Exclusive: Ellen’s Summer Trip to Rwanda

Exclusive: Ellen’s Summer Trip to Rwanda

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  1. You were near home.
    Burundi we love you Ellen

  2. Congratulations !!! 💜💜

  3. Love You Ellen 💝

  4. To have that kind of money….

  5. What she mean by gorillas in the mist, did she mean the group of men, hmmmmm

  6. Your doing a wonderful thing ellen. Hope and pray for your health

  7. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  8. I wish I could go there. It's so beautiful!

  9. When Ellen cries, we all cry 😭 sending love from Scotland

  10. I cried when Ellen cried. Happy that her dreams are coming true.

  11. Dear Ellen, please have a contest for one of your fans to win a chance to accompany you on your journey to Rwanda.

  12. I respect you Ellen.

  13. They're so beautiful….

  14. Greedy ellen taking the credit for saving the gorillas but not spending any of her money but paid for by donations from people

  15. What a beautiful creatures, Africa should have a crime for all poachers caught to face a harsh sentence. We need to keep the wild animals safe as we have lived in harmony for centuries but there are some devils out to destroy the world we need to give them harsh sentence.

  16. Ellen make sure if you came in Rwanda next time , we meet .
    I love you so much

  17. Aww this is so cute x

  18. I love you Ellen!!!!! ❤️

  19. I saw ellen crying ,I cried alot ,team 🇰🇪🇰🇪

  20. Seeing Ellen crying broke my heart.

  21. I had a vicarious journey with you, @TheEllenShow. So happy that you feel strongly enough about this cause to take action. Huge respect to you!

  22. Aww … The gorilla's are soo adorable.

  23. When Ellen visits Uganda I will be at the airport ready to receive her. You are my inspiration the person to be loved by the entire world.
    Hello from Uganda

  24. Ellen you are precios gift to the world


  26. God bless you Ellen . Keep upp a good job👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  27. OMGoodness Ellen! Thank You for caring. Its a life long dream of mine as well. I cried too.

  28. My whole life I dreamt and thought I couldn't get a Greyhound.
    Then I did. And the Greyhound friends for life whom I adopted my Greyhound from kidnapped him and I asked for help .
    Yes I understand how much realising a dream like yours was a milestone.

  29. So beautiful…touching…💜

  30. Ever since I've known Ellen she's always made me laugh, this is the first time she made me cry 😭

  31. Ellen, you are blessed.

  32. Love your dream and you Ellen. Bless your huge heart and thank you so much for sharing. Always watch Dian n gorillas ox♡

  33. And the spell is broken by the sound of a cell phone, and Ellen is brought back to earth and 2019 with a thud.

  34. Touching. I hope you help your fellow humans with as much passion and money.

  35. I cried too. Animals are just so amazing and special we need to cherish them.

  36. Wonder how they taste🦍🍖

  37. Donate??? They make millions they dont need donations..

  38. I love and Admire this woman…..wish someone cud get me to meet her one time

  39. Omg the waterworks is real!!!

  40. ellen ur a soul on this planet

  41. Beautiful Ellen ! You are making a difference ❤️😘. Bless you and Portia ,your a beautiful couple, and two people to look up to👌✌️

  42. OMG 😭😭😭😭beautiful animals; Rip Dian Fosey; God bless your soul Dian🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 we need more women like Dian and Ellen; thank you Ellen for helping this amazing creatures😍😍😍😍😍😍gorilas😍😍😍😍🦍🦍🦍

  43. this is the best ellen’s moment.

  44. Ellen is good people. We need a lot more people like her in this world.

  45. Go Ellen ❤️❤️❤️I Love u

  46. THANK YOU ELLEN 💝🌈💖 This is deeply, deeply meaningful. Gorillas are so rare, and what you and Portia have done for preserving them through education is enormous!! I'm sure Diane is utterly delighted knowing her legacy lives on 🐵🐒🌿💚🍀🤗

  47. Good for you Ellen!! Keep doing what makes you happy!!!

  48. Such an amazing legacy to carry on. Thank you Ellen. Huge respect to Dian Fossey.

  49. Ellen come to Namibia als

  50. Hey,ellen you should come visit kenya too,you are most welcome here,

  51. I am happy and proud of you Ellen! Best wishes to you and Portia in your endeavors.

  52. I enjoyed watching this so much

  53. Ellen watching you on your trip I so proud of you god bless you forever and ever Amen

  54. Ellen is one of the most beautiful soul i ever seen in my life

  55. Ellen warakoze kuza mu Rwanda twarakwishimiye,,, uzagaruke,,, love from Rwanda

  56. Am proud that Ellen visited my country😍🤗

  57. Ellen madame you crying 😭😭

  58. i am so jealous she visted rwanda

  59. Todays POTUS talked about making America great again, but you and your wife together with your teams are doing a lot to make many parts of the world great again for both people and animals. I will unfortunately never get time to see your show live but i enjoy every single moment i can watch online. Take care and enjoy life as everyday was your last. Best wishes from Norway

  60. hlo ellen i love u so much and this is really cool seeing you here home.

  61. My country 🥰🥰🥰

  62. a perfect ideal and a role model for life love you Ellen

  63. Instead of living the ULTRA rich lifestyle thaty she lives she could be helping FAR more people. All of you peopel saying oh but she helps alot already. SHE DOESNT HELP ENOUGH. Having that kind of money and ease of getting money is a major responsiblity. Crying and feeling all good when you give a bit of money away doesnt make up for it. She is worth half of a billion dollars and makes tons of money every year with no end in sight. GIVE MORE MONEY ELLEN

  64. 2:15 Ellen made me cry like a baby. OMG so emotional and so inspiring

  65. Watching Ellen get so excited is the happiest thing ever

  66. Oh my… what an amazing gift… for the whole world… and what a couple! And Portia never looked more beautiful… so naturally beautiful… Ellen is a very lucky woman and she deserves it… thank you to both of you…

  67. She's a wonderful woman

  68. Ellen, you had a emotional moment with Diane. She made a difference as do you.

  69. The moment I saw Ellen cry I thought she was joking. And was waiting for her to say something funny but no.

  70. One can’t avoid crying seeing Ellen get so emotional 😊

  71. 1:11 It's JOHN Roblox

  72. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  73. Ellen, you made me cry. I love animals and this is beyond beautiful. I could only wish to have this experience.

  74. Ellen and Portia are two of the best people on this planet!! If not…the best!!! Beautuful!

  75. Ellen and Portia are an amazing couple! They have such good souls. And omg Ellen cries i started crying. How can u not?

  76. Ellen I love u. you are just the person I want to be like…you are like dyan fossy for me…sorry if there's any spelling mistakes in her name.


  78. “It’s like a cooking show all of a sudden” 😄 First we cry, then we laugh. You’re awesome, Ellen 💗

  79. I love Ellen …. i don't wanna see her crying …❤

  80. I was in tears while watching this video, it's so breathtaking and continue doing amazing work Ellen and Portia.

  81. Ellen you have a wonderful heart ❤️❤️

  82. Whenever i saw her i really feel like yes god exists 😇

  83. I love you Ellen! Ughh!!! So much tear of joy!

  84. Michael Jackson would have loved this. Oh speaking of Michael maybe Ellen can now apologize for recently slandering Michael regarding that piece of trash Leaving Neverland which is a FICTIONAL MOVIE.

  85. I just cried when i knew she was going to cry .
    Probably not in this world but i hope I see her in heaven.

  86. I love you Ellen. You are truly an angel.

  87. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m crying happy tears. I may to physically make it there but you’ve filled my heart. Diane is so proud of you.

  88. Literally bawling …. love love love Ellen, Portia and what they’re doing for the precious gorillas !❤️😭

  89. AND this is what the rest of the world sees as BULL [email protected]@T… the fake crying, only Americans can do this and believe their own BS.. wow.. pity because such a beautiful video of where they are and what they are doing, but nope Ellen had to try get attention and make it about her.. If you are going to cry, really cry, dont fake it, and do it off camera.

  90. 😘😘😘😘i love these cute pair of kindness!!!! Stay together forever. God bless you

  91. Thank you very much Ellen and Portia for what you have done for us is wonderful,I also have the same dream even it not easy ,but I have to work hard for what I want because it won't come without a fight.I have to be strong and courageous and know that I can do anything I put in my mind to.May God help me to found a school and later my dream to be release then I'll live the life of my dreams that will complete my happiness…I really adore Dian Fossey and I will always follow her footstep, ELLEN I can't wait in 2021!when the new campus will be open.''''''''''''''''''''''''Thank you again

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