Elton John honours Hillary Clinton at annual AIDS Foundation

Elton John honours Hillary Clinton at annual AIDS Foundation

Sir Elton John was joined by Billy Joel, Alec
Baldwin and Courtney Love at a special benefit for his AIDS charity in New York last night. The 66-year-old was marking the 20th anniversary
of the Elton John AIDS Foundation. The star-studded event included a live performance by Heart,
a charity auction and an honour for Hillary Clinton, recognising her work to help those
affected by HIV and AIDS. “If we’re going to beat AIDS, we have to reach
out to everyone, so I thank you for what you are doing here tonight, what you have done
for years and I particularly thank Elton and David for really stepping up working in 54
countries, demonstrating that no human being should be marginalised or left behind. Thank
you, and God speed.” Elton founded the trust in 1992, with the
goal of ending AIDS and HIV infection fatalities around the world. And for his continued dedication,
Elton himself was also honoured. “When I think of the extraordinary people
who have received this honour before me, including my dear friend Princess Diana, I am so humbled
to be counted among such august company, but I’m also tremendously inspired by their courage,
their vision, their generosity, their dedication and grace under fire. What I hope to add to
their legacy is my own special brand of pig headed stubbornness.” Elton’s benefits are some of the biggest highlights
in the showbiz calendar, and every year dozens of celebs turn out for to support Elton and
his foundation. That’s what friends are for.

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  1. Hahahahahhaah that cunt has some nerve killary clinton

  2. So the guy throwing the event gives himself an award, too? LMAO! And yeah, Killary sure needs some recognition for her selfless work… (ahem, cough, cough), but no awards for nurses made it into the program, eh? These bunch can't pat themselves on the back fast enough.

  3. Every great benefit should honor a genocidal warmonger like Hillary The Murderer Clinton.

  4. Old dreamers never die; they just kill real people.

  5. Elton's work is respected even though as a Catholic I believe homosexual acts are sinful.. preventing death if at all possible is not and a respectable act. But also I think Elton doesn't know geopolitics too well. On the other hand.. Hillary would oddly be better for the economy than Trump, but vice versa for national security and other issues

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