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Feeling Ibbandi || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

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Yours truly, Mahatalli. Hi!
– Hi! – Hey! What’s up? How are you?
– ‘He wasn’t waving to me?’ Wasn’t that really awkward? Actually, we all face many awkward situations.
So, why not make a video about it? Let’s do it. It is getting so late. You know what,
I’ll book another cab. Cancel this ride. Sai, could you give me a ride till the bank?
– Yeah, all right. All set? What’s wrong? Why doesn’t this start?
– Shall we go? What do I do?
Neha, get down for a moment, I’ll kick start this. ‘I shouldn’t have cancelled the cab.
I can’t walk away from Sai now either.’ ‘Why don’t you start? You always start.
Don’t embarrass me before her.’ I give up!
I’m sorry about this. Book a cab ride. Jahnavi!
– Wonder where the Swiggy guy is? – Jahnavi! Have you been following?
– Yes, sir. – So, what is your take on this? ‘Help me out guys.’ I think it is good.
But having said that I think we should give it a second thought.
This may be bad. True! I don’t think it is too good a deal
as there is nothing in it for us. I don’t see the point in putting in efforts
when we won’t get anything out of it. Isn’t that your opinion too?
– That is exactly my opinion. ‘I’ll focus atleast now.’ Excuse me, sir. I want to work at this firm
but I don’t know whom to approach and how. HR is my good friend.
I’ll introduce you to him. Let’s go. Hey, stop.
Who are you? I’m an employee.
– Where do you work? – He is new here. Aren’t you? I’ve been working here since a week.
– Yeah, so that means you are new here. I’ve been working here for the past 4 years.
Can I now get in? – Yes, please. Excuse me.
Can I have your name? I’ll note it down. Screw the HR for hiring guards like him.
Sai is my name. Remember my face. Neha, don’t you, at times, think Nikhil is so stupid?
– I think so all the time. He still isn’t here! I’m sure
he is busy checking himself out in a mirror. He spends all his time before the mirror.
He tries to style and set his bushy hair all day. And still, his hair sucks.
I can’t tell you how irritating I find him. Do you follow his stories on Instagram?
How annoying. He thinks he is some star. And then those quotes!
They are as annoying as they get! One of his quotes is,
‘If you’re homeless, you don’t deserve Bigg Boss.’ Can it get any stupid than that?
Such dumb things he says. It is so tough to tolerate that dumbo. We were talking about you, bro.
Nothing personal. Come, join us. We were just chatting.
– Yeah, I heard it all. Even if you are jobless,
don’t go around shaving the monkeys. Hi!
– Hi. What’s up! – Nothing much! ‘She owes you money.
It is your money. Go ahead, ask her.’ A new laptop?
– Yeah. I bought this recently. Alright, I’ll see you around.
– Sure. ‘It is your money.
Go ahead, ask her.’ Hi, again!
– ‘Maybe I should ask her when no one is around.’ ‘I’ll rather ask her tomorrow.’
See you, guys. ‘I’ll ask her now at any cost.’ I wanted to ask you something.
Could you lend me Rs. 1000? I also owe you Rs. 2000 from the last time.
So, I’ll return Rs. 3000 next month. ‘What in the world?’
Shall I transfer the money online? – Sure. Thanks. I’m leaving. See you tomorrow.
– Sure. Did the cab arrive? This is my friend, Karthik.
He is dropping me home. Let’s go. Oh, crap! I forgot my charger.
You guys keep talking. I’ll be right back. Want some?
– No, I’m good. You too stay at Uppal?
– Yes, that’s right. What nonsense. It is so awkward
when friends dump their friends with us and leave. It is so awkward.
What do you think I can talk with him about? Comment and let me know.
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