doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation Nepal Water Project

doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation Nepal Water Project

So we are here high
in the mountains in Nepal. And as we drove up from Kathmandu yesterday
you can see the beauty that just surrounds us in this village We’re at about 6,000 7,000 feet above
elevation when the clouds clear you can see 20,000 foot peaks of the Himalayas. So this village is
this absolutely beautiful. We actually had a dedication of a water
project that we’re working on this morning. This water project will allow another
400 to 500 families to have access to clean drinking water. Not only that but they’ll be able to
use this water to water all of the crops and all of their
plants that they’re growing here. The trench is actually quite a long
ways close to a mile long. They’ll have to dig that trench to
get the water here and then it will gravity feed down to the village. As we are working with them hand in
hand it’s just amazing to feel the love that we share even though these
people live on the other side of the world. It’s like we’re brothers and sisters
working hand in hand digging trenches, moving rocks for this water project. We had an opportunity to put
some oils on these women’s hands and to be able to connect with these
people and feel the hard work on these hands and get some AromaTouch, some Eucalyptus,
some Cardamom, some Deep Blue a nd the women really opened up and we really got to bond and have
relationships and I love that gift of touch and the gift of oils because
it had to bring us together. Beyond language being able to hold someone’s hands
look them in the eye say namaste, I see you. That’s a big deal. We don’t do
it often. We rush by people very quickly but they stop and pause
and see the individual. Yesterday was my second experience
witnessing a Days for Girls event and really raising up the conversation
with dignity and respect about menstration and about being a girl and taking care
of ourselves. It was it was truly just a beautiful moment. I’m so grateful

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