Feelings Are Fake News

Feelings Are Fake News

You know what I hate? Only two bags of Milano cookies, Mary? You don’t know me at all! Exactly. Feelings. Especially when they’re irrational, which for me is all the freaking time. I get angry over nothing. What where you’re going, fool! I get sad way too easily. Why do I have so many butter knives? I don’t even eat butter. And really often, I just have unapologetically contradictory feelings. I just feel at peace with everything right now, you know? I just have, like, such respect for every living thing. And just, I feel like I’m one with the universe. My feelings have a tendency to be very illogical, intense, and overwhelming. And it’s really hard for me not to get consumed by them. Before therapy and going on anti-depressants, I had no idea that this was abnormal. I thought everybody just felt so strongly about everything and anything all the time. And it wasn’t until I was diagnosed that I realized my feelings are fake news. Mm.. Whenever I feel myself being overwhelmed with emotion, the best thing that I’ve learned to do from my therapist, is this breathing technique where you inhale through your nose for four seconds, you hold it for four seconds, and then you exhale out of your mouth for four seconds. It really helps whenever you’re just feeling all the feelings and you need to calm your tits. But the worst part about my feelings is even though they’re extreme, it takes me a long ass time to really process them. And figure out what is going on. Because more often then not, by the time I have a burst of emotion, it’s just being triggered by something really insignificant and the real problem is something else that happened ages ago or a bunch of different things that happened that I never actually addressed. And once I can actually know why I’m feeling a certain way, it’s so much easier to resolve it. Actually, I’m sorry. I uhm… I have a lot of back pain and posture problems right now. And I’m not taking care of myself so… It’s totally my bad. The best advice I have for anybody who is experiencing mood swings or who just has really intense emotions overall is to be very forgiving with yourself while you’re trying to figure it out. Because you can breathe all you want but sometimes you just feel so much that it gets the best of you. Like, the other day I was on the phone with my friend and we got into this screaming match about something really innocuous that he said and we both kind of realized we’d had shitty days and we just let our emotions pent up and we kind of just took it out on each other. So you just got to be forgiving with yourself as you try to figure it out. And you live and you learn and hopefully you do better 50% or more of the time. I’m Anna Akana. Stay Awesome Gotham.

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  1. Anna,i just need at least one of your videos every day. You really help people that still dont go to a therapist,by putting in your videos something you learn from therapy. Thank you so much! You're great and super insipiring,you re helping me a lot.

  2. Anna there is a book I think you'd be interested in called moody bitches. It's about women's mood swings and how they correlate with our cycles. Mood swings are normal to an extent! It's definitely a good read 😊

  3. Stay awesome gothem 👌🏼

  4. @annakana

  5. You just go through them. They are illusions but they do some very important work on you , like restoring you or restarting you . Like Daivid R. Hawkins said. : I just let the fear run and finally it runs out. It does not do any harm . It is not dangerous. So. Just surrender.

  6. This girl is so wise and has so much smart advice that my head just exploded omfg

  7. real talk, thank you. totally relate. guessing you are hsp infj watch. explains so much, but appreciate ur honesty and sharing your journey. love it. ❤ too much prolly lol

  8. Preach girl! I just lived this issue over the weekend.

  9. She should have 21million subscribers she's amazing

  10. Her feelings were CNN.

  11. Do u have obsession with murdering humans

  12. So…everyone doesn’t feel so strongly about literally everything?
    I thought I was normal oops.

  13. man i love listening to you!

  14. Love your views, def can relate.

  15. #butterknife #whynot #nahmean

  16. 0:19 #priceless #LMBO

  17. Why is she using Brew stew song?

  18. 1:24 I do this sometimes to get to sleep. Works like a charm 🙂

  19. I’ve had problems with emotions all my life. Recently had an mri because of migraines that lasted 2 wks and they found a tumor pressing on my frontal lobe. Some people may have physical malformations unbeknownst to them that cause these mood fluctuations. Even trauma(physical/emotional) in younger years can change our brains pathways. Nuts.

  20. the intro is me on my period

  21. I love you akka.. I love akkans

  22. Why the hell we're so messed up 😭😫

  23. As a person who has BPD, I know those struggles damn well. You Go!

  24. I feel the exact opposite… It that a bad thing or a good thing? Like, I just don't care. I struggle to show emotion. Why? I don't wanna google it cause I might miss diagnose my self as a mentally ill human being that needs to see a doctor or something…

  25. how long is four seconds?

  26. Is this god talking to me throw you?

  27. Butter knives has me yelling

  28. If this isn't my life, especially anger issues are a real problem for me


  30. "Why do I have so many knives, I don´t even eat butter!" Well that's easy to answer- you are Sebastians backup wearhouse.

  31. Contradictory feelings… I should be alarmed by the attic scenes, but I quite enjoy them. "I just feel so…at peace with everything"

  32. Wait, its not normal? Hold up. At the beginning I was like, this is me every FRICKIN day. And now I'm like, waittttttt should I be tested or something?


  34. Anna deserves more subscribers

  35. Anna you sound like you have bpd. I’ve been diagnosed with bi polar with traits of bpd. I don’t get angry too often but I used to get pretty intense mood swings like you described

  36. I think I found my new addiction

  37. Mood swings are like feelings on period…

  38. you were diagnosed with what?

  39. Thank you for this. It made my day better

  40. The only reason I watch your videos is because your amazingly hot. It is so hard to hate you.

  41. Can I have a girlfriend like Anna now?

  42. You're my Yoda, Anna. I love love love you.

  43. Honestly can relate to the butter knives.

  44. I like how Congress was looking at you on the left corner. 😂😂😂

  45. Wow I love you, girl!! Thanks for this ❤️❤️❤️

  46. … The worst is when people see you unwell and then "did she get upset JUST because of THIS? HA!" … Me: thinking to herself "Don't yell, don't scream, don't punch her. You're a lady. A peaceful girl with no dark or mean thoughts whatsoever… You—" You don't get ANYTHING! ARGH! .

    Yup. That was me before, and now it's just me thinking about writing stuff about it and making those feelings go to something somewhat productive.

  47. It's a asian thing I feel ya.

  48. There's a difference between feeling emotions and feeling "feelings" in themselves. Emotions are much more volatile and momentary – those are the ones that change in an instant. Feelings are deeper and more persistent. If you want to follow something real, follow the persistent feeling not the momentary emotion.

  49. 😂😂😂love u

  50. me close to my period

  51. I don't sleep, I can't eat. My heart's always racing and I clench my teeth until my jaw is so sore. I can hardly open my mouth. Yesterday I got mad and punched a hole in my door, today I cried because the soda machine at school only had Coke Zero and not Diet Coke. My family and friends are 800 miles away and the one friend I do have here is terminally ill. I'm falling apart. But thanks for letting me know I'm not completely alone. Because it really feels like it a lot of the time.

  52. anybody else randomly apologize to furniture?

  53. Wait it's abnormal!? I gotta go see a doctor right now!!

  54. Calm your tits 🤪

  55. How do you find a therapist? I have problems and too afraid to do anything about

  56. Why do I have so many butter knifes? I don’t even eat butter…

  57. Omg why was that bit about the butter knives Soo funny hhhhs

  58. BPD….? recently diagnosed and it…. Sounds the exact same

  59. Are you also bipolar?

  60. Omg you are just like me

  61. yeah- I just bottle up my emotions until I explode over something insignificant…. yay gotta work on that. I should have mini explosions instead of monumental ones. But I hate feelings so that's great.

  62. Oh I love you Anna. So relatable.
    Glad to see you doing okay!

  63. This hairstyle looks great.

  64. Smile thank you…..😊😊☺☺❤❤🙌🙌

  65. Smile thank you…..😊😊☺☺❤❤🙌🙌

  66. that make up is lit!

  67. Oh I didn't really know it was abnormal…. It makes sense y people think am crazy now tho… I really need a therapist

  68. I get really angry when I have to hiccup 😣

  69. i love the background music, suits your voice 😍

  70. It's such a cool thing to see this trait to people , you know those kind of persons that can be pretty serious but sometimes can make a little bit fun of themselves by not really taking them seriously , idk i like it

  71. Wait??… Does Anna have bpd?

  72. You're a life saver for me Anna ❤

  73. i have never related to something more in my life.

  74. Wow i thought it was normal to have an intense feeling. That part when you are mad to a chair because you accidentally hit it is really happened to me in real life….

  75. ”Calm your tits!”


  76. Great advice thank you

  77. Well, when she said “you need to be forgiving with yourself” that felt like a personal attack

    I get where she’s coming from and it’s really good advice it’s just so difficult

  78. bumps into chair
    “Watch where you’re going, fool!”


  79. So what's your diagnosis? 🐈

  80. What was she diganosed with ? Did she ever mention it ?

  81. “I don’t even eat butter!” 😂

  82. Hi Anna, what kind of personality you have… are u an INTJ or INFJ?

  83. girl you are like my soule buddy :))

  84. Gurl, so good that you ditched birth control. It can mess us up real bad!

  85. “Calm your tits” 🤣 and fark that hand was scary!

  86. I love you Anna akana. I'm learning so much about myself binge watching all of your videos. I'm so glad you exist.

  87. That breathing technique is designed to slow down your heart rate. Snipers do something similar before taking a shot. It’s a good way to calm yourself.

  88. Hey Anna, you should reeeeeally read something about highy sensitive people. These intense mood swings sounds a lot like overstimulation to me. There is so much going on around you or in your mind, that just one tiny thing makes you explode or burst out in cries… I had this a lot of times. But after i was told that I am a HSP (highy sensitive Person) I finally understood myself. I know how to treat myself and I take care about my stimulation. Like going early from a party because it´s just too loud and there are too many people and they just want to chit chat, when I am more of a deep talker.

  89. Anna Akana is my therapist

  90. Wait, so feelings aren't facts? Inform the DNC! They need to know this!

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