Don Lemon Schools Anti LGBT Activist

Don Lemon Schools Anti LGBT Activist

well just to clarify key issue here
woody allen i’m so in all fifty states there’s
nothing illegal about safe sex marriage should people be safe sex can live
together and love each other they can go to their church after church
harnessing settling ceremony didn’t work out a place of employment and given us a
sense that with that issue right now that the other
about the supreme court over your financial record dating or
having a good success marriages because is that is that the people illegal learned a lot
of the density without these young people instrumental addresses the such as a
matter of some medicines and that’s just not true that it is a legal ticket
inactive cities are not at the same thing on the big business dale bumpers deficit cutter while at the
end of this error so i think i have as much as i want to let you know what utah at this address and that is what you’re
saying because it gives the people digital don’t have the same exactitude
legal with militarily i said let me finish
writing let me finish nivedita it’s that’s an accident this reason
because it is a little bit don’t have the same rights people don’t have the
same as you can see many places people in the hospital people who are sick dot at the same right from the tax laws
noticing that it’s not because of their interviewing a reversal in the states
now that hartford i disagree with you because
it’s obviously a legal you can go to jail for doing it it’s healing well hill asking people to great is in legal
fees fuel of the essays that relationships not
illegal so i think it doesn’t matter how soon after that he was using the wrong coverage is not enough to send a message
that’s the way since it is not a legal notice dot that being buried in certain
states easily dot gov dot u_k_ go to jail burke namesake racket uh… the question of what is that the
other two or three created are men look gratitude on lemon at p_p_ some
people said they think he flipped out there our particular daryl welcome and uh… perpetually amazed by it uh… these right wing guys at the
heritage foundation and other places that come up with these arguments but
you can almost see them sitting in a board room although sitting around
thinking like how can we do the mental gymnastics to
come up with an argument that sounds convincing on the split is
absolutely ridiculous will say i icily let me know hundreds dead engane marriage is not a legal what are you talking about wasn’t legal all really okay simon and discussion so
let’s just pass a law the federal level that says that uh… every single state
has to allow gay marriage or a paper that right alway union favor that mean you just
said that is not a legal all right so let’s go to five brothers
so if it’s not a legal let’s go that extra step and say okay then a biological deduction if you’re saying
it’s not a legal that means is legal so you’re okay with gay marriage being
legal on the federal level and not allowing states to to to not recognize
right you’re saying you know i mean you’re saying that’s the case already electro you wouldn’t be in favor of that because you know you’re arguing is
bullshit cop-out i think about once a it dont and all in
his day by the way fast i don’t know how he was as calm as he
was in saint john bookman you’re not going
to be thrown in jail if you wanna marry somebody in a midwestern state is that they don’t allow it but that
doesn’t mean it’s here we go uh… page what in jaywalking is a legal
to build for you in jail teaching what i mean what do you do these people in there are twenty nine states in the
united states of america where our businesses are legally allowed to just
kick your ass out if they think you’re gay and and they want to repeat it open discrimination is a lot about in
twenty nine states and the majority of st store i cannot
believe only nine states recognized by gay marriage on the state level and
there’s still some provision of the defense of marriage act that uh…
basically make it so that gay marriages in most states are are
illegitimate and this india comes along and and smugly looks like they’re not
going to draw you in sales let me know yeah i like my argument

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  1. Ryan Anderson is a little twit.

  2. An *action* that contradicts a law is illegal (and can be punished). Marriage is a legal recognition/protection of a *state-of-life* (the married life). Gay marriage isn't an individual's action and if it isn't recognized by the state, it isn't a marriage, and therefore can't be called illegal.

    I think you (and Don Lemon) want to say that gay marriage isn't legally recognized. That is significantly different from being illegal.

  3. The anchor and others don't seem to have the intelligence to discern the difference between what is illegal and what is not legally recognized. A subtle but true point. The anchor is a rude, little twit. Anderson is intelligent. It is not a matter of semantics.

  4. Agree with you 100% Go Anderson screw that black twit!

  5. His "gay marriage isn't legal" was not his argument.  He was simply clarifying a point that Lemon made to crystallize the conversation.  That being said, you are quick to not only characterize his clarification as his argument against marriage, but also belittle calling it flawed and stupid.  So, even a simple, logical statement eludes you yet you're keen on laughing about it.  I'll make it nice and sparkling clear for you: the definition of illegal is an action that violates a law in the criminal or civil code.  Just like Mr. Anderson stated, there are no laws against same sex marriage because you cannot violate something that cannot exist without the recognition of the government.  Something is not illegal if there is no law to transgress.  And yet you deride such simple logic that merely served as a clarification.  Even worse, you call it his primary argument against same sex marriage and attack it…a clear example of a straw man.  So, not only are you attacking the wrong argument but also doing so idiotically.  Congratulations.  

  6. It is not illegal to have same sex marriage.  If it was illegal that would illicit a criminal penalty like being black was during the 1950's which I strongly believe is NOT the same type of civil rights as gay marriage. Ryan T Anderson is clearly trying to establish some ground with this ignorant anchorman.

  7. @Secular Talk  You dont go to jail for J-walking but you can get fined. You dont go to jail or get fined for having a same sex relationship. Thats what he meant and you know that but your head is too stuck up a donkeys ass to admit you liberals are wrong and the whole "gay marriage is illegal" argument is another B.S. way for you guys to get sympathy for your position. Stop being a prick and use facts smh

  8. @Secular Talk Illegal=forbidden by law or statute.
    Same sex marriage isnt illegal it just isnt recognized by certain states.

  9. This channel is the biggest joke of any "news."

  10. I'm with you 😑✋

  11. why would legislators write a bill to legalize something  that is already legal?Kyle  picked the wrong time to  join Don Lemonwhen he's dead wrong

  12. legal on a federal level?marriage isn't controlled by the federal governmentthe states control itstates recognizing it  and punishing people for being involved in it are two different things

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