Feeling Insecure?

♪♪ [baby crying] Sorry, baby, Mommy
can’t find your binky. I’m the worst mom ever. Feeling insecure? And like the
worst mom ever? Well, you’re not! You’re great!Because ofyou, this baby’s going to be
on the Supreme Court one day! Really? Sandra Day
O’course! [laughs] All: Yay! [cheerful music] I feel like an idiot. I totally bombed the interview. Feeling insecure? And like an idiot? Well, you’re not!You’re going toget the job! Then I can finally afford to
get my tail removed! All: Yay! ♪♪Ugh,I’m never going to
get into law school. Feeling insecure? Like you’re never going to
get into law school? Yeah. Well, we’re here to
tell you that you are! Never going to get in. What? But the good news is,
you’re kind of pretty! Kind of?I’m sorry,we’re
not allowed to lie. Is that supposed to
make me feel better? Hug? From you? Rude! You just said I was ugly. No,hesaid
you were ugly.Ijust said
it was the truth. Anyway, what are some of
your other interests? I like acting. Oh, that’s an idea
that you have. Okay, what about being a vet? No! You’ll hurt the animals. Excuse us for a moment. What do we do? This girl has nothing
going for her. I know,
she is not smart. Nope. She doesn’t even
have freckles. And freckles are cute! Maybe she’s got potential. No. No. I hate both of you. Sorry! Have some ice cream! I don’t like ice cream. Why are you the
way that you are?
You’re one to talk! Isn’t your one job to makepeople feel better
about themselves?
All you’vemade me
do is feel worse. [sad music] ♪♪ She’s right. We’re failures. Feeling insecure? Like you’re failing at
cheering up this sad troll? Hey. Both: Well, I’m here to tell you that you’re great
at what you do! I feel better. Me too. I can’t believe we almost let
the sad blobfish woman almost ruin our day. She’s the worst! Both: Yay! ♪♪ Hey, have you subscribed
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you’re my favorite! You’re great! You’re his
favorite! He’s great! You’re great! Am I great? You’re great at being
as good as you are.

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