Eberron Lore – Creation Myth & The Goblin Nation

Eberron Lore – Creation Myth & The Goblin Nation

Hello everybody Jorphdan here the PH is silent
and welcome to Eberron Explained. A new series where I dive into the lore and
history of the Eberron Campaign Setting. Since this is the first episode I feel it’s
always best to start with creation mythology. The beginning of Eberron is fantastic and
magical. It could be how the world and universe of
the Eberron Campaign Setting was created, or it could be a myth believed by the folk
of Eberron. It’s really up to you to decide, which you’ll
learn that Eberron leaves bits of lore and history opened ended for you the Dungeon Master
and player to fill in the blanks. Deciding for yourself, for your table, how
the world of Eberron exists. Or leave it ambiguous because that’s fun
too. One of the important rules for Eberron is
“if there is a place for it in D&D there is a place for it in Eberron;” just perhaps
not how you might think. Let’s get started. To the locals Eberron is known as the Dragon
between. It is the ground under the feet of the people
of Eberron. The beginning of this setting starts with
three mighty dragons, the first dragons that ever existed. These dragons were large god like beings that
had power beyond measure. The three dragons were Kyber, Siberys, and
Eberron. Together these dragons crafted the planes
at the dawn of time, and decided to rest in the space that lies between them. According to the Adventurer’s Guide to Eberron
the three dragons were able to live in peace until the discovery of a mysterious prophecy. I’m not sure what this prophecy is as I
couldn’t find anything other than it was a prophecy but it shook things up. Evil Khyber fought the others to control this
prophecy. Khyber destroyed Siberys who was torn to pieces
and became known as the Dragon Above. A ring of glowing shards that encircles the
world of Eberron. Khyber then fought Eberron who in this combat
realized he could not win. So he wrapped himself around Khyber and trapped
him. Their bodies formed the planet, Khyber became
the world below, a monster filled maze of caverns that fills the planet. Eberron became the surface world, the dragon
between. In the 4e cosmology this was changed slightly. Siberys became the Astral Sea, Eberron the
Prime Material Plane, and Khyber the Elemental Chaos. Remember all things in D&D have a place in
Eberron, so the new 4e mythology was adapted for Eberron. Some like to think of it like this, others
think Eberron is more isolated and that Siberys is the dragon above, a broken ring that encircles
the planet. Eberron the dragon between, the ground we
live upon. And Khyber is more of a reflection of the
Underdark than a place like the Abyss or the Elemental Chaos. Regardless Khyber is where all the fiends,
devils, and strange monsters of the world come from. Eberron is where all the natural species live,
and broken Siberys hangs above; who’s blood is the source of all magic. Eberron has twelve moons and seven continents
surrounded by oceans and a vast underworld. The continents are named (and please forgive
me I couldn’t find a pronunciation guide for this): Aerenal, Argonnessen, Everice,
Frostfell, Khorvaire, Sarlona, and Xen’drik. According to myth the blood of these great
dragons created all the races of Eberron. Life sprang from the dragons’ blood that
spilled in the initial great battle. Siberys created the dragons, Eberron created
humanoids and other “lower races,” and Khyber created the demons of the world. Demons in the sense of terrible monsters not
necessarily the hard D&D definition of a creature native to the Abyss. The early history of Eberron isn’t well
documented. But there were four great ages past after
the creation of the world. First the Age of Dragons, which we talked
about was the three dragons creating life in the Universe during a great battle until
they became the sky, land, and tunnels below. Next is the age of demons. Evil creatures from the depth of Khyber broke
free and overran the world. The dragons who lived on Eberron fought back
with the help of the couatls. Couatls are radiant, winged serpents born
from Siberys’ blood. The Couatls seeing no end to the conflict
sacrificed themselves to bind the 40 greatest demons (known as the dark lords and eventually
known as the Lord of Dust) and imprison them beneath Eberron. Today the Couatls are virtually unknown and
appear only in myth and legend. Next was the age of Giants. The Giants built an advanced society on the
continent of Xen’drik. The giants ruled because there was nothing
more powerful to oppose them. The dragons could have but they were in hiding
researching the prophecy that started the great battle between the three Progenitor
dragons. The giant civilization rose up from the war
between the dragons and demons. They enslaved many of the elves in that region. The elves rebelled with the help of an invading
race known as the Quori. Now the quori are living nightmares from beyond
the world. An extra planar location known as Dal Quor,
the Region of Dreams. It was the aftermath of the fighting with
the quori that the elves, and drow saw their chance to rebel. The giants were prepared to use some cataclysmic
magic to thwart their slaves and the quori but the dragons decided to intervene. They stopped the giants and when they were
done nothing was left of the once-great giant civilization. The ruins of said civilization can still be
found in Xen’drik. The final age was the age of Monsters. After the fall of the giants lesser races
found room to thrive. Elves, Goblins, and Orcs began to develop
larger settlements, even cities. Their cultures blossomed. On Khorvaire, one of the seven continents, a
great goblin civilization arose known as the Dhakaani Empire. It marked the rise of Khorvaire being the
dominant continent in the world. Part of their success was the absorption of
other goblin nations into the Dhakaani Empire. It steadily grew larger and larger, more organized
and powerful. Remember all aspects of D&D are in Eberron
but might not be what you expect. A smart, powerful, organized and thriving
goblin empire is one of them. The Orcs at this time were mostly nomadic,
and the Elves ran from the goblin empire to create their own cities on other continents. In fact the Elves attempted to take Khorvaire
from the goblins but lost a bloody and long war with them. They left back to the continent of Aerenal
defeated. The fall of this goblin empire occurred when
portals were opened to the Realm of Madness. Creatures known as daelkyr came in and just
decimated the goblin cities from within. Where they couldn’t outright kill they sowed
seeds of chaos among goblins leading to a civil war. Eventually the Orc Druids stepped in and were
able to close the portals but the damage had been done to the goblin civilization. A civil war left the Dhakanni Empire in shambles. It was around this time that halfings were
able to start building societies. Until now they had been under the firm thumb
of the goblins and orcs. And that’s where we will end for today. Next time I’ll discuss the rise of Khorvaire
and it’s civilizations. I’m still learning as I go but I super appreciate
you taking this journey with me. Thanks for watching everyone, and thanks so
much to my patrons on patreon that make this videos happen. If you want to support Eberron Explained and
the videos I make here on YouTube consider stopping by and becoming a patron. Every bit really helps me out. Until next week take care everybody.

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