Draco: Bringing Life to Illustrations with Kinetic Textures

Draco: Bringing Life to Illustrations with Kinetic Textures

Draco is a sketching tool that brings life to illustration Our tool is built upon kinetic textures providing a rich set of continuous animation effects Now lets add some kinetic textures to this illustration We’ll start by emitting steam from the coffee mug We sketch some example strokes and sketch the emmitter This creates a continuous texture that continuously emits steam from the emitter We’ll add some motion paths to guide the movements of the steam We’ll adjust the speed and emission rate of the steam Now we want to add finer, granular motion details So we expand the patch box and directly rotate one of the example strokes This rotation is applied to all of the objects Now, we will add an oscillating texture for the bubbles in the glass Once again we will start by sketching some example bubbles Sketching the brush skeleton creates a texture of bubbles We then sketch an oscillating skeleton and the texture starts oscillating between the two positions We can continue sketching the oscillating skeleton until we are satisfied Again, we want to add more dynamics So we select a granular motion and translate a bubble by direct manipulation The motion propagates to all the bubbles Similarly we’ll add another emitting texture with example strokes an emitter motion paths and a texture outline A texture mask hides the bubbles when behind the shiny region of the glass This time we want the moving bubbles to grow in size gradually So we’ll sketch a new motion profile to gradually increase the size of the bubbles along the path Finally, for the candle we’ll create another oscillating texture Here’s our resulting animated illustration We have brought it to life with kinetic textures Interaction Example Object Motion Path Granular Motion Motion Profile: Scale Motion Profile: Velocity Oscillatory Texture Emitting Texture Example Object Brush Skeleton Oscillatory Skeleton Granular Motion Motion Path More Results…

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  1. Make it! Make it for iOS!

  2. Someone knows what brand+model is the tactile screen on which the demonstrator draws in the demo? 

  3. Using vector paths to animate a looping action.  Nice for quick effects, can't you do the same with Ps and animated gifs, to a degree ?

  4. is it possible to export or import illustration from PSD or AI? this is awesome! when to be released?

  5. theres a download version?

  6. release date plz ? 😀

  7. Impressive, this software will have a ton of uses 😀

  8. Very interesting! What kind of file does it exports to..?

  9. We will be hosting a free technology preview on Autodesk Labs and look forward to your feedback.

  10. 🙁 no beta testing for android

  11. I`m a Galaxy Note user, we need a beta for android!

  12. So far, it's fun. Just started using today. I'd like it in desktop version.

  13. any desktop version? THANK YOU!

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