Sometimes we’ve experienced something in our youth that made us feel really really bad. We were deeply hurt by something Something made us feel disappointed, something made us feel good But then someone else used that to hurt us So a way for us to cope with all of this was by not feeling anything We learned that at the core, feelings and emotions are not safe When we receive compliments, we brush them away We can’t really fully accept them or believe in them And when we hear something insulting, we try our best to just ignore it Try not to stand up for yourself or not get involved, whether something is positive or negative It needs to be suppressed Apathy is struggling to feel or express emotion. It’s not so much that… You can never feel anything, but mostly you don’t feel anything It’s a blank state of being; you know, you have to do something today But you also don’t feel like doing it But you also don’t feel like doing anything else and everyday, it tears at you until eventually you start to question, Why did I want to do this to begin with? Feeling is not just emotion, but also a way for us to guide ourselves How do we decide on what we want to do today? How do we find what we genuinely enjoy? That is why when we start to suppress feeling, we start to feel like something about us is broken When we are emotionless, we feel confused. Like we don’t really know ourselves. We feel directionless, That we have no plan for anything to do because we don’t want to do anything anyway And we feel hopeless but in the end nothing will really turn out good anyway If we were to decide to reject apathy It wouldn’t be that we suddenly believe everything has to be positive that the goal is to always be happy and that no matter what, Everything will work out in the end it’s recognizing that both good things and bad things happen and it’s because of that, that we can take action. If we decide to feel again, we might have a lot of doubts We might fear that things will swing too far and that our feelings will become, OVERBEARING and now instead we are completely driven by emotion But it’s not something we have to fear, because what we’re really teaching ourselves is that we can TRUST ourselves We might also fear that feelings and emotions are illogical but it goes against all logic and reason but Really? We’re only using our feelings to guide ourselves To not feel ashamed of what we want or what to achieve or when we fail to get there to let us be ourselves and engage with others to have needs again and the willingness to go after them to not distract ourselves by Indulging in passivity and not get addicted to things to distract us. To get out of apathy we don’t need one big step. It’s not laying everything out there and saying here are all my problems in life Here are all my issues. Go ahead have a look. It’s all in the small steps. When we feel positive we embrace it. We don’t tell ourselves We’re not worthy of feeling good That we have other things to deal with before we’re even allowed to feel good. That the past and future has to dictate how we’re feeling right now. It’s accepting sadness, that it’s fine to be sad It’s not inherently a bad thing to feel but knowing that we won’t feel this way forever, that we don’t need the rumination and added distress of constant bad thoughts about how bad things are for us It’s necessary for us to feel sadness so that we can take some time to reflect and then take action from it. It’s all just small steps It can work like this telling people in very simple ways how you feel This is how I feel right now. I feel sad or I feel happy or even gratitude. I am glad you did this for me. When we talk to others It’s fine to indulge in more emotion than we might usually To laugh and smile and focus on what they are actually talking about, to maybe hang out with friends or watch a movie or play a video game simply to indulge emotionally. It’s being able to have a sense of direction in your life and not care if someone else were to judge you for it Instead you’re just feeling again, and it’s a process and slowly you might start to remember Oh, yeah, this is what I wanted out of life You

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  12. This is too real…I started crying by the end of the video.
    I used to be really apathetic and I thought that there was no purpose for my life. I was also kinda suicidal too…
    I'm so happy I learned to feel emotions again and I'm finally not confused and apathetic. I'm actually someone with a personality and emotions of my own.

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  34. For a long time, all I could feel was empty. I was just stuck in my head all day, nothing really phased me. I never really noticed it, until I realized how much a dreaded every single day, how every day was the same. Every day, I still felt nothing. In relationships, I’d only let them in enough about me that they thought they knew everything. But they’d know virtually nothing, just a few trivial stories about me as a kid or how I sleep with my feet outside the covers. They didn’t know me, and then they’d fall in love with me. But I knew them, and I knew I couldn’t feel the same because I couldn’t feel anything at all.

    And now, I actually feel something towards another person. I actually have an opinion on how my day went. But I can’t stand this new vulnerability. It’s wonderful to feel anything but numb. But who am I now? I got so used to the hard shell with an empty interior, now I’m soft inside and out and I can’t help but feel like a fraud. The person I feel something towards, they were the shift that made me soft- but what if I revert back? Am I being genuine? I can’t even tell what genuine is for me anymore. I don’t know if I’m really feeling anything, or if I’m pretending as a way to cope from not being able to handle the numbness anymore. Idk why I’m using YouTube as my shrink.

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  37. From when I was 10 until about 12 or 13 I didnt feel any emotion at all. I dont know how or why it started, I just realized it one day when something happened that should have made me sad and I didnt react at all. My emotions came back when a friend pointed out I had a crush on someone and when I realized I felt that one emotion, they all came crashing back. But I lost the ability to differentiate between them and after almost 10 years I'm still figuring out what names to put to what feelings some days.
    The worst of it was when everything I had suppressed for years hit overnight and I went from robotic straight to intensely depressed and in so much emotional pain that it physically hurt. If you can work your way to healthy emotions slowly it's best you do, because everything at once is far too much for anyone to handle

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    I tried my best to talk with him this kind of way, but he always swiped it over with words "You're just a kid that doesn't understand how things work. Stupid dreams." He was only 3 years older… And to be honest, his negativity and these kinds of thoughts did affect me. I could not feel anything without being afraid he'd judge me for it. I didn't realize that his opinion was wrong, instead I let it affect me because I blindly thought "He's older… He understands."
    Even after what he had done to me, how he made me feel and how he picked up every bad thing on me and then self-pitied himself for being and idiot, I'd still love him to see this video. And I hope he will.
    Thank you, it did help a lot.

  43. I've struggled with showing emotions ever since my grandfather passed (2016) and I was 13-14 at the time. I couldn't feel a thing after then, everything just felt like a blank piece of paper and nothing seemed to matter. Emotions seemed like irrational constructs and desires made me feel like I was being an irrational, weak person and that feelings are weak and this apathy just kills me.

  44. Wow… this feels like you are describing the past few years of my life

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  46. Sometimes you know you're feeling something, but you don't know what. It's nice that I found a video that explained to me what I was feeling and now I have a name for it. I also now have a way, some advice, on how to stop feeling that. Thank you.

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  49. In my very own opinion, I think that you don’t need to have a reason or reasons for every single feeling! For an example, (and probably the most common one) being sad, sometimes you just are and there’s nothing you can say to explain why! I mean as long as you can find something or be with someone that makes you a tiny bit happier than you were just then!
    On the other hand, I absolutely loved the video! Most creative and I really needed this, thank you!

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  60. I've had this problem of not feeling anything for a few years because before that i had many years of only feeling bad feelings.
    It felt good to not feel bad for a while, but eventually I started to question what i'm doing with my life,
    I didn't have any dreams or goals I wanted to work towards. Everything just felt empty and I didn't want to do anything.
    Now I'd say since a year or so, I noticed that feelings are coming back, it's not a 100% back.
    But I'm starting to feel passion and dreams again. Things I'd like to achieve in life.
    It feels so good to feel.

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  73. Thanks bud. You've really helped me out with this

  74. Thanks bud. You've really helped me out with this

  75. I dearly want to enjoy things again. I was recently diagnosed with a deviated septum, which is causing inflamed sinuses and pressure on my brain. I have a headache everyday and almost nothing is enjoyable because of it.

    Those feelings of not truly knowing myself, being unable to reason my way into action, feeling like things are worthless are things I’ve been struggling with ever since this issue became apparent.

    Thank you for reminding me that I’m not alone in feeling like this.

  76. This actually taught me something so basic that I feel like I should have learned as a child. Not as a 23 year old man lmao. It's okay to feel what you feel. If you feel bad do something about it, dont just push it down and hide it

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  79. Adoro seus vídeos, eles são simples e de uma certa forma, incríveis! Sinceramente, agradeço ao cara que legenda em pt Br esses vídeos tão legais!:') S2 por sinal, eu invejo o timbre da sua voz.

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    This video is really amazing and very accurate i think many people can relate, thank you really!

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