!)…I'd love the peace and quiet out there 🙂 )

  17. Philippines
    Who would occupy if it has been destroyed

  18. What the hell does Cher have to do with this?
    At the end she mentioned her. Even asked, Like Cher?
    Subcribe, and hit the bell for updates. I don't give a rat's ass, what Cher is doing!

  19. Why would anyone Re-occupy it?

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  21. Yeah thats true because i am a pilipino

  22. That hair doesn't look reg-friendly. :V

  23. i am filipino i see that ship

  24. If only ships were made out if titanuim

  25. Why you are saying it is from America Philippines now own that why it is being build here and the workers are Filipino and that why we own the concrete battleship

  26. Its pronounced "sue-bic" .

  27. Woah why does it says "American Concrete Battleship" but the real ones who buid it was Philippines. Can Someone Explain it?

  28. Thanks for the upload.

  29. fort drum could be used again:
    1. AA fort

    2.sea command center

  30. There was a floating concrete ship that sunk off the coast of New Jersey. The water is shallow enough that the hull sticks out of the water.

  31. as a battleship (HMS Rodney) I AM DISGUSTED

  32. You got some of my footages and you didn't even give credit.

  33. I was hoping this was a funtional battleship!!


  35. 0:52
    THICC 👌


  37. One wonders why the guns weren’t spiked before surrendering.

  38. Wow. A lot of comments on here really hate America.

  39. that would make a cool house

  40. 2 years ago I was on a local ship and we pass by near Fort Drum. Still out there after sooo many years.

  41. Which one is more ridiculous, the concrete battleship or the proposed pykrete carrier? 😂


  43. I have seen a lot of comments regarding her use of the term acquire. The U.S. did acquite the Philippines along with Guam and Puerto Rico for the amount of 20 million dollars after the Spanish American war. To this day you can sail around Ft. Drum but you cannot dock there it is protected as a historical site by the Philippine Government. When you fly into Manila you sometimes fly over Ft. Drum and the more famouse Corrigidor Island.

  44. That was a BAD ASS Battleship.

  45. No we don't that picture is at the Philippines. We built it

  46. As years Goes by the metals inside El Fraile (Fort Drum) is fast disapearing by Stupid Scrapers from the nearby Coast. Notice the Cannons too? Nobody cares. Nobody Guards it. Very soon the Concrete will be all left.

  47. Subbic Bay??? Come on lady, you need to go back to school……….. with Rodney ! 2-18-19

  48. The almighty fort drum America's super battleship

  49. Only Global warming and Rising sea level can sink this bad boy.

  50. Soldiers of the Fort Drum would fight 'till the Great General Mc Arthur return to the Philippines.If they didn't run out of water and food supplies.

  51. You Guys Are not Mighty Phillipine is stronger


  53. What if Presedent of the Philippines going to reconstruck this battle shit

  54. Walking dead safe zone, just remember to bring a portable desalination plant and lots of containers to grow food in, solar and lots of batteries.

  55. Nice try lady but that fort drum is Philippine battleship before word war 2 began it is build by pilipino people… Sorry for my bad english

  56. it not only america own it also pilipino

  57. Ps. Its not only americans build this concrete ship but also filipino

  58. The undefeated battleship… that is literally a rock.

  59. Brilliant fornication?!

  60. Bro wow lets make a tree house with the ppl that made that

  61. Its a philippine fortress

  62. It’s called Suuubic bay

  63. One of my neighbors had reported to the Philippines in early 1941 to Corrigedor but got reassigned to Bataan in November 1941.
    He made the Bataan Death March, survived that & the Japanese POW camp.
    He'd tell us that "A little walking never killed no one."
    In his experience, it was the Japanese bayonets & bullets that killed his friends.

  64. Japanese forever pusrue your country hahahah👹👿
    -yama shit ughh

  65. Did she just cheerfully say we torched a ship full of Japanese 🤯

  66. That’s pretty thicc

  67. That Battleship would probably be the THICCEST ship if it was added to Azur Lane.

  68. We need this battleship in World of Warship!!!!

  69. Dammnnn that concrete was so thickkk like that ass

  70. I wish it will upgraded in 2020 😂 LOL

  71. his concrete battle ship this day philipines now own the for drum duh

  72. What an ignorant Moolie, does this silly Skillet know what a Ship is? ,

  73. The concrete battle ship locate in ternate cavite

  74. Fort drum or El Fraile.

  75. Hello Philippinians

  76. The Americans should have destroyed the emplacements before surrendering

  77. 🤔….. Movie?

  78. Two nukes will destroy it in minutes leaving it to be fully radioactive.

  79. Rock – paper- scissors.

  80. Filipinos and Americans build this fort drum

  81. It's sad its original appearance after the war has not been maintained by the Philippine government, it has been vandalised all over the place.

  82. Its a Sue in there

  83. The concrete battleship that never sank forever..only in the Philippines

  84. It's not really made by America it's from the Philippines

  85. She is an African not an American

  86. She is just a slave

  87. concrete non move able battleships? how about the worldwide (sort of) non move able tanks cemented to the ground


  89. There needs to be a movie about this.

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