February Favorites 2020

February Favorites 2020

(upbeat music) – Hey everyone, it’s your girl Jenn, and February is finally over. Thank God. It was one of those
months where I just felt perpetually behind, just kind
of off, but you know what? I am finally up to speed. Let’s keep it popping, keep it positive, and let’s talk about my
favorites of last month. I feel like Kaja has been
around for several years on the internet and
they always have popped because they have such
unique and novel packaging. Out of everything that I’ve tried, my favorite has been
these eye shadows trios, specifically Glowing
Guava and Orange Blossom. I love the fact that
there are three shades in each little stack and
these have been incredible to travel with because
normally when I travel, I’ll pack like two or
three eyeshadow palettes and I realize at the end of
the day I’m probably only using like three to four colors. So, I thought that I would really minimize and so when I went on my trip
to Philly, I brought these. These trios have a great
mix of mattes and glitters and I would say Glowing Guava
is the one to splurge on because there’s just more variation of the type of eyeshadow
looks you can create with this and this is what I am
wearing on my eyes today and I love Orange Blossom because this one has a lot more glitter and I just love glitter,
there’s something about it. They’re so buttery and they
just make your eyes really pop and they’re just so stinking cute and the sound is really
satisfying when you close it. Sense my hair is shorter, I had to kind of
re-calibrate the hot tools in my haircare drawer. I had to get a new curling iron and I had to get a barrel that was smaller because now my hair is shorter. So, I did some research and
I got the Hot Tool curler in the .75 inch barrel. And this has literally
changed the game for me. I feel like I finally got
that effortless, beachy curl with this wand and it was very reasonable. I didn’t want to splurge and get like a super
expensive curling iron because my hair is just gonna get longer. I am gonna do a whole separate video on how I curl my hair probably on IGTV. But it is a new technique on how I curl it than my longer hair. So, this is how I’ll do it. I’m just gonna show you form this clip even though it’s not on. I’ll wrap it around my hair and then I’ll literally
drag it down like that. I guess that’s the whole tutorial. I just do that to my entire head and then it looks like this. This is currently day two hair, so it just looks a lot more lived in and it definitely holds
it’s curl, so love this guy. Next up I have got some book favorites. I’ve got a fiction and non-fiction, but I guess we’ll start
with the non-fiction. Here I have “Atomic
Habits” by James Clear. What can I say? I love me some self-development stuff. I mean it’s just like it’s
singing to the choir, I love it. I think the biggest takeaway
I got from “Atomic Habits” was just the power of a small change in your life everyday
that’s for the positive. It’s essentially like the compound effect, like if you get 1%
better every single day, during that day that
1% feels like nothing. However if you zoom out
and you realize you got 1% better everyday, in a year
you’re gonna be like holy cow. However the flip side is if
you get 1% worse everyday, which doesn’t seem like a lot, by the end of the year, you are like in the negatives. I feel like a good visual of
this is like a jelly bean. Imagine you have a big jar and everyday you put a jelly bean inside. I don’t know, after a couple of years, that jar is full. You are full with jelly beans. It just reminds me that even though a small thing that I’ve done that was good for myself may not feel like a big amount, I know
that I should be patient and that my small efforts
are being compounded. My next book is called “City of Girls” and I really wanna thank you guys for recommending it to me. You guys basically said
that because I enjoyed “Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo” that I would love “City of Girls” and you hit the nail on the head. This book had all the qualities
I look for in a binge read. Number one, it takes
place in the 1920s, 1930s. For some reason I just am
obsessed with that time, especially in Hollywood, in old glamor. I know this one takes place in New York and even though there
was a Great Depression, it didn’t really affect
her because number two, she’s absolutely loaded,
her family’s very wealthy, and she’s just like a beautiful girl that just can’t really
get her shit together, so they just kind of send
her off to her quirky aunt that owns this theater and, number three, I love the fact that it
involves partying and decadence. She’s running around
hanging out with showgirls, hooking up with random dudes and number four, there’s a
lot of reflection involved because you basically
follow her entire life and when she’s old in the
last couple of chapters, just a lot of her life philosophies, I hope that, that type of mentality will sink into me by then. So, my next favorite is
something that I think everybody should have because who likes bad breath? Nobody. This is TheraBreath. I think this is the most effective mouth wash I’ve ever used. You just need to make sure that
you gargle it in your mouth and swish it around for like a minute and then another 30 seconds and it’s just like minty fresh until you eat something stinky
like red onion or something. I like to use this mouth wash on days where I know that I’ll be
around a lot of people. I like to use this before a night’s out or just if I’m on set and I have to be really
close to the makeup artist. I like to make sure that my breath is nice and fresh and not stale. So, this really does the trick. I’ve gone for the invigorating icy mint and it’s not like Listerine
where when you gargle it, you’re just in pain,
like clenching the sink. Like no, it’s a very pleasant experience. Like you just swish it, gargle it, and you spit it out and
you’ve got great breath. So, my final favorite is something that we’ve
been giving to Chiki. I have been very curious about Open Farm. I know Sophie uses it to feed Luna and Leo and it just looks like
such good quality food. I was putting this off
for the longest time because for years we thought that Chiki was allergic to every type of food because no matter what we were giving her, she was just itching. So, we had highlighted
beef, chicken, and then duck and then for a while
she was only eating lamb and then finally we
took her to another vet and they basically said, “Okay, you need to put her
on an elimination diet.” And then we put on this kibble
and she was still itching. So, the verdict is that Chiki is just allergic to air/pollen,
like it’s just in the air. We just have a special cream for her. So now we can just feed
her any food that we want. So, we just thought we would
give her some quality food. Food is a huge part of
my life, Ben’s life, and obviously Chiki’s life. She has been loving this. We give her the Surf and Turf
recipe and it’s just great because it’s ethically-sourced and I love the fact that
I can pronounce everything on the ingredients list, amazing. And then on top I splash in the Wild-Caught Salmon Rustic Stew. To be fair, I’ve never heard of a dog stew and I love stews and soups. So, I thought Chiki would
probably love it too. So, we just drizzle that on the top and it just makes her really happy. It’s been a good two weeks
since she’s eaten this food. Her poos are like nice and
healthy and she’s happy. Before I leave I have also made a Spotify playlist for February. I essentially just accumulated all of my favorite love songs from all different parts of my life and I put it into one playlist. So, I will leave that
in the description box. So, pop that open. I’m trying to make it a goal to make a playlist every
month and it’s been fun. Please send me any music recommendations down below and who knows? Maybe it will come up in
the next playlist of March. I wanna thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you guys in the next one, bye! (optimistic music)

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