[MUSIC PLAYING] I’m feeling my thighs. Hello. That’s the worst way to
start off a conversation. What’s going on? Nothing? Good, because I got a story. And here we go. There was a wall in my
old apartment complex that, at times, felt like
there was no wall there. I could hear everything
my neighbor was doing. And I mean everything. The guy with a douche canoe. He was a douche canoe, man. And he was the worst. He was the worst. I thought he was a
hitman, actually, because he looked like a
thrift store Jason Statham. And he was always in a bad mood. Always had a bag of
chips on his shoulder. I could hear through
this paper-thin wall when he had parties, when he was
watching Jean-Claude Van Damme movies, when he was– I heard
one time he had the hiccups. I could hear him
have the hiccups. I also could hear when, uh,
he would have relations with, uh, you know– And that crap sounded like
two diseased rhinos hopping on a pogo stick together. So I’m sleeping one
night, and I get woken up to what appears
to be, you know, two velociraptors starting
a metal band on a bed frame. And– So I do something. Something that I probably
shouldn’t have done, but, you know. So I take my shoe, and I,
uh, tap against the wall. You know, let ’em– hey, hey. Geppetto’s workshop shuts down. I don’t hear a thing. That’s when I hear
him shout, quiet down! What? Excuse me. I didn’t think my
gentle prance of my shoe would interrupt
your noise-making. So I take my shoe, and
I tap the freaking– I tap the crap out of that wall. I tap– I just go tap, tap,
tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap! Tap. You know what’s on tap? A bunch of taps. Then he shouts, I’m
going to beat your face in if I hear one more tap. One! One! And the lady chimes in, she’s
like, yes, we’re sleeping. I was sleeping. I know what sleep is. What that– what you
were doing was not sleep. That crap is two-player Jumanji,
which they started back up. I was at the end of my rope. So I do something. Something that I probably
shouldn’t have done, but. I make an ad on Craigslist. And I put his address down. Billions of ads on Craigslist
go unnoticed all the time. This was just me passive
aggressively venting. You know, I’m not
the first person to do something like this. I’m not gonna be
the last, either. So it’s, uh– so, uh, next
day, I get home from work. And I start hearing loud
noises, like doors slamming, a little bit of yelling. I don’t know what’s–
I can’t make it out, I just know that it’s just loud. He’s– and that’s
the guy, you know, that’s the norm
for Douche Canoe. He was just a loud person. That’s when I hear him
yell, I don’t have an owl! I should probably tell
you what the ad was about. The ad was that he had
inherited a rare Russian hawk owl named [INAUDIBLE]. And [INAUDIBLE] loved
ice cream sandwiches. I put down that whoever came and
gave [INAUDIBLE] the most ice cream sandwiches to win
over [INAUDIBLE] heart, he would give [INAUDIBLE]
over, because he can’t stay in this apartment
because it was too loud. You know, he’s– Which was a slight jab. I was hoping that
it was so subtle that he wouldn’t pick it up. I also put down
that he might act like he doesn’t know
that he has this owl, and that’s because you
have to say the password. So in order to see
[INAUDIBLE], you had to perform this password. And the password
was that you had to throw– you had to throw
a bunch of glitter in the air and say– and say, magic. You had to throw this glitter
in the air and shout magic. So I run outside, and I see
a small line of people just walking in this guy’s house. I left about the time that I
heard someone shout, magic! Later that night, I hear
some banging on my door. I tread softly to the peephole. I look through. [HEAVY BREATHING] Douche Canoe. He is breathing so intensely. I’m assuming that he saw my
jab, because he was convinced that it was me, right. And he would be right,
because it was me. So you know, he keeps pounding
and just, did you do this? Did you do this? I have been turning
people away all day looking for this flipping owl. I know it was you. I know it was you. Open this door now. Open this door. Oh, man, he wanted to Hulk
smash someone’s face in. There was only really one
way– one way out of this. So I do something. Something that I probably
shouldn’t have done, but, uh. There was a set of clubs,
golf clubs, next to the door. So I grab one upside down. And I’m gonna freaking– I’m
gonna hit him with the idea that I was blind. I could do this. I could pull this off. I can pull this off. Chances of him
hitting a blind man? Pfft. What, like that? So I opened up the door,
and I, like, looked straight up to the clouds, right. But I could still see him. I could still see his stupid
douche canoe face, right. This guy, he is covered–
covered– in glitter. It’s like nobody even did
the ice cream sandwich thing, and just threw
glitter on this guy. [LAUGHING] And I say, what
can I do you for? And I tap the ground once
with this flipping golf club, like an upside down golf club. And, uh, I’m trying to
sell this thing, right? And then that’s when
I remembered, like, what he said to me. And that’s when I said, so
you gonna beat my face in? I could tell his mood instantly
changed, like, uh, oh, oh, crap. The guy’s blind. However, I realize
that I had totally given myself away to
the fact that I was not blind by saying that. I don’t think he knew
that I gave myself away. He, like, cleared his throat– [CLEARING THROAT] I think there might have been a
little bit of glitter in there. And he walks away. I think he actually moved
out a couple weeks later. Because it was quiet. I didn’t hear anything. It was probably
because of the glitter. That crap frigging– that
crap’s probably still there. Pause for end-of-video hotness. [HEAVY BREATHING] This is not what I had in mind. [LAUGHING]

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