[Music] so this is my first of many moods in this series I’m gonna be showing you how I pair each makeup look I believed that makeup and fashion is totally self-expression it’s a way to embody how you are feeling or how you want it to look like you’re feeling either way you spin it from what hairstyle to wear what colors complement the makeup look best to even the textures of the fabrics that you’re pairing them with nail polish candles fragrance drinks even and we cannot forget about music I think they all come together to really embody this mood that you’re feeling so I’m calling this one my stormy mood this rain in LA had me feeling some type of way and i 100% believe in seasonal depression you guys I was headed down that black hole of negative self-talk Y means and focusing on all these negatives had me wanting to sleep through the day well there are so many things in our lives that are out of our control we all have the power to weather the storm and steer our own ship our attitude really dictates our lives so like I said this is my stormy mood well you may be feeling a little blue I feel like there’s a way to always look at the positive side I got my ice queen look activated and on luck and I love myself fiercely so I got that look too much that’s this mood you guys I’ll be posting these moody series on IG TV so be sure to find them at amy serrano for these full visual and mood boards but for now let’s get into this makeup tutorial first off I want to have a very reflective skin so the key to that is always hydrating I’m using my drunk elephant marula oil it’s lightweight enough to wear under makeup next I’m gonna get the eyes going I’m using this palette by Lancome and I’m dipping into the navy blue and black and then creating a V at my eye just so that it packs the most punch on the outer edge there and then I’m smoking it out onto my lid next I’m taking the beauty by PopSugar mini palette that has this gorgeous blue shimmer shade and applying that with my finger and then just blending everything out to keep it nice and clean then I decided to take a denser brush so that the blue really pops and then with this very sparkly blue that’s in that same Lancome palette I’m going to just hit my inner corner and then dragging that into my bottom lash line just at that front corner as well to help that pop and sparkle [Music] and then cleaning everything up with a wipe so it’s not super up in my brow bone I want it to still maintain like a cat eye shape so I just want to sharpen it up a bit but then buck but also that it just softens the edges a bit keeping with the reflective skin I’m going in with Glo shin-bi L’Oreal which I love could this possibly be my most favorite product of 2019 already I love it and I’m going to use a full coverage foundation that this is my milk makeup [Music] and then just following up with my favorite Laura Mercier flawless fusion concealer [Music] then I’m using this contour powder palette by profusion I’m so sorry if my voice is cracking I’m getting so sick and I can’t help it [Music] and then with the small brush and that’s artillery powder I’m going in just right under my eyes to set for blush I’m using the new buxom blushes it’s this collab with Shane Mitchell it’s inspired by travel which I’m totally here for every color I swear is so yummy so balm it’s very long wearing so I like that and then I’m just gonna fill in my brows very quickly and then again taking that same sparkly blue from the Lancome palette just to beam up the sparkle because I want it to look very like reflected and like a wet dream I don’t think they came out right for some more wetness I’m taking one of my favorite products the make face gloss and applying that to the high points of my cheekbones and a little on my nose for some glossy Sheen you know it’s like rain vibes and for lip gloss I’m taking the buxom and Shake lob in the rosy pinky color and a little powder highlight to the Cupid’s bow for hair I think this makeup look will look best with the super sleek hair pulled back so that the eyes can really be the focus even a wet hair looks would be epic I’m using this gel it’s called mocha that gorila check your little brother’s top shelf he probably has this and it works incredibly for these sleek looks it’s really affordable so balm I definitely recommend helps hair stay put all day all night even my curly hair does not budge and I’m just twisting all that into a bun and I realized I didn’t put on mascara I can’t even you guys I’m losing it so that is the hair and makeup for this stormy fierce mood [Music] or wardrobe colors so these are the colors that I feel like would complement this makeup look best I would definitely say these beautiful gray tones would work really well I’m thinking like steel I’m thinking slate Gray’s I’m thinking icy icicles I don’t know a black of course but I think the way to do it is to really play with the textures of black so think vinyl think leathers pink velvet silks you know shiny patent leather that kind of thing would be amazing silk and navy would work really well especially if you’re trying to do like a monochromatic look or a silk in a champagne color I think would be really beautiful I’m thinking of these little mini dresses like are you on my vibes I do think that silver jewelry or hardware works best since it’s more of a cool tone and also deep plenty wine colors would be amazing white works with almost every color especially this one and a deep forest sea green in a similar tone would be absolutely amazing as well let me know if you guys can think of any other color combos these are my personal faves and I really hope you guys found so much inspo be sure to check out the full mood like I said on IG TV it’s this new little series that I’m starting on IG TV and I think it’s gonna be super fun so I really hope you guys enjoy these I had so much fun creating this mood and we shall see what mood I’m in next bye guys

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