Duro-Last commercial roofing system

Duro-Last commercial roofing system

be selecting the right roof for your
building is a complex decision so here are a few things to consider
when choosing a roofing system is the roofing system custom fabricated
for your building is this roofing product a good
environmental or green choice for example will it help reduce your
building’s energy consumption is it lightweight so that less fuel is
used to transport it to the job site can it be recycled average useful life
does the manufacturer support its product with a warranty that
protects you against ponding water and consequential damages and does the manufacturer have the staff
in place to respond to emergencies and stand
behind your roof installation for years to come what is the roofs total life cycle cost when longevity maintenance or repair
costs energy savings and tear often disposal costs are all
considered when it comes to installing your new roof does your roofing
contractor have commercial roofing experience competent installation crews and a good
reputation for quality when you choose a Duro Last roof for
your next project you’re protecting your building with a
prefabricated energy-saving long-lasting roofing solutions that we proudly call
the world’s best roof. Thank you for taking the time to
view this presentation we hope you enjoyed your virtual tour. Please visit Duro Last roofing for more information on a precision fabricated roof for
your building please contact your Duro Last sales
representative or visit our website at or contact a Duro Last contractor like CanAm – or call 1-800-307-3719

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