Hello, guys, it’s me, Nikkie. Hello! It is October, and that can only mean one thing! It’s about to get spooky up on this channel. My favorite YouTube month has risen up from the dead? No? *laughs* *static sound* My favorite YouTube month is here. October, I feel like is the most creative daddy and fun month on YouTube because, we- I feel like we all kind of go back to like tutorials, and we all kind of go back to educating, and talent, creativity, spookiness. October. And I’m so excited. So to ring in this amazing month on my channel, I wanted to do a get ready with me/makeup tutorial where I just create like a fun fall look that like gives us a little *casually winks* hint to Halloween. I felt like it was a little bit too intense to dive straight into gore, and dive straight into rotting flesh, falling off body parts. I, I wanted to kind of introduce it. So that is what today is all about, and I feel like I haven’t spoken to you in so long. So I just wanted to kind of sit down talk to you, talk about my life, talk about what is happening, and uh, yeah. I’ve missed you guys so so much and I have some really really fun things planned for the month of October, including- Halloweek. And Halloweek, like you guessed it, is one week where I upload a video every day, for seven days. I’m really excited about that. I will have more about that soon, I’m planning, I’m filming, I’m doing all the stuff, I’m doing all the works. Yeah, so without any further ado, if you would like to get a spooky fall glam, then keep on watching. Alright, so the first two products I want to go in with to prime are the Tatcha Silk Canvas, and I’ve been trying this, the Farsali Skin Tune, and in my previous video it was my first time trying it out- *static* Oh… that, that, that looks like, um- something else. That just looks a bit wrong, doesn’t it? And that is- two weeks ago. And for two weeks, I’ve been really trying it out in my day to day to li- *messes up* and, I’m really liking it! So, um, I am using this combo to prime. I’m sorry, hair, you gots-to-go. Geez louise, now, that’s a look *laughs* honey. For foundation, I want to be trying out the brand new makeup. Oh my god. It’s been a while for a today, I’m using the brand new Makeup Revolution Foundation sticks, the fast base stick foundation, and I’m using the color F2 and i’m just gonna draw this onto my face. And since I have a lot of surface to cover, I’m drawing a lot of lines, and you know, I’m a full coverage addict. So I’m putting a little bit of the Fenty Beauty Pro Filter Foundation on the back of my hand and I’m using my sponge to dip in that pro filter, and using that to buff this in. That’s like- double, the double, the double the coverage. Now, am I saying you should go out of your way to apply this much coverage to your face? Absolutely not. But I’ve been wearing such a- in my terms, natural look lately, um, with the base as well, like it’s all been very light, it’s all been very sheer, that I’m just ready to cake it on today. Like, in my day-to-day life lately, I haven’t been wearing like a full coverage base, and honestly, now that I’m sitting down in my studio and I have the opportunity to cake that baby on, I am like welcome to the kitchen, let’s bake honey. For concealer, I’ve been really, really digging these brand new ones by Jouer. These are called the, “Essential High-Coverage Liquid Concealers.” These are so creamy, so rich, so good. I have not been able to put them down, you only need a tiny, tiny bit. They’re super creamy, which to me is always a good thing, because I have drier under eyes, but also a scary thing, because I’m like- “That’s never gonna set properly, that is gonna crease, that is gonna do- not so great stuff for my face, but honestly- I wouldn’t say they are creaseless, but the creasing I do get with these is so minimal that I’m like- “Maybe you are creaseless, what’s happening?” And I just bounce it in using my sponge. Not that I needed any more coverage after the crazy amount of makeup that just went on my face already, but, uh, it’s got great coverage, and um, even on like lighter makeup days, this goes very well with like a tinted moisturizer, or like a BB Cream, or like no foundation at all. Just the concealer. It’s, uh good, it’s uh, good stuff. Okay, now, of course you want to set this because there’s so much product on the face. I’m using the Fit Me! Loose Powder by Maybelline in O5 to set the under eyes. I’ve been using this for my under eyes, for I feel like close to two years now, and it’s the best. And for the rest of the face, I’m using the Hourglass Veil translucent setting powder. This has got a little bit of a shimmer-shimmer, like a little sheen to it. If you have textured skin, chief, this ain’t it. Don’t put this all over your face because it’s just gonna enhance it, and things are not gonna be great. Another way of using this powder could be to only use it in like, the highlight area- so, like,- tops of cheeks, on the nose, the forehead, to give it like that sort of that glossy skin look. You know, I’m feeling frisky. I’m going coverage. I’m going sheen all over, I’m going all the way. Okay, you know what time it is. I’m quickly gonna do my brows off-camera and then I’ll be back for the eyes, and then we’re gonna have a little catch-up session, catch- catch-up sesh. *tongue click* Oh that was a good one! Ta-daaaaa! Okay, so for eyes, I want to go for this like super winged-out, swooped-out, sort of swooped-out, winged-out moment. That’s what I’m doing, and that’s what I’m doing. So first, I’m gonna prime using the P.Louise Base. This is- if you’re not about this yet, be about it. And I’m just using a dry beauty blender to bounce this in, I find this, to be like, the quickest and easiest way to apply. Okay so first for the swooped up moment, we have to determine where the swoop is gonna go. So, I’m going in with this brand new palette by Morphe. This one is called the 35M like McDonald’s m. I want to go in with- let’s say this color. I want to go in with this color here, and that is, “Play it Cool.” And I just kind of want to map out the winged part to see like, “Ooh, this is the vibe, this is the wing that keeps on winging. That is also going into the crease, all the way to that inner corner. Now this is just to gather our thoughts, you don’t have to stick to this line, you can go above it, you can go beyond it. It’s just here to help you out. So, now, we want to buff this in, create a blending color, create all of that goodness. For this, I’m taking the Friendcation palette from the Dose of Colors Desi and Katy collaboration, and taking this color right here- and I’m just going to buff this into the crease. Like I said, don’t be worried if you go above the line, or blur the line, the line, is just like, a guide. Okay, now picking up this darker chocolate color here to deepen up the crease right at the base a little bit more, and I just wanted to take this moment and say thank you, to everybody who has noticed that I’ve been trying to lose the weight. I have definitely not been as active on social media lately and part of that is because I’ve been working out like crazy I’ve been in the gym pretty much every day, I’ve been really working on myself, just to like live a healthier lifestyle, and the fact that so many of you are starting to see a change is, it’s just so amazing and fun to me. It has made me a lot more confident. It has made me a lot more happy, and overall very fit. Like, usually, I would have to walk downstairs because I live in an apartment. I would have to walk downstairs, walk to the stores near me, and by the time I would reach the store, I would be out of breath, I would be so done with life. So far, I have lost, “Siri how many pounds is 16 kilograms?” “35.27 pounds.” 35.27 pounds. A lot of people are asking for a sort of ,”How I Got Fit,” ,”How I Did it,” video, and honestly, maybe in the future. But, I feel like right now it isn’t the right time just because I’m still working so hard on myself, it feels wrong to me to tell other people what to possibly do, when I’m just trying to figure it out myself too, you know? I’m just working out a lot, I spend a lot of time on the treadmill, I spend a lot of time lifting weights, I have a couple of Instagram accounts that have very, very helpful videos. Oh, I know a secret that I think a lot of people should focus on more on the treadmill. I know a lot of people focus on running, which running is very good for stamina, but to me what really does it is incline. Like, uphill, like I put my level on 15 and I put my speed on six and a half to seven and I do that for a good 10 minutes and after that, I am wiped out. That really gets the, the workout in for me Um, everyday, I try to spend at least 30 minutes on the treadmill to really, you know, get my stamina up, and get that heart rate up, and burn those calories. Yeah, that’s just what I’ve been doing. I’ve been waking up getting my workout in, and then living my life. And I’ve been spending more time with family, I’ve been spending more time with friends, and just venturing out into a world outside of YouTube a little bit, because, you know, I’ve been doing this for more than 10 years. For more than 10 years, all I did was focus on YouTube, and focus on my career, and focus on this, and focus on that, and sometimes I felt like I should have spent more time on friends and family. And, right now, I feel like it’s the time to find a good balance for personal growth, and for my, for my mental state, it’s been so good to just not think about the numbers, the views, the comments, how trending am I? To just not focus on that as much for once. By the way, this is the look. I am drawing inspiration from this is by, “MakeupbyRaquel,” one of my favorite makeup artists on Instagram, she’s so good. So to come back to the, the losing weight part, I would definitely love to one day make a video about it, talking more about it. But for now, know that I’m just trying, and working my ass off, and the fact that people can see, means so, so much to me. Now it’s time to carve out the lid. I am setting that using this color from the 35M called, “Light Up the Party,” – , “Light of the Party.” Okay, so we’ve got the base going, now all we need is that beautiful, glittery, line. I’m using a chrome cream eyeshadow to line, and then I’m gonna dab some glitter liner over top. Boom. Ooh, I like that. The cream shadow I used, is this by Barry M. it’s called Crushed Jewel in the color one , “Duvet Day.” And then for glitter, I’m going over top with the, “Midnight Cowboy,” by Urban Decay. *clicking noise* For the bottom, I’m just gonna do a nice smoky situation. (says situation in French accent) A nice highlight on the inner corner (sings corner). And baby this is it, time for a lash. I’m gonna do the other eye off-camera to make sure that I somewhat get them even, and then I’ll be back! *whooshing sound* Alrighty, I am living, living, dying, breathing for these eyes. They’re so fall appropriate, but they’re still smoky, and sexy, and fun, and I’m here for it. Okay, time to focus on the face, I am going to bronze because this pace little Casper needs some bronze. As always, I’m using my Jouer Bronzing Duo in a Light Medium and I just mix the two, and get crazy. I do have to say, it’s so good to just sit in my studio and play with makeup. I… let’s get real for a second. I recently have been so in my head when it comes to YouTube. Usually, you know I just sit down, I come up with a fun look, and I do a tutorial, and really try to educate, and like have fun with makeup, and try new stuff, but lately it has been so hard for me cuz there’s been a shift in the community where you know viewers want more, we want to see more, we want more interaction, with more more crazy stuff, we want more outside of the studio, and to me, that got to my head so much, that every, and I’m not lying when I say every idea that I had in my head felt like a failure, didn’t feel good enough, didn’t feel right enough, it almost always felt as if I would let you guys down. And that, to be honest might be apart from you know, really focusing on my personal life, along with that personal life, and this, that is like the biggest thing that kept me away from Youtube for a little bit or kept me a little bit more missing in action. Because for the longest time I was like no, it’s not good enough, no, it’s not big enough, no, it’s not crazy enough. When you start thinking that way, it’s hard to come back down and come back to your core and do what you truly love. And, to me, what I truly, truly love is makeup. Makeup is my everything, makeup is my baby, so challenges, they excite me so much, because they, they challenge me to come up with new ways, and new techniques, and new products. Makeup tutorials, get ready with me, you know, tips and tricks things to help you guys out. I know the community has shifted and is changing and the proof is in the numbers. Makeup tutorials and those types of videos simply don’t do as well. And that is a a, like, huge factor in to making you go well doing what I love obviously isn’t enough, so that makes you insecure, and then your head starts going, “I need bigger ideas, I need more, it needs to be different, it needs to be this, it needs to be that,” but I think what’s most important for me right now is to just focus on what my heart desires, and my heart desires makeup. Having fun with makeup, challenging myself with makeup, and of course, there’s gonna be videos where I go outside of my studio, and I come up with new stuff, and I come up with crazy ideas, like the 24-hour makeup video I did. But the core has to be what I love, and what I love is makeup. Halloweek is gonna be so awesome, Halloweek is gonna be a blast. As my nose contour is baking, I’ve been thinking about a lot of fun Halloween videos ideas and if you have any requests, now would be the time to move on to the comment section, and let me know what you want to see. I have, from the seven videos, I feel like I have four, four, to five solid videos planned. So I have room for, like, two to three suggestions. And I definitely want to do a, “Halloween Makeup Bingo.” I want to do another round of Makeup Bingo, but I want to make it different than the last time. So if you haven’t seen makeup bingo yet, please go and check it out and then let me know what kind of version you want to see during Halloweek. If you wanna see, let’s say like every number is a product, and then whatever numbers I get are the products I have to use for the look, something like that. So let me know, we wanna see. And time for highlighter. I’m gonna go in with my old school Everglow, my collaboration with Ofra. This is in its old packaging, I love it so much, I cannot live without it. I’m gonna go in with this color right here if you want this color solo. it is called, “Glazed Donut,” and it is available at Ofra too. All of these colors are available individually. Or if you are a working makeup artist, or if you like having options, or if you want to use these as eyeshadows, Everglow. Okay, and then to really transform this look into a fall glam spooky wooky moment, it is time for a dark lip. And of course, I have to make it a glittery dark lip so I’m going in with this Fenty Beauty lipstick in the color, “Griselda.” Now you can absolutely leave the look like this, but of course I want to be extra and make it glittery, so I’m going in with this Helen E. glitter, and this is the color, “Plum Berry.” That, completed the look. And, that, guys, concludes this fall, spooky glam, Halloween glam, October glam makeup look. I hope you enjoyed, and I hope you sat down with me, did your makeup with me, and just you know? Friends with each other, doing friendsy stuff. All jokes aside, I am so obsessed with this look it is so sexy, it is extravagant, it is luxurious, and that lip, Oh, I could stare at it all day. Thank you so much for watching! If you enjoyed watching this video and if you’re team makeup, then please don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up, and subscribe to my channel. I just want to say that I love you so much, it feels so good to be back and I should get out of my head a little bit more and just enjoy what we have here. So thank you so much for watching, I truly, truly, appreciate it, I really, really, love you, and hopefully, I’ll see you guys on the next one! Bye, guys!

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