[Eng Sub] How to paint Metallic Texture | Watercolor Techniques & Tips 水彩画の基本〜金属の質感を描くコツ

[Eng Sub] How to paint Metallic Texture | Watercolor Techniques & Tips 水彩画の基本〜金属の質感を描くコツ

For this time, I’d like to show you how to paint metallic texture, which I received many requests from all of you. This is a cookware and it’s really shining. This is a palette knife which we use for drawing. This is also glittering. How we can paint this texture. This one is also cooking utensil. It has stainless shining and metallic visual. You can clearly see the differences of burnished compare to a toilet paper. So today, I’ll paint this texture object and will chose a kettle which you may familiar with. As you can see I found myself reflecting on a kettle. Like this, something reflect on it means it has highly polished texture. Ok, let’s start. Firstly, you need to set a position and a size roughly, draw a center line. This helps you to draw symmetrically. Next, I’ll draw a big rounded ellipse on the bottom and a little flat ellipse on the top. I finished the roughly drawing so will start painting. First I put little light color. You need to think leaving blank white part audaciously as the part which has strong brightness. (This white is the white part of the paper.) The other parts, it’s better to paint plenty of this color firstly. Actually, it looks more black or gray, but I think it’s better to paint by using this color to express the icy touch feeling of metals. I put much of this color and leave the reflecting part blank, like this. And then there are some vertical shining lines so I also leave these parts, like this. I painted widely. I’ll explain about the character of metal for next. As you can see this part is very bright but just next to it, this part suddenly become dark. This is an aspect of metal. Usually an object gets darker and darker from the lightest part but such as metal object, it becomes dark suddenly next to the light part. There is no color gradation. I think this is the key point how to observe metallic objects for drawing. And once you have a look at a kettle, there are some reflection of a studio’s floor so we shall put into these colors as well. The floor looks like amber close to ocher and here I can see some reflection of them. Looks like it? I think it’s better to put whatever reflects on the object positively and then you can find its texture very clearly. There is mirroring point of the floor as well. Something like this. I put on color daringly. I always said that the most important point for drawing is your impression. It’s more important to catch your feeling than to draw exactly, such as how you feel or how you see. Next, regarding this part, there are some reflection light from the bottom so you can take off some of paint. This is a reflection. If this part is bright, it means that the surrounded part is dark. The other parts are middle color tone. For example, you can use this color for middle tone. We shall see this vertical strip shine tracing a shape of a kettle, like this way. This part is mixed together with light and dark color tone. You can think as it is. Now you can see the texture and you can continue your painting without worrying but positively and daringly. If you find anything reflect, you can also add some other colors little, like this part. How’s look? And the other side will get darker… so anyway, it’s mixed together with light and dark color tone. Ok then I finished the beginning part, so let’s get darker color. I’ll put on the color strongly. If you find some bright parts, the surrounded part is very dark. This is the idea, like this way. Emphasizing the dark point strongly. I’m painting this part as reflecting so its surrounded part is dark, right? You need to be aggressive like this and you can see little by little that it looks shining by painting this way. This is the key point of drawing metallic objects. Also, it’s important to use your brush as splashing or sharp when you paint and it helps you to express the texture better. Don’t take it slowly. So, I think it’s better to be aggressive and draw with such mind. What do you think? It’s getting closer to look as metal? Let’s put some sharp lines here. By moving your brush this way, you can make it metallic by bits. For the smooth rounded part, you can blur it little, like as spread colors naturally, such as this part. You can spread your paint by using little watery brush, like this. It makes gradation and looks as rounded semi dull lustering. This is how I paint. Ok then, once the paint getting dry, I’ll put additional dark color, like this, with sharp drawing positively. So, you can see more and more shining texture. The color sometimes get lighter since it’s watercolor but I express strongly to preset the metallic texture. This tip, it’s made of less glazing plastic and it’s better to compare to the part of metal. Firstly, we paint to make an outline, like this. There is a reflection of the handle, so I’ll paint like this. And this part is also dark and this edge as well. I put a color on the tip totally flat but will swipe the surface with clean little watery brush. So how about that, you can see a confirmation by adding lightness. Again, this part take off some color and you can make a confirmation. What do you think? Looks like a lid tip? If you look closely, you can find a reflection of the lid tip here, painting like this. Maybe you can see the mood of metallic? Ok then let’s paint the handle part. This part seems black so I’ll mix viridian and crimson as complementary to make it really dark color, same as the lid tip part. This part look bright so let them blank and the others paint as flat, like this. This point is connected to the thin shining stainless part. You can use a pressure of brush to paint, like this. And paint the other side as symmetric appearance. There is thin metallic form, I’ll paint this way. Then I’ll put all the dark color. These parts reflect all around so I need to add more color beside reflecting part. I’ll add dark shade on this part as well. Do you remember this idea that if the object has smooth surface, basically there is a deep dark part next to a strong light part? Also, there are some points shining or moisture tone. For such parts, you can plus a layer of color. This is how you can vary of colors tone. But you need to keep the position, the light part setting next to the dark part. Be careful not to paint too much details. Next is painting the floor and let’s paint it darker than real. I think it emphasize the brightness of kettle more strongly. Then, I’ll add the shadow part nicely dark. It can give the presence of objects if you draw a shadow darkly, like this. Finally, I’ll adjust some points to make the shadow stretched for the light direction. And then I make this outline of shadow soft but don’t do too much otherwise you’ll lose the reflection texture. Ok, well done. This time I show how to draw a metallic object. At the end, I’d like to show you my piece of work by using today’s method.I hope you enjoy it.

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