For People Feeling Lost in Life

For People Feeling Lost in Life

I took a couple of days recently to try to unplug and spend some time in nature and Reflect on where I’m at I had a lot of time during the train rides to think and It’s scary to be honest for a moment and admit that I’m pretty clueless on what the future holds No matter what I do, no matter how hard I try. There’s nothing I can do to control what’s going to happen I can’t control what people are going to say or how long I’m going to be around So sitting thinking about this and kind of realized that whether we like it or not, this is a position We are all in at all times Feeling lost or confused on what’s to come or where to go is Something that just hits me in waves almost randomly and it can feel overwhelming Sometimes it’s unclear what the right thing is to do if there is a right thing, you know I want to do the right thing, but I’m not sure. I always have a clear idea of what that looks like or What that means in a way I kind of wonder what do I stand for? I Have as long as I can remember always hated the feeling of floating through life of powerlessness I think a sense of desperation comes out when I feel pinned down or knocked over It’s really hard to prevent doubts from creeping in from time to time And sometimes I can see how these fears color my decisions and make me act in strange ways to feel less vulnerable I see now that I’ve learned how to stay really busy and distract myself from myself But when I do stop for a moment and kind of let the facade drop I’m not sure. I like what I see I really do wonder what my Eight-year-old self would think I don’t think I have as many answers as I thought I would at this stage in life Or maybe I got some answers and now I just have more questions And sometimes what was working before it stops working and I feel like I’m starting from zero all over again Maybe that’s what it means to grow up You know to admit the were clueless about some things about most things the whole time Nobody wants to say it. But I will I do still fear what other people will say about me I want to be loved you know, and it’s easy to say I don’t care, you know It doesn’t affect me but it does I do care. I think we all care. I think we’re social creatures and This it’s built into us. I don’t think any of us want to be alone, but you can feel like that sometimes I’m just trying to remind myself that it’s okay to not be. Okay all the time we are complex and I’m not sure even a full lifetime is enough time to figure everything out about ourselves I think I’m learning how to not even try to fix the situation or myself Because there’s nothing to be fixed and just accept that I’m doing my best and that I get to choose how I look at things When I do manage to do it having a sense of humor about things can help a lot. Actually I Really like Rumi the poet’s words even though they were written Centuries ago he said these pains you feel our messengers Listen to them Hey, are you where you think you thought you would be at age 53 Where I am I Did I enjoyed yet? It would look this way, especially doing work, you know emotional work. I had no idea And yeah at each stage new stuff is gonna show up This is different then when I thought it would be Do you think you’ve gotten better at handling? periods of your life where you feel Tightness is to ask what am I afraid of? it’s almost like when you’re a kid You think adults have the answers they kind of have things figured out because it’s just that’s what you see that’s your perspective on things and It’s like as you become more and more of an adult you realize that is like so not true. That’s so That is completely not the case Yeah, yeah We’re all doing this stuff because we want to face These things are in us right so that we can demystify them and be you live for your lives I mean, I would love to be free from some of this stuff because I did some hard work around it And that’s what we’re doing

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  1. Thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to watch. To clarify: I actually just moved to Milan, Italy a few weeks ago but I suddenly felt a need to do a piece on this topic. I shot all of the visuals during a weekend that I spent in Switzerland.

  2. im having a mental breakdown and eating bags of hershey kisses right now

  3. I don't know ANYTHING anymore.I once thought I did..but things change.

  4. wait was that chloe?

  5. Thank you for this video. I attempted to end it all a few months ago and currently going through the healing process. It's quite painful but I'm trying to get through this phase. I just hope to get out of this stronger and better than I used to be. I never want my fear of hopelessness to get the better of me ever again. I don't usually comment but you seem like a genuine soul

  6. my inner turmoil summarised by one video. never knew how much i needed to hear this

  7. Thank you,this is just the video I need at this moment:)

  8. If we pay attention to all aspects of life and do some research we will see that a group of very elaborate and sophisticated systems exist for us to live as human beings.
    These biological, ecological, etc.. systems that we cannot live without are vital for our existence and if even one of them is missing life on this planet is not possible.

    All these systems are designed and put together in a very sophisticated way so that we come to this world, live in it for a while, and then we leave it. All that points to the fact that all that exist were made by a Creator (God) and the harmony that exists between them point to the fact that there is only one Creator (God).

    Some will say that our Creator made us and designed us and put us in this world for no reason, He just made us. Then the following question comes mind: why didn't he do all this in his presence so we can see him? If He made us so we live and have fun, then why he brings us to this world and then takes us away from it? As if we are moved to a theater stage and we are removed from it. He could have just let us play and have fun in his presence forever (so that there are no doubts about his existence), but He didn't do that. He is letting us see his signs and if we honestly pay attention to what is around us we can notice them. At he same time it is also easy to ignore these signs, the decision is ours.

    We are created to be tested.

    Our Creator created death and life to test us to see who is better in conduct (for example who is appreciative, kind, just towards all, humble, truthful, gentle, who believes in our Creator's revelations that he sent through his messengers, etc.. and vice versa: who is arrogant, cruel, unjust, unappreciative, dishonest, mistreats others, looks down on others, who does not believes in truth when it comes to him/her with clear evidences etc..).

    We are given a limited time on earth so we should spend it to gather credit for ourselves and not waste it. Credit meaning while believing in our Creator's revelations doing good deeds for which we will be rewarded for in the afterlife.

    The opposite is also true, if we do bad deeds we will be chastised for them in the afterlife.

    We are free to choose the right path or the wrong path. That's how we are tested:

    67:1 Blessed is He in whose hand is the sovereignty, and Who has power over everything. (1) He who created death and life—to test you—as to which of you is better in conduct. He is the Almighty, the Forgiving.

    Our Creator expects us to be just so we must give our Creator the value, gratitude, love, obedience, and credit that only he deserves and not give them to those who do not deserve them. For example we should not love the creation, money power… more than the Creator who brought everything and everyone into existence and has been and will be providing for all his creations and has been maintaining/re-creating all that exist.

    2:21 O mankind, worship your Lord, who created you and those before you, that you may become righteous –

    2:22 [He] who made for you the earth a bed [spread out] and the sky a ceiling and sent down from the sky, rain and brought forth thereby fruits as provision for you. So do not attribute to God equals while you know

    What you just read are verse 1 from chapter 67 and verses 21-22 from chapter 2 in "To be recited" which is the direct word of our Creator revealed to Mohammad to guide mankind, to send messages, the message of asking all people to worship (love and obey) only our Creator (the only Creator, there no other gods/ deities besides him) and set up no partners with him in worship (idolatry), the message of warning and giving good news, and to correct the wrong ideas that man has invented and has put in his previous revelations.

    How do we know if Mohammad was a true prophet of God?
    There are many reasons two of the most important reasons are: what he predicted has come true (there are also other proofs in the Bible which we don't discuss at this time) and also the many scientific facts that God revealed in Quran. It is impossible for a man 1400 years ago to know what was just discovered recently.
    Please watch the following youtube video:

    The Bible gives us the following test to see if someone who claims to be a prophet sent by God is really is a prophet:
    Deuteronomy 18:22 If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the LORD does not take place or come true, that is a message the LORD has not spoken. That prophet has spoken presumptuously, so do not be alarmed.

    Please watch the following video that talks about the prophesies of Mohammad that he made about 1400 years ago that have come true:
    The link to the video:
    Below are other videos that show proofs that Mohammad was the messenger of God (please start with video #1 then #2 and so on): (part 1 you can see other parts in you tube)

    Also, what you see in the news that a few are doing in the name of Islam (which means peace and submission to the will of God) does not represent true Islam. The followers of Islam are instructed to be just and kind.

    Islam is the continuation of the same message that God has sent through all his messengers (for example Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus) to ask people to worship only him and set up no partners with him in worship (idolatry) and to teach of them who believe righteousness and to give them good news and to warn them.

    Please look deeply into his message of Islam. It is not what you see in the media

  9. Glad to know I’m not the only one feeling lost out there. Definitely not how I thought life would turn out thus far.

  10. The cinematography is beautiful & calming

  11. ahhh nathaniel thank you for your transparency 💙 always. i think it’s a universal feeling to experience this feeling. only a few will take the time to sit and breathe into it, ask the core questions. love your videos always.

  12. The reality is as a 55 year old man, aware of much is going on the world. You have to unlearn so much indoctrination while at the same time search for truth. The more you do that the more lonely you will feel. For most the truth is way too uncomfortable to digest, most just want illusion and distraction. What is truth you might ask, Pontius Pilate asked the same think and it was standing in front of him. You cannot serve two masters, if you think you can you are deceived.

  13. Your identity should be in Jesus Christ. You'll go through hardships but you'll never be lost.

  14. I was ready to leave a derogatory comment about how these types of YouTube videos are becoming a cliché to get views (progressive thinking music, behind blatantly obvious dialogue and cinematic clips), and don’t get me wrong, they are; I did just leave that type of comment, ffs I’m a knob, sorry. There’s nothing particularly different about your video, but this whole subject got me thinking again and what I realised, is that this subject of feeling lost in life itself, is a hot topic. But deeper than that, it’s highlighting a massive problem in today’s society that if I haven’t accomplished something profound or significant on the hierarchy of capitalism and fame, that I haven’t been successful, worthy to be happy, valued and treated with equal respect.

    The perpetual dogmatic society and how it has evolved this superficial hierarchy of meaningless bullshit, needs to end, because it’s creating actual depression and suicides, all predicated on a made up game.

  15. Thank you, I needed this

  16. This video gave me a glimpse of hope. Thanks for taking me out of the dark corners of my mind. Beautifully shot❤️

  17. HIM: I can't control what people are gonna say or how long i'll be around

  18. True, honest and beautiful. This video is what I need right now.

  19. Wowwww so relatable

  20. This is such a beautiful piece of art… congratulations! 🙏✨

  21. We need to understand the chemistry of brain when we feel lost. As long as pleasure giving hormones are running in the brain we won't bother with such questions but eventually hormones have to stop and then we start to think rationally.

    What most people don't have is mental clarity of how they should spend their time. If you keep on thinking every hour of the day trynna find out meaning of life which doesn't exist , you'll find yourself in a room full of confusion. How do you find something that doesn't exist .

    You need to give your life meaning on your own. Just understand your environment and things you want in life , as you'll grow older you'll learn how to enjoy your life more and more so don't worry or think just do something fun and let life take you where you belong .

  22. Trying to do the power of least effort and just letting the universe take its course while I flow like water.

  23. You are so blessed to have such loving ,understanding, intelligent parents to talk with.They in return also blessed to have you in their lives.

  24. no mames you were in SMA? I would've loved to have met you

  25. You're so lucky to have those parents. can see why you project such gentleness.

  26. I watched this video when I felt too lost and unmotivated and tangled ;
    the fact itself that there are actually people out there with the same mind set up and deeds made me feel alive and in search of life again… 🙂 thanks for being out there.. world is a better place with people like you ✨🍦

  27. Al minuto 3.23 era a Lecco che è la mia città natale 😍😍

  28. John 14:6  Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

  29. @Nathaniel drew The words of your parents really de mystified a lot of me. Thanks for showing me why

  30. I love your parents.

  31. Amazing places… Just enjoy it

  32. I feel so lost right now. The study I'm doing doesn't make me happy. I hold on because I think once I get my degree, new opportunities will arise, which will make me happy. But I'm so scared, because what if that doesn't make me happy? I always feel like time is running short and I don't know what to do. I want to discover my passion, something that fuels me, but I don't know where to start.

  33. Beautiful footage! Is this with the XT3? Which lens? Love you videos!

  34. What we perceive when we are 0-10 affects us A LOT. If the adult figures around us made out that they had it 'all figured out', then we naturally will expect the same for our adult selves. MAYBE if we grew up with adults being transparent about their 'lost-ness' we would grow up thinking that was normal and ok. It seems SO much of what we expect from ourselves now, comes from a warped perspective of what we thought it would be like from our childhood. Lets all change that and be honest. xxxx

  35. Ti ho appena scoperto grazie al video di Shanti. 💙 Adoro il tuo canale! ✨ E grazie per i sottotitoli in italiano.
    PS. Il tuo italiano è ottimo! 😉

  36. If u visit Jordan let me know

  37. This was a good thing to watch today. Thank you.

  38. Such beautiful and well made videography. This video is beautiful. The music, message, production, and editing. Just wow. Well done man.

  39. This comment from someone who is 60. Imho, what you are feeling is completely normal. There will be successes and failures meeting you along the path you are now building for yourself. Keep moving and taking the bits you can use and discard the rest. Your body may be fully grown, but your mind never is. Ask other people you trust what they see as your strengths and listen to them. "Not all who wander are lost." – Tolkian As for me, I wonder if the wanderers ever made it back home. See what you say, in some ways, is relevant to me at my age. Best advice: keep an open mind for opportunities. Look for them along your path. Pursue learning from life. Know there will be many clean slates.

  40. All i know and what brings me peace is that i know Jesus and what He did for all us, and that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Is our final destination to be with Him if we accept Him as our Savior.

  41. I’m not sure how I came across this video. But I’m so glad I did. I don’t even think I’m feeling lost necessarily, but this is such a good message. Thank you for creating it.

  42. i just hate all the bad things that happen in the world even way before i was born in 2001 many bad things have happend and i know that i hope and care that ever since time began all the way to now that i can only hope those bad things have got sorted and people who has passed rest in peace just i know i need to get on with my life but i feel like stuck

  43. I feel this way sometimes too. No one knows what the future holds rather you are doing good or not. It can go either way for anyone

  44. tbh i just want to travel

  45. I want to answer stuff to myslef that I have answered million times before, but for some reason I keep coming back to the same place, feeling trapped between 2 answers I don´t like asking a question I don´t like. But if I don´t answer then this is left unresolved, and things have to be resolved, and I have to be able to resolve things. Who am I to myself if I don´t succeed? A failure? A mess? Certenly not a champoion. I keep telling that to myself, that I am a champion, but I can always hear "It´s not true" on the back of my head. Do I love myself? I thought I did at least. I spent 20 years hating who I was and I don´t wanna come back to that, I need to be better than my old self, I need to be the best version of myself today, so I can tomorrow surpass myself yet again. Should someone who can accomplish all of that have to ask himself the questions I am asking myself?

    Sorry if you read this and got confused, but that´s my head 24/7. It´s so confusing even I get lost and forget most of the answeres I answered the day before, it´s like a endless cycle of asking the same questions I answered a million times. Is everyone else like this? Is this the way of growing into a better version of myself? I try really hard for that, but I find so many issues at the same time that tell me "have this figured out and you´ll be completly fine". Buy I´ll never be fine for ever, right?

  46. I still want to die.

  47. To be lost is to be found – Rayfil King Wong

  48. Does anyone know what's the music's name in this video? It's really beautiful

  49. This is just what I needed. Thank you

  50. Hi! I really like your videos. Especially this one. The call with your parents is making it really diffferent and more interesting than similar videos. I like your style.

    Please keep going 🙂

  51. Quran Chapter 1 verse 6
    6. Guide us to the straight path

  52. i regret watching this during class, now i want to cry…

  53. Dude, I relate to this 100%. Exactly what I am going through and great to hear your story. All we can do is learn and grow and trust the process. Also, therapy is the best thing that has ever happened to me because it allowed me to work through past traumas and live life free of them (as alluded to in the phone call in the vid). It seems like from your videos that you may also be in therapy, or have done it, but if you haven't, I think that and meditation are the 2 best tools to help achieve mental well being and understanding. Love your videos, wish we could talk and be friends (I dont have many people in my life that are like this).

  54. You are such an awesome person for real🙏🏾 its super inspiring to see somebody with same values, similar ideas od life. And you are one of the only ones that is actually able to motivate me in general because u explain everything so rational and calm.
    You do more then just scream at you and tell you to get your ass up.
    Incredibly intelligent and Empathic soul

  55. Actually made me cry. Somebody gets it.
    No matter how much you think, there isnt really anyrhing in the world you can controll, you never know where youll end up.

  56. What is the last piano song called?

  57. Amazing piece! Thanks for sharing

  58. Your video work makes me feel at peace. ☮

  59. Thanks for this, everyone just know that you are loved


  61. I felt so alone before I watched this. And now I feel normal, like I'm not the only one out there going through this. Thank you. Beautiful video.

  62. I’m in the middle of college applications and I just don’t know…by all measures, I should be able to do something really successful but I just feel that with how quickly the world is changing, the measures they judge our value with now will be obsolete, and we will have wasted our time on the standards of institutions that will themselves become obsolete

  63. Your so inspiring 💚

  64. I feel so lost in high school…i hear my friends and co workers talking about what college they want to go to or what university they got accepted in and here i am not knowing if i even want to go to college. I'm stressed and anxious about the future and how i will support myself or if someone will walk into my life and support me.

  65. Les sous titre français svppp le sujet m'intéresse beaucoup

  66. the only thing I can say is wow

  67. I gotta say, this production is super clean

  68. Wow!
    YouTube really knows what I need atm. Phew I feel so lost. 😕

  69. this reminds me of the lyric:
    “i don’t want your love, i just want to feel like i’m still living”

  70. New Subscriber!! 💕💕

  71. Thank you. It's a wonderful reminder of our phases in life.

  72. "I get to choose how I look at things" so true

  73. I cried watching this video , it feels like u speak on behalf of me like u speak for myself because i dont even know how to describe my own feelings, its so overwhelming :'(

    Sorry for my bad english and btw your video and the background music is so beautiul 💙

  74. This video brought me to tears. So many people from many different backgrounds face this thing called confusion. This is very inspirational, thank you!

  75. A very honest video, I think something we all really need in life, honesty, to each other and ourself. In that way we also can connect more. And make it feel its something more normal.
    When I ask people around me if they ever feel lost, I think, its to confronting to them, and they say no. Instead of saying yes I did, but I manage to keep on breathing.

  76. I cried. I think I am lonely, yes. And I feel that I need to go to somewhere in the nature and really think about what I want to do in life or at least, what I can do for now.

  77. Il paesaggio mi sembrava famigliare ,poi ho capito ė il lago dove vivo ❤,mi sono emozionata

  78. Im sixteen and i am lost in my mind

  79. "Not all those who wander are lost." – Tolkien.

  80. Return Home, Your Father Calls

  81. I feel so lost like I have no idea what I’m doing right now 😭

  82. Im only 14 so yeah I know im still a teenager and have time to work things out. But I am so confused. About everything. I have very little motivation to stay alive i have nothing to look forward to. I don’t even know how im feeling ever. I cant even distinguish between positive and negative emotions anymore. I dont want to do anything i used to everything feels wrong and i dont want to exist anymore. Nothing helps i see a therapist and it doesn’t help when i talk to my friends they all say just focus on the positive its your fault you’re sad. Like its that easy. I feel so lost and i just want to let go

  83. This video needs to be shared. It definitely changed my mindset about life. What make me think the most was about, is when we are kids we think growing up, means everything figures itslef out but the truth is we will always have things that somehow need to fit into our lives, and it needs to happen a certain way. But, that’s not the case, things will happen for a reason but somethings will come and go as they please.

  84. The curse of the Type A personality.

  85. "To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all." – Oscar Wilde
    I want you to think. I mean REALLY think… Are you living? Are you contributing anything to this world?… ANYTHING? Or are you just a bystander of life, staring at it while it begs for attention and help? Are you just sitting there staring blankly at the canvas? Do you even have a canvas? Really think. Are you just a physical thing that merely exists? If this IS you, do something. Anything. Anything, as long as it contributes to making the world a better place. You need to get up off that couch you sit on after selling your soul to something else all day, all week. You need to fix that motor of yours, fix that steering wheel of yours and turn on that dusty GPS. Go somewhere. Steer your life in the right direction. Find who you are… Don't just EXIST… LIVE! Because LIVING is about to go EXTINCT. Well, now's your chance… turn this off, put on your shoes, and get out the door. Go… hurry up! We don't have forever.

  86. This is the second year I am attending a university I don't like, I felt pressured to do so because I don't feel enough for myself, I've always been quite alone in my life, I haven't a group of friends to go out with but I have like 3 friends I could give my life for them (sometimes I'm not sure they would do it too for me, but I love them anyway, call me stupid), I feel really alone sometimes, today is one of those days, when holidays begin and everyone forgets about you, I don't know what to do with my life, I feel like I did nothing in my 20 years of life and when I compare myself to others the feeling becomes painful, maybe that's why I can't get along well with many people; this year I finally swallowed my pride and decided to go to a psychiatrist and now I'm on antidepressants, and I feel less sad; my life took another turn yesterday cause I took my courage and I searched for a job; living with my parents and trying to study without results is not the way I want to live, and it's not right; I hope someday I will find someone that gives me the same love I feel the urge to give to others, while everyone mind is own business; I am afraid my life will be useless and full of missed opportunities such it has been in my past, I really hope I will be courageous enough to do something of my life and stop this infinite vicious circle that has been destroying me and eating me alive.

    For the ones that had the time to read, sorry for my bad english, I'm not a native speaker.

  87. I watch the video you make everything day and have complete open my mind and have answered Soo many questions I've have . Thank you man . Keep up the good work and spreading positively. I wish I had the opportunity to travel the world and just actually just enjoy the art of beautiful places .

  88. I am sooo confused with everything.. Should I move to another state to make a better life for my family? No, I should stay where I am.. Then I pick a state to move to, then I changed my mind… Few days later I want to move, I want to change career, I want to start school again even though I started college, finished 96% of my degree then quit, then go to a new college, register, then don't go… I've made mistakes in my past and now it's haunting me. I'm scared of making even worse mistakes. 😔😔

  89. A lot of what we are all doing isn't about what we are doing , it's about what's underneath everything we're doing
    That was put so well

  90. sometimes i think i need to stay away from myself.

  91. I feel lost constantly. How is this going to effect my life? I don’t know.

  92. If​ you're​ reading​ this, I​ wish​ things​ would​ get​ better​ and​ be​ happy​ whatever​ you​ are​ 💕💓

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