Dr. Lisa Su: Fortune 500 CEO, Semiconductor Evangelist, Renowned Leader, Role Model, and Engineer

Dr. Lisa Su: Fortune 500 CEO, Semiconductor Evangelist, Renowned Leader, Role Model, and Engineer

I spent the last 20 years in
the semiconductor industry I’ve spent quite a bit of time
on the R&D sides, but I also love running
good businesses and most importantly, I love being
able to bring great products to
the market. And that’s what I think we have
to do at AMD. What’s the world going to look
like, you know, three years from now? Five years from now?
Ten years from now? Everyone of us can change the
world because we’re working in
the most exciting technology field, at probably a
place where the next five to ten years are going to
see more innovation than the last ten years have seen.
We’re going from 10 billion devices to really there are 50
billion devices. It’s really about, how
do we make heterogeneous computing happen
in a big way, sharing with each other,
learning, networking, and really driving an ecosystem
around the future of computing. There’s
never been a better time to be in the semiconductor
industry. Entrepreneurship is really vital for women. It’s
vital to their economic participation, but it’s also
their ability to advance into leadership roles
in the corporation and corporations play such a big
role in the global economy. We’re lucky enough
though, that Lisa Su would join us. Thank you,
Melinda. It’s really such an
honor to be here amongst this incredible group
of leaders. And what you really
realize about innovation is it really
only happens when you bring
people together with different
backgrounds and different
experiences who can really solve problems
together. So really, this is an opportunity of a
lifetime. I’m extremely excited and really looking forward to
everything we can do together. ♪♪

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  1. Love how Lisa talks collaboration and innovation. Too many people stand still complaining that things don't change instead of being the change.

  2. AMD don`t talk , just do !!!!!!!!!

  3. Keep up the good work Dr. Su.

  4. I like her, she's not afraid to show up and promote all her company's products, even the gaming ones.  I like how she showed up personally during the E3 PC gaming show twice (morning and evening) to promote the Fury cards.

  5. ok AND… first of all of this gonna hurt and NO i am no a hater, in fact i have AMD and used to use RADEON.

    dear AMD you are just loosing this GPU-CPU war, the only motive that you still having money its because you have APU in a horrible  laptops and consoles…
    INTEL already have 5… generations of really really powerfull CPUs and here it comes the 6 !(and they use DDR4-M2 etc..) … NVIDIA have a such power full GPU and such technology !! that yours GPUs just look… like a toy for play games in medium setting….
    really you need to do something… because the APU… wont last for ever… stop refreshing the SAME GPU every time!!!!! is  STUPID !!! do somthing new and creat new CPU !!!!

  6. i want the Nano 😀 gpu of year imo (depending on price ofc)

  7. The reason for leaving less fps in AMD is maybe because it sacrifices to give a better graphics detailing in games

  8. Working together is what best for business…

  9. Dr. Lisa Su is much better than Rory Read. Just takes time to do what we want when everything need to be carefully set at the good moment in time.

  10. Soo umm
    About that rumor of AMD selling itself to Micro$oft.

  11. lol great products

  12. @AMD Dr. Lisa Su and everyone at AMD are great.  Thank you, I hope to see more from AMD.   Actually, I'd much like to see some of AMD's prior IP make a come back as a new product, an AMD Radeon Crimson Fury APU (suggested name).  A new GPU with HBM RAM, memory controller and PCIe master bus link to CPU instead of the other way around.  Basically, a GPU with integrated CPU on board instead of a CPU with integrated GPU.  No more CPU and PCIe bus bottlenecking our extremely fast cards or multi-GPU crossfire setups since the GPU will have priority over the RAM and PCIe bus.  I want it on my desk 2018.  It is a complicated setup, but with some of AMD's previous IP (ask Semi-Custom) it shouldn't be that difficult.  I know you know what I'm talking about…  Make it happen…  And yes, I am crazy. 😉

  13. 295Χ2 ITS A BEAST

  14. GPU ARE OK , MAKE NEW CPUS 14nm make ayto overcloking and hyperthreding tetecknology, and leave the mantdel microsoft make tha mandel dx12.

  15. AMD is fusion and future…. huge respect for Dr.Lisa Su and all those bright amazing people, amazing corporation, great GPU-s, true innovators world leaders, AMD.

    Greetings from Serbia fanboy

  16. Pleaz AMD make me crave something made by u!New cpus line actualy new ones! No tweaks no refreshes.New,period.Make something that woud kill Your competition even if for a few months.Refresh my hope in u cuz its ding

  17. FIRE THIS WOMEN    ..Not smart enuff to release some type of cpu worth gameing or speed for like what  4 years

  18. Go AMD! I'm heavily invested, as a gamer as well as an investor. I hope AMD takes advantage of their HBM priority and squeeze out NVIDIA in 2016 for as long as possible! Make use of all HBM channels. Also since DX12 will finally favor GNC architecture for parallelism, AMD needs to help near future game developers to pump out AAA titles as soon as possible. With great hopes for Zen next year, I predict AMD's share price will at least double by this time next year. Support!

  19. I agree with Dr. LISA SU on that, diverse people working together really do solve problems. Seems open minded.

  20. I hope AMD Zen is innovative.

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