Easy Origami Exploding Brick Wall Tessellation (16X16 Grid)

Easy Origami Exploding Brick Wall Tessellation (16X16 Grid)

hey guys what’s up Jeremy Shafer here
check out this amazing tessellation that I didn’t design it is the classic brick
wall tessellation and it’s a brick wall on both sides this is the model that was
designed about 40 years ago by Yoshihide Momotani and I’m going to show
you how to fold this but I’m going to show you a slightly different version
you see for this model I just shifted the tessellation over as you can see it
has eight complete bricks and what I also like about it is that it’s ISO area
so we have eight bricks on this side whereas we only have four complete
bricks with the original model and if you want to make even more bricks
I have a separate tutorial for how to make it from a 32 by 32 grid click here
but for the 16 by 16 grid exploding brick wall we want to learn how to hold
it ready set here goes all right so for this exploding brick wall I used a six
inch square of Connie and that’s what I’m going to use for this model but you
could use a sheet of printer paper cut square let’s begin white side up and
fold in half this model is a little tricky but it’s a lot easier than it
looks so let’s unfold and fold this edge to
the crease has always try to make really precise folds and crease sharply and
unfold rotate and fold this edge to the crease and unfold and turn it over now
fold the middle crease just pinch it off like this and fold it on to this crease
and when it lines up flattens so when you flatten it you see you just make
this new fold right there and now let’s pinch this crease and fold
it up to this edge and when it aligned flatten so it’s like this and now fold
the bottom edge to this edge now turn over right to left and fold the top flap
down on the existing crease and fold this edge to the top and now completely
unfold with the colored side up let’s lift not the first crease but the
second crease lift it up and fold it on to the first crease just like we were
doing before and flatten it so that’s what it looks like and skip this crease
but lift this crease up and fold it on to this crease and flatten and continue and now fold the bottom edge to the
first crease all right now rotate and fold this flap up just like you’re
turning the page of a book make sure that it aligns like that and fold this
flap up and so on. Oops, too close okay now hold the bottom edge to the crease now pull the bottom edge up two units
one two and hold it down let’s do it again pull the bottom edge all layers
two units and pull all the layers down and now fold up to your units and all
the layers down and turn over top the bottom and fold in half okay
now unfold so we have colored side up and just divide it into sixteen in this
direction now we’re going to do the same thing but in this direction so color and
sign up fold in half and I’m gonna go a little bit faster this time hopefully
you get the idea cuz it’s really the exact same stuff just switch of color so
unfold and fold this edge to the crease I’m going too fast then you can either
pause the video or if you’re using a desktop computer then you can put it in
slow motion and unfold and now turn over and lift this middle crease up onto this
crease and lift this fold up onto this fold and fold the bottom edge to here and
turn over right to left fold this flap down on the crease and fold in half and
unfold so the white signs up and fold not this crease but the second crease
lift it up fold it onto the first crease and so on and pull the bottom edge to
the crease rotate and fold this edge to here like turning the page of a book and
so on and pull the bottom edge to the crease and here we go two units up one
unit down two units up one unit down and two units up one unit down and turn it
over and fold in half now unfold so we’re on the colored side
and fold in half and now fold this bottom edge up one unit like that and
let’s take the back flap and just unfold it like that okay so this is what it
looks like now now we’re going to take this crease and fold it to this fold so
it’s like that so we have four units here and now let’s go four units here
and make a pleat right here so that way we have four units and four units and
two units and three units all right now fold in half and we’re going to do the
same sort of thing so let’s fold this edge up to the crease and that’s the
back flap swing down and now make this fold and fold it to here so we have four
units and now go four units on this side make this bold and beat it
so we have four units four units two units and three units all right now turn
over top to bottom and now comes a fun set of moves we’re going to take this
flap and fold it just like you’re turning the page of a book but right
here you want to squeeze these two edges together make sure that they align
perfectly and flap in so it’s like that and now we’re going to do the same thing
on this flap so turn the page and pinch these edges together like that and again
here just it up turn the page and you really want to make sure that
these edges align well that’ll make the next step a lot easier now we’re going
to do the same thing on these layers right here so what you’re going to do is
pick up this flap and like turn the page and we’re going to align here but we’re
also going to align here so it’s just like this make sure it aligns perfectly like that and same here drag it down and fold this flap alright so we just
did nine swivels 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 each one of those is going to become an ISO
area to twist square so let’s turn over and now comes the fun part
rotate and separate these two points so hold right here and just flatten them
like that if they get stuck if you’re having trouble you could just kind of
lift these flaps up a little bit and then they flatten easily and now
separate these two flaps and separate these two like this and here we have 3
twist squares and let’s continue like this step right here that’s number four
number five and number six and seven eight and nine Alright, rotate and here we have one two three
four bricks and we have a 3 X 4 brick and another 3X4 rectangle
here so let’s fold this flap up and this flap like that and same on this 3 by 4
brick and rotate and do the same on these two bricks all right now turn over top the bottom
and fold this flap up like this and same with this flap like that and rotate and
do the same thing here one two and rotate and we have one two three four
and we have 3 by 4 3 by 4 let’s do the same thing and turn over top the bottom and pull
this flap up and this flap up and rotate and pull this up and and we are
done there’s eight brown bricks and eight
white bricks so there you have it I hope you guys were able to fold this and if
you were able to fold it then I recommend trying to fold 32 bricks on
both sides and it’s from my 32 by 32 grid click
here for that tutorial all right I hope you guys enjoyed folding this and I’ll
see you guys later

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