Hi brothers and sisters this is jose coming at you from Panama just hope and pray that you guys are doing great today and that things are going blessed by the Lord for you and your families and that you holding strong to your faith and to the trust in Jesus Christ Joshua HaMashiach and you’re continuing to grow in the things of the Lord I wanted to this give you this news actually just brought to my attention basically has it doesn’t have anything to do with the you know the Lord in a way it does but I just felt maybe that you guys wanted to understand and know what’s going on basically with the elections and all that that everybody is so concerned about Kremlin in turmoil after clinton foundation CEO request urgent and immediate assignment with Russia he’s apparently looking to receive asylum in Russia he’s requesting Vladimir Putin to allow him to go there because he feels threatened in the US with all the scandals with the Clintons and so forth apparently maybe he wants to speak or they’re pushing him to speak the truth about what’s going on with the kittens and he’s afraid for his life or maybe hear what he said something that he shouldn’t and he feels like they’re gonna kill him ah he’s overwhelmed and what you know think about if you were in that situation if you were in that type of atmosphere in punjab and I mean are evil comes to light eventually all this start all that is in darkness comes to light eventually and nothing you know get away you never get away basically somehow somewhere some way you pay for the evil that’s just the way the world is and that’s just the way destiny is and that’s just the way it is you think that you’re getting away with it you know seeing or pleasure or you know breaking the law but eventually it all catches up to you the only way that you can escape that type of life and that type of thing is through Jesus Christ because through him you’re not breaking any loss you’re being obedient you have his Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit guys you teaches you and helps you to be able to do good and and follow the Lord the only whether you can actually follow the Lord anyway here it says in extraordinary security council reports circulating in the Kremlin today says says this morning President Putin was officially presented with a main dick turret for immigration prepares to GU vm of the Ministry of a fit internal affairs mvd file for review relating to a request for urgent and immediate political asylum requested by an American citizen named Eric Braverman who was the former CEO of the Clinton Foundation and is known as the man who can expose the real Hillary Clinton scandal note some words in our phrases appearing in quotes in this reporter english-language approximation of Russian words phrases having no exact counterparts goes to say request for the granting of political asylum in the Federation this report explains is regulated by a separate government real solution rather than the law on refugees and is issued to those seeking asylum or protection from persecution or a real threat of becoming a victim of persecution in their home country for social political activities or convictions that do not contradict the democratic principles recognized by the international community and norms of international law and the Russia has the world’s highest number of asylum applications political asylum requests are very rarely granted in his apparent knowing of these facts however this report continues Eric Braverman yesterday 23rd October arrived at the consulate of russia in New York City and presented his urgent and immediate request for asylum on Abby’s visa application as is protocol customs because the Federation does not accept mail or electronic visa application from residents of the continental United States here is eric Braverman running because he scared former 22 foundation CEO in person under threat Eric Braverman the form the foreign intelligence services as I highly classified Bravermans visa application requesting political asylum this SC report says but stunningly admits that his wanting the protection of the Federation was directly related to the sudden death of week wikiLeaks founder Gavin make baby n that occurred the previous day twenty-second of october wow I wasn’t sure that was gonna be aware of that Eric Braverman this report notes is a current lecturer in the practice of government at Yale University who previously served as a partner at the us-based global consulting firm McKinsey & Company and who in 2013 became the CEO of the Clinton Foundation and to his abrupt and unexplained leaving this known money laundering criminal organization this past December 2015 just prior to Hillary Clinton’s announcing her candidacy for President Eric Braverman was made the CEO of the clinton foundation in 2013 this report explains after Hillary Clinton’s daughter chelsia declared war on this criminal enterprise after stunning details emerged showing her father former president bill clinton has raised over 1 billion through the foundation to rebuild a hundred villages in India but only span 53 million with it with him and his wife Hillary Clinton pocketing the rest unbelievable that’s what it is Clinton crime found Family Foundation you donate a dollar will keep eighty-five cents people love to donate to these things fearing this massive scandal would derail her mother’s chances of winning the US presidency this report continues chelsia Chelsea Clinton battle to clean up the Clinton Foundation and force upon it the new CEO Eric Braverman by December 2015 this report notes clinton foundation CEO Braverman efforts to establish normalcy within this criminal enterprise completely fail leading to what many believed was his ouster as his contract ran in to 2017 and a shocking campaign of hatred against Chelsea Clinton to as that evidence bi-weekly release secret emails showing top Hillary and Bill Clinton operatives saying about her she’s acting like a spoiled brat kid who has nothing else to do but create issues to justify what she’s doing because she as she said hasn’t found her way and has a lack of focus in her life those Chelsea Clinton may have indeed not found her way in cleaning up the corrupt Clinton Foundation this report continued CEO Braverman was being confronted by an avalanche of it he was unable to stop or even control and as weekly leaks release secret email prove with this stunning revelation that Hillary Clinton accepted a 12 million bribe for favors from the king of morocco after which CEO Braverman left most shocking of all in this SC report is its detailing through the wikileaks release of secretly emails that the mainstream us television news giant NBC had previously been warned to follow the money and find the real hrc scandal but with them being on one of Hillary Clinton’s media propaganda arms they have not told the American people about and here’s like an email here you see if i can read it holy Moses sent from an iphone march eight 2015 at 523 p.m. john podesta to Eric Braverman sent out from an ipad I’m hoping someone is keeping tabs on Doug band quote in here is from someone who worked in the clinton foundation this report concludes with an interesting addendum attached by the f as I speculating the Braverman may not have actually want asylum as his actions seem more reliable credible of a person seeking to protect themselves by publicity as he did not request as his ass is common anonymity from Russian consulate officials and has led to turmoil in the Kremlin as to what to do with some officials saying it’s enough to just release this information without granting asylum and that it should be granted with would require would create just another American accusation that Russia is trying to control the outcome of the u.s. election while the same time hillary clinton is using anti Russia rep bathing and a level not seen since days of makar ism and though not mention this report is also interesting to note that in the united states were one of Hillary Clinton’s top aides secretly and suddenly admitted that the US economy is so bad that people are in despair about things are and yet another bill clinton mistress nickname by the Secret Service as the energized the bunny has been revealed the shocking revelation that the Clinton gave 675,000 dollars to the wife of the FBI official investigating her and Hillary Clinton being caught saying if that that why that’s wives we all hang from News’s the corrupt for banking this American mainstream media continues to outrageously many played the polls to show she is winning and that we’ve power proof were lies as Donald Trump is poised to win by a landslide and likewise exposed for all to see how manipulating these media monsters really our that’s it there’s a part here that’s kind of bad words but I didn’t want to read it but I’m gonna give you the money and leave the link for this article below so you guys can look at it and actually you know covert a little bit further if you like I just choose not to say those words sorry but basically i don’t know uh it might be that he’s trying to you you know I mean this information out there or they’re trying to show the information he’s afraid I didn’t know that a lot of people are our request to take this item in Russian that’s shocking news to me you would think it would be the u.s. not Russia but I learned something new I guess it looks like she’s not going i mean if she wins the election everybody’s going to know that it was set up and that it was rigged definitely because she is so she’s in so much stuff and you know i mean people know about her her evil ways and stuff like that and I don’t think that she will be voted in by the people i really don’t i first I thought so but now i don’t really believe that I believe people are trusting Trump more because of its ties with the Christian leader community and and so supposedly he prayed with them and gave his heart to Lord only the Lord knows his heart where no one to judge what I do know is that his hand signals you know show me I saw campaign a video today were you know he was doing that great it was a great speech I mean it was awesome should have been used at the and the third debate basically this speech was awesome powerful and there were people in the crowd that was doing the horns you know the hand horns maybe to you know to follow under hair or to give me you know i don’t know to give them tab saturno but he does the 666 like it’s going out of style he does three times with the hand the 6×6 off and he does the other hand side signal again and in my opinion I don’t trust him actually I’m afraid of him i believe that i think i don’t know i have a feeling i hope and then I pray that I’m wrong but I have this this feel inside my my heart my soul that it’s like the Bible says you know angel of light appeared to be good like the Pope all white and nice and everything under cover and I mean nowadays you can’t put your trust in men you know the Bible says put your eyes and just on Jesus Christ will never dis deceive you never forsake you never do you wrong never lie to you but provide you the truth and salvation eternal life because he he paid for it in the cross for all of us all we have to do is accept believe it take it run with it and decide to live according to his ways according to him and become more and more like him and through the Holy Spirit when we were born again were born of the Spirit we have the power over sin we no longer are slaves to sin but we’re free from this the bondage of sin and we can actually will be obedient and obey the law the Commandant of Christ you know we’re able to carry the cross you know run the race and not faint endure to the end all that we can do is we are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus who strengthens us and actually only through him can we do these things and accomplish these things but we need to vote for one or the other I mean basically you guys why I’m in Panama but you guys really it affects me because all the people of our in the US there’s some in Europe and other work other places in the world but my families in the u.s. in Miami Connecticut chicago and i have friends and brothers and sisters all over the US so it does concern me in a way but apparently you guys are against the wall with this election I mean they’re both kinda shady as a Christian you know we would tend to 22 goat you know towards Trump some go as far as Trump means the last Trump I don’t know this is the way that I i’m looking at it basically where the last days things have to happen according to prophecy if Trump Donald Trump wins and he’s secretion is for the nation he’s going to change everything is its gonna do is gonna have to take a miracle of God through him to change everything that the enemy and Obama have corrupted and done it would take a lot and they would take God it would take God basically to do that and if that happens then the end or Jesus return won’t be four for a while because Jesus return is going to come out of chaos Jesus return is going to come when people are not honor unaware and things are chaotic in the world mourns for to Revelation and if he makes everything you know America great again and through America being great again the world you know becomes a better place I don’t see that happening for a long time there won’t be no war three with Russia because you know he’s not about that Hillary’s about that soon as Hilary gets into place it’s over so this is my viewpoint on the elections with this situation I really don’t get into a really but it’s it’s really going out there and he’s portraying Donald Trump is portrayed that he’s a good guy and Christians are backing him up the Christian leaders don’t impress me because they’re corrupt the major amount of them starting with the candidate who’s leading the pack to the Vatican in and all this corruption but only God is the one the judge them I just observe and see things for what they are and I stay away from those people that you know in the beginning when I was young Christian I I felt for I really believe that they were of God in there were men of God and they were so hot tomboy and making boy was i fold because he became one of the riches evangelist TV preachers in the world kenneth copeland and back back when I was a young Christian he looks like a country countryman you know it is the new kitchen table and talking about the word all harmful and me can it was a wonderful man and I trust it as a man of god and he became the devil himself and now when I look at him I see the enemy in his face and is the expressions so but that’s what happens and this foolishness because you know if you don’t do as Jesus does so Jesus commands you know your love is is money that’s your God and your living for the world you love him for your living for your jets in your vacations in your mansions and all that and you’re taking advantage of the things of the Lord and set up you know you say a couple of good things and then you talk about little guys were all little guys and you just misleading people and leaving people to help it’s retarded it really is because of you if you believe as you say you believe that you wouldn’t care about having ten jets 18 mention your own private Airport at home or your 14,000 vacation homes is it does it wouldn’t make a difference wouldn’t matter and let me tell you something about poverty and and Christians don’t have to live in poverty and and I read our Christian can be you know rich and whatever argue what you want to argue but I’m you’re never going to convince me you know Jesus was humble Jesus was true Jesus was God in the flesh and jesus never thought never taught us to inspire or aspire riches only riches in heaven in fact he told the rich man that he would be probably would tell the same thing to kenneth copeland vehicle Jesus Christ was here you know go and sell everything you got your 10 jets you’re 14 mentions you know and the other ones Joyce Meyers and all the other George are Joel’s the autumn you know saw your stuff and give it to the poor feed the hungry you know help the world then come and follow me so I’m very active very upset because people follow these people i saw this video and it I don’t know what happened i led me to this kenneth copeland video in wow it’s amazing how people protect them and fight for him and you know and RR just just blinded and just sit gives say it makes you feel like giving up on on people it really does because it gets you frustrated that people can be so blind so you know I mean yeah you know give it to give to the rich and and forget about the poor Jesus is going to come for you she’s gonna come and whip you because you’re not supposed to give to the wolf’s you supposed to give to the cheap you’re supposed to give to the to the poor you know you’re given to the people they’re not using that money to help anyone but themselves you know they have already more than enough and I it just doesn’t make any sense to me and it really troubles me because I i do live by the Word of God and you know if you live by the Word of God and live for Jesus Christ those things you don’t you don’t you know they those things move you what moves you is you know the the good of people you know helping people loving people you know doing things for people you know that’s the kind of heart that Jesus Christ wants us to have not all i’m gonna buy 14 houses only you know I let you going to do that and invest that to create money to generate money to give to the hungry or to give to the people in Africa they don’t have or to build their homes for them or something like that if it’s not for that then it doesn’t make any sense why would you want 15 mention your own private jet tsunamis gonna take all of it away this and i was going to sweep that right off for you and take you with it the earthquake is gonna crack in your airplanes and your your you know your your docs and are your jobs and your bolts in your mansions in your vacation was gonna be gone you know and your soul is gone because you sold your soul to rock and roll you sold your soul to the sacred you know to the world like jesus said you can’t mean God says you can’t be in the world can be you know have one foot in the world one foot in Jesus you know Jesus Christ is not a job Jesus Christ is not a job is not a career is not something that you can do to make money to build your mansions to build your airports you know like a job and then you know live your life worse than even I don’t know why I just came off the subject into this but God knows why God knows why but it’s it’s back to the election is this kid stuff it is stopped because i’m hoping and praying that you know that Trump will be good I if he is really good they’re going to get rid of them they’re going to kill him even if he’s elected gonna shoot them together we won’t be i don’t think the elite are gonna allow it so we need to pray if that’s God’s decision for him to be then he will be but I don’t know with his hand signal and I just I just know i just have I believe that maybe he’ll be I don’t know he’ll he’s just gonna be like a trader top of things like come on like a great person like the Pope and and just for everybody because on a video that I did the other day it shows that he saw he says that don’t BB out bias with the catholic church so I think they’re going to unite whoever comes to product to office they’re going to unite with the Vatican and it’s gonna be all is going to be over basically because the Vatican is going to set stage for the Antichrist and it’s not going to happen it’s not gonna happen so make America great yeah in the beginning while the Antichrist is in power and then you know those who take the mark those who follow the beasts are damned you know so we have to be very vigilant and silver nowadays because there’s a lot of evil and there’s so much deception that you don’t know who to believe you don’t know who’s going to be right who’s going to be wrong so only through Christ in the Holy Spirit can we discern in my discernment it’s not good for either of these two so we just have to pray and let God do his will but the will of God take place because it’s gonna happen anyway that’s going to allow things to happen the way it’s always been and but if he’s gonna make everything if Trump is going to make everything great again then I don’t expect any Antichrist coming out or the rapture or the catching away as i like better you know saying it anytime soon it will be people going to be desperate we’re going to be I don’t know what people want to do these these people are expecting the rapture like in two hours and four days and two days I don’t know what they’re going to do it they can have to wait another 20 years or 10 years or five years so I don’t know this is the the thing that I don’t see Trump making a difference i believe that according to scripture in prophecy I think that he’s good just going to open the door to the Antichrist and he’s just you know when things in the world are too good to be true usually they are too good to be true and if he is a person of God they’re going to try to come after him then I mean it’s it you can we’re going to be able to tell but i think i have a feeling that I don’t have a bad dream about sure we need to pray we need to actually get closer to the Lord and just trust in him don’t trust me no politician it doesn’t matter who comes out it’s all controlled and overall guidance and control we’ve got allows the limit Illuminati the lead the rock rush aisles and Rockefellers and all these people in power to be in power because it there’s a prophecy there’s it’s like we’re now in a in a story and in the story has two to be accomplished so our concern should be due to grab onto Jesus Christ and live for him seriously each day closer closer to him be real with him and don’t fool ourselves don’t pretend this is not the time to pretend to be a Christian this is not the time to pretend that you belong that’s for the the heat and that’s for the fake christian that’s for the the people there are pastors they’re saying that whether you accept Jesus Christ are not God loves you and God is going to save you that’s a live from hell and these pastors and these leaders these Christians they’re all sold out to the devil all sold out to the money also that to the world and I just can’t understand how they can say they know God or know about God or no of God or have any idea what God is for Jesus crisis if they’re mine is in the world and in comfort and the great things that the world produces temporarily to me it doesn’t make any sense it’s foolishness there’s no wisdom at all in it if they say they know the Lord and they’re looking for riches is just retarded just to me it doesn’t make any sense and I’m sorry if I offended anybody but just the way that I feel it doesn’t make any sense how can how can you believe in God believe that there’s a god yahuwah believe that he had a son Jesus Christ and he said you wanna share they sent on earth to die for us to accomplish the mission of redemption of sin for us that way for us to be saved I way for us to fulfill the law that we couldn’t that we couldn’t know obey you know because of the flesh because of our sinful nature he gave his son so that through his son weekend it at attain eternal salvation through believing in his son and trusting in his son believing that he died and rose again only through him he’s the only way that you can get to the Father by the way there’s no saint original man and in the earth I don’t care what is title ways they can actually lead you to God only through Jesus Christ sure Michelle can you be able to even talk to guy you can even talk to God without going through Jesus Christ your machine that’s how bad it is because your dirty your sinful and sin cannot complex God cannot hear a person in sin can’t so you gotta go take a bath and the bath is called Jesus Christ short machine once you take a shower with Jesus Christ sure how much here with the blood of Jesus yamashita Jesus Christ then you’re clean and then you can call out to abba you can call out 22 father yahwah god that’s the only way so we gotta pray and just just be strong just be just relying trust in the lord jesus christ romans shape that’s basically all you have to do you have to fear things will happen the way they were going to happen things will be what they’re going to be there’s nothing you or I or anyone can do to change the outcome of the world the only one that knows is Yahoo oh god that’s the only one that knows and he’s already got a pre-planned you know he’s already made up his mind and it is what it is you know we can ask him to please give us some more time to bring two more people to Christ and save more people for the kingdom but basically that’s it destruction the end all that will come will happen there’s no stopping that that’s prophecy it’s in the book and the Holy Bible is called revelation and it will be done it shall happen all we can ask God yo God is to give us an extension of time to bring more people to Christ not because we want to escape the nastiness of the world and the troubles of the world know to bring people if you’re not gonna do nothing then forget about it you know you know destruction will come tomorrow you know but if your heart is to help others come to Christ to help help others in their struggle of you know provide their need comfort love you know help them I’ll give them hope because everybody’s out of hope people have no hope people are devastated people are scared and we’re supposed to be the light of the earth you know the salt of the earth the light of the years you know we’re supposed to go out there and give these people hope in Jesus Christ and another deer no matter if they die no matter what happens Jesus has them and their soul belongs to Jesus and there will be saved so they don’t have to worry about anything the things of this world is so temporary that’s why i’m saying that looking for money looking for riches looking for property look it’s all retarded if you know if you you if you know God that will not be in your agenda you’re in if you know God and you love Jesus Christ is shown this year with all your heart really really know him and love him your heart your agenda will be reaching out to those in need reaching the lost for Christ’s giving the world salvation through Jesus Christ and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ that through faith we have the grace of Jesus Christ the grace of God through Jesus Christ his son to obtain salvation by believing and grabbing onto him trusting in him for our salvation that nothing that we can do you can’t be good enough there’s no such thing you’re dying your sin you go to how eventually there’s nothing you can do you can donate every day you can give it to all the religious leaders all your money everyday you still going to go to damnation the only way to heaven to the father is through Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ is through faith and the graces free grace is free through jesus christ is the only way to salvation I can’t stress that enough there’s no other gospel anyone else coming through with any other gospel about well the church is the boss and you know through the church you go to God all that is a lie ok you can you know no saint is going to save you know st. is going to bring it to god you know a no statue a no image is no system no operation no society they can bring into God and give you hope of salvation and just because you love that’s not salvation salvation is believed in Jesus Christ the Son of Jehovah God Joshua HaMashiach that he died for you and me and threw his death and his pain of suffering on that cross in the bloodshed that he did and all the whipping and other abuse that he went through which is not in vain arm is what gives us eternal hope eternal salvation by believing in him believing that he did that for us and if you believe he did that for her for us that you will not want to live in sin you will change your life the Holy Spirit will come in you because you’re going to grieve your spirit your spirits gonna grieve and the Holy Spirit will coming to you and change you little bit is going to transform you’re gonna become a different person because if you really believe in Jesus Christ and what he did for you you’re not going to want to continue living in sin because you know that that hurts him and why would you hurt someone that gave his life for you what would you continue to to throw in bein all that he did for you on that cross all that he took all the pain and whipping he took for you on the day of the Cross you know how can you do that what kind of heart is that a heart that does that is a heart that doesn’t love him and if you don’t love him of course you’re not going to pay him and if you don’t being you know what I mean it all works together like a family so brothers and sisters the only way out of this world situation it’s not through the leaders it’s not through what’s going to happen is through Jesus Christ sharma share trusting depending on him learn to depend on him daily for your provisions for your spirituality for the word of God for your health for your family’s protection for everything no matter what you see no matter what you hear you just trust in him and you take it in your door and you continue your relationship with Jesus Christ no matter what they say no matter what happens that’s how you endure and your saved you give up you give up your done can’t give up you’re going to continue the race going to continue to carry your cross and suffer as he suffered you know it’s all temporary and the outcome is an incredible the gives there were going to receive it somewhere unbelievable you you have no idea how awesome is God and Joshua shade Jesus Christ what he’s doing he’s building your mansion right now in heaven that it’s going to come down to the new earth and you’re going to rain in a mansion with awesome it’s gonna be awesome so that’s the hope that you’re supposed to be your mind your mind your heart supposed to be on not the condominium on the beach in the you know why or whatever you like to be that’s not that’s not a Christians mental mentality should be a Christian mentality is who came a safe to who can help bring to Christ today who can I give a piece of bread to my sandwich who can give a hog or a good word for a comforting word you know or a word of salvation or my testimony share my testimony with what can I do good forgot today you know that should that’s the heart of a of a believer a true believer in Christ Thank You brothers and sisters is ready was too long but what is something God always inspires me and talks and I just you know so most of the time I can’t I don’t know where he’s going to go with the conversation i’m talking about want to talk about the cleaning the elections and images schools somewhere else he knows what he does maybe someone is turning onto the channel to the video to find information on the election and needed to hear about Jesus Christ and salvation so it’s all for his glory ins and is honoring his phrase all worship for him and all praise for God Allah and his son Joshua Thomas here thank you are brothers and sisters God bless you and Jesus name I pray that you continue the fight and continue in your faith and your walk-in in Christ amen

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  1. Maybe he is a spy for the Clintons too. He was a part of that greedy organization all that time and now he too is on the run from justice and from the consiquences as the light shines on their wicked deeds. Never expected how quickly they were found out through this marvelous invention of the Internet and alternative Media, bringing the truth to all, so they can make a right choice based on knowledge and not on face value. Thank You, once again Jose, for your work.

  2. THIS IS A HOAX, the original source was written by Sorcha Faal who anyone can Google to find out that she is a well known internet hoaxter.  And you all have been had.O the original source was which has been copied and pasted all over the internet

  3. This screwy that nobody has covered this story past the initial postulation copy and pasted to many an alternative media source, repeating stupid Sorcha Faal, and now there is no further coverage. Where is he?

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