Doing Makeup With MY BABY!!! She Was SO Over It LMAO | Jackie Aina

Doing Makeup With MY BABY!!! She Was SO Over It LMAO | Jackie Aina

– Hi, guys, welcome back to my channel. It’s your gal, Jackie Aina. ♪ Jackie, Jackie, Jackie,
Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie ♪ ♪ Jackie, Jackie, Jackie,
Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie ♪ ♪ Jackie, Jackie, Jackie,
Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie ♪ Well, today we have a special guest. Someone that you haven’t
seen on this channel before. This is my niece, her name is Jade. I had to get to getchu to
click on the title somewhere, so she’s not my baby. She’s my sister’s baby. No, I’m not practicing. Do not wish to have babies for the gram. Please spare me the comments down below about how much I need
to be a mom right now. I’ll be just fine. This is my little niece Jade, and she likes to kinda
be around, you know, hanging out while I’m
getting my glam done, so I figured we would do that together. Today is 4/20, so I’m feeling very green. Jade and I aren’t really into the ganja, but, you know, hey, for
the culture, why not? Jade is one years old by the way. Her favorite brands are Fenty,
and Lancome, and Pat McGrath. She’s a Pat McGrath stan,
she loves Pat McGrath. Oh, now you’re quiet all of a sudden, huh? You’ve been so talkative all
morning, what happened, Jade? Jade, Jade, Jade, Jade! Here you go, Jade. You like Fenty, right? You love Fenty. Jade is in a big chilling mood ’cause it’s almost her nap time. She’s just gonna be here chilling with me. Ain’t that right, Jade? Here you can hang out with Miss Fenty. It’s 4/20, and I thought (laughs) why not use the Milk Hydro
Grip, you know it’s, no? No, it’s not that cool, all right, got it. This primer is so revolutionary. Like I really didn’t think I was gonna like it as much as
I did when I first tried it, but, girl, it’s so good. Jade, do you like my primer? What do you think? It just has this nice cooling. It’s like a cucumber mask for the face. It just feels so good. I’m also gonna pop on some
Skintune Blur from FARSALI on to my pores. What are you staring at, Jade? Bust down, Jadiana. I think Jade’s a little starstruck. She doesn’t know what to do. But that’s okay. That ain’t no problem,
that ain’t no problem. She’s tired. Popping in a little bit of Lancome, you like this one? Do you like Lancome? Say Lancome. Lancome. Lancome. I’m popping that under my eyes. Oh my god, I love this stuff. By the way, today’s Easter. I hope you guys had a beautiful Easter. Here, girl, you need some too. You’re a little dry. You’re, ah, ah! Hot in here, Jade, little sweaty. I’m going to powder my
face like I always do after I apply primer. Oh, this is the Lancome
powder, by the way. The Long Time, No Shine
Poudre Libre Matifiante. I like this powder but I do think it’s better for people with dry skin. It’s not as oil controlling
as I would like it to be but that ain’t no problem. It is really good for blurring the skin. Like every time I use this powder, I just feel very soft and smooth. I just feel like
everything just looks blur. (babbles)
Yeah, blurry, exactly. Everything looks soft and smooth
and blurred and flaw free. I’m quite red, but we’re gonna fix that. Don’t worry about that. For foundation, I’m
gonna take Teint Idole. Teint Idole, Jade? Do you approve, what do you think, Jade? Teint Idole, do you like Teint Idole? You are a Lancome stan, right? You are, exactly. The shade that I use, by
the way, is 520 Suede. Oh, this is the wrong one. I use a little 530 around my mouth and then I use 520 errywhere else, you know, she is all golden. 530 I use to color correct. Bomb! Finish, bomb! But this is why Teint Idole
is just a household name. It is therapeutic doing makeup
with a baby in your lap. Doesn’t matter the baby, just go find one. Actually, please don’t
do that, that’s weird. Jade does not like full coverage. She says that she’s
more of a natural b-gal. (growling) (growling) Boop, boop, boop! Boop, boop, boop! That’s not edible, Jade,
that’s a makeup wipe. That’s definitely not edible. By the way, can we get into this body suit that I’m wearing now, excuse me, Jade. You’re cute, but the body suit’s cuter. This is from Jordyn Woods’ SECNDNTURE. I told you guys on Insta
stories a couple weeks ago that I was going to
order some of her stuff because I personally, am I boring you? Am I boring you? Excuse me. Excuse me. If anybody ever comes out
with an athleisure line, I’m wearing it! Love workout clothes that I
can also wear out in public. Like they’re just so life. They’re just life. I need this, I need, excuse
me, can I borrow this? Thank you. I’m gonna contour with
Espresso from Fenty, their match sticks. No (laughs), that’s not edible, Jade. That’s not edible,
ma’am, that’s not edible. Nice try, but it’s not edible. (coughing) Ma’am, ma’am, yeah, you
cover your mouth, ma’am. (growling) Say Fenty. Fenty, Fenty, Fenty, Fenty. Fenty. (babbles)
Fenty. (babbles) Espresso. Espresso. Espresso.
(babbles) Neiman Marcus. Barney’s. (babbling)
Yeah, I agree. Jade, who are you voting
for in the 2020 election? Right now, we’re just contouring
a little bit for Jade. She’s getting some blush applied. Yes, Jade! Yes, Jade, aren’t you the cutest? Would you like contour or would
you like bronzer, which one? Bronzer or contour, Jade? Bronzer or contour? Bronzer or contour? Paper or plastic? Sounds like contour to me. I’m gonna do some color correcting. (humming) That’s Jade’s Nirvana remix. On top of that, I’m gonna take
my Born This Way concealer in the shade Chestnut. Jade, do you like Too Faced? Sounds like a yes to me. Jade, can I borrow $10,000? You heard me. (babbles) Can I borrow $10,000? Yes or no? Okay, you think you too good now, huh? All right, I see how it is. Jade is at the phase of picking things up and throwing them, for
no reason, for no reason. (giggles) Jade, if you do that one more time! Would you stop, please? Jade, would you stop? What did Hourglass ever do to you? If you throw it, Jade. Try me! Try me, Jade! You know what, you’re trying it. You’re definitely trying it. No, ma’am, oh, if you touch the FARSALI. You must have a death wish. Oh, wow, okay. Okay, okay, okay, okay,
okay, fine, fine, fine. You better be nice. Better be careful, Jade. I ain’t playin’ with you. (laughs) That’s not edible, Jade. That is not edible! I think she thinks this is a bottle! It’s not a bottle. She thinks my FARSALI’s a bottle. It’s not a bottle. Jade, you can’t, no. It’s not a bottle! You can try to drink it if you want. There’s nothing in there,
fine, do whatever you want. Don’t listen to me. I’m just looking out for you, ma’am. ♪ Oh, baby, I love the way ♪ ♪ Oh, baby, can’t you see ♪ ♪ What you do to me ♪ ♪ Our love was meant to be ♪ ♪ You were made for me ♪ – Jade, we’re gonna be snatched today! (cries) Oh my god, she really
won’t let me take this. Gimme this! (cries)
Oh, no! I’m sorry. Sorry, Jade.
(cries) Oh. Here, Smashbox is there,
Smashbox, there you go. I didn’t see any FARSALI, Jade. I swear I didn’t see it. I didn’t see it, Jade, I did not see it. Oh, don’t cry, baby. (laughs) I’m trying to put it
away without her seeing me. Jade has thrown half of
my makeup all on the floor and she’s continuing to do it. Jade, are you fed up with capitalism? Like what are you protesting? (yawns) Let’s talk about it. Is it the beauty norms? Oh, okay. Say Too Faced. Not the Lancome, nah, you’re trying it. Jade, Too Faced, Too Faced. (babbles)
Too Faced. (babbles)
Too Faced. – Dada.
– Too Faced. – Dada.
– Too Faced. – Dada. – Y’all notice that Fenty’s the only thing she hasn’t thrown yet? Maybe that’s a sign, I don’t know. (coughs) If you could cover your mouth. You coughing all over
my palettes, sweetie. Jade, Benefit or Anastasia? Which one, Jade? Anast… All righty. Now I like to take my, excuse me, I’m doing a demonstration, ma’am. Bronze it out, just, you know, instead of contouring, you
don’t need to contour your nose. Instead of contour my nose,
I’d rather just do this. Not only does it soften the brow, but it also just really makes, it just elevates the makeup look overall. Rae’s palette looks so bomb. Look at this, look at this, look at this. Jade, look, Jade. Isn’t it so pretty? I love how she kinda went
a little rainbow with it. You got purple looks,
pink looks, natural looks. There’s something for everyone. It looks so pretty. Congratulations, Rae. So I’ll take Brick, which
is this color right here. No! And of course a little bit of ABH brow gel because it’s fire. I actually went from
going to chocolate brown, now I use medium brown ’cause
it just adds this nice, ashy, like the only part of my body I want to be ashy are my brows. Just really adds a nice touch. It kinda lightens them a little bit. And I do that normally when
I wear a lighter hair color, like a blonde or a icier
whatever, whatever what have you. ♪ Baby, you can blend it out ♪ (cooing) – You like Brick, huh? Yeah, me too. Ooh, that’s a lot more orange than what I thought I was signing up for, but you know what, it’s cool. It’s all right, we gon’ go with it. These are blending out fabulously
and are very pigmented. So Brick, I’m gonna blend all the way from inner to outer crease area. Ma’am, the movements. No, ma’am, I already know. What the? That grip was hella tight. The brush I’m using is the Morphe M532. Next, Ambitious looks really pretty, it’s like a dark, matte teal. Oh my god. Jesus Christ. (sighs) No. (cries)
Okay, okay, okay, okay. Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. So I’m blending, though
first I’m placing it in my outer V and then I’m
gonna start blending out. (gasps) Please don’t do that, Jade! This is the Zoeva 228 Crease. You don’t like Zoeva? What’s wrong with Zoeva? This is the 228 Zoeva. Oh, no, oh, Lord Jesus, she figured out how to open it, dang! (laughs) Stop it, Jade. Jade, no! (crying) Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay. That blended out so good. For my lid, because it’s 4/20 (cackles). So I’m gonna take Ignite and this is the, I hope this is for the eyes,
okay, it is for the eyes, it’s the metallic eyeshadow from Morpheus and it’s a dark, smoky, hazy green. And I’m gonna pop that on to my lid. Now before that dries down,
I’m gonna go back to Ambitious and start blending out around it. (crying)
Can I borrow this, please? Can I please borrow this? Can I please? Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay!
(crying) Here, here, here, here, here, here, here. Jade is falling asleep so
I put her down to go rest. She’s not sleep, but she’s like 80% there. I’m gonna grab Saucy from Baddie B. One thing that I’ve been doing to really get my lashes to
stay on is I’ll double coat and that’s also what takes
me long to apply them. I’ll apply one layer of lash glue, let it dry down, and then
double apply it again, and then I’ll apply
another one on top of that, let it dry, and then apply. You know, just in case you
at the pulpit, confessing, things start to loosen up a little bit. For my top lash line, I’m
gonna take a darker green. This is a terrible name (giggles). It’s called Junkie. And right at the base of my lash or the lash line, I should say. For blush, some people been sleeping on bareMinerals blushes. They actually have really good blushes. They came out with a whole
line of 20 of them last year. The shade that I’m gonna
use is Bellini Brunch. It’s peachy orange and the
good thing about this color is even though it’s a little soft, I do have to layer it up. You can never really apply too much because it’s so faint that it’s like, it’s really hard to mess this up. Perfect. And it perfectly complements the color that we have in our crease. I’m gonna highlight using the new Endless Orgasm palette from NARS. I went on this brand trip
when this product launched and it’s a banger. It’s all cream, so you
can use them on your body, you can use them on your
face, really up to you. Whatever floats your boat
or finds your lost remote. Take this deep gold color on
the bottom middle, right there. And I’m gonna apply that to my cheekbones. So I’ve actually been applying
this underneath my makeup. Kind of like a glow from within. And I like how you can
kinda toggle between colors. Like you can mix them up. And then set the look using
the Smashbox Primer Water. Might not even be used for setting spray, but, hey, we gonna do it today. Oh, this is a new one. There we go. Oh, it smells so good. And then I’m gonna apply
Dope Taupe lipstick from, wait, you know what? Dope Taupe is pretty cool. I’m gonna grab something a
little more warm, hold on. I hate to be that guy,
but I’m gonna be that guy. I grabbed Peach Please, which you guys have seen me
apply like 50 million times but I can’t help it, it’s cute. It’s the perfect peachy
nude for chocolate girls. I mean, Peach Please
would look good on anyone but it’s just, oh, so creamy and so nutty. I’m gonna take Champagne
Gold lip topper from Jouer. I feel like it’ll kinda connect with the glitter part of my eyes and I’m gonna apply that
in the center of my lip. Ooh, I was right. There’s some green in there, that’s fun. You guys, I’m so dead. She literally woke up the moment I said I’m gonna go wake up Jade and it wasn’t even planned. Well, me and this little cutie are goin’ out for Easter brunch. I hope you guys enjoyed
hanging out with us on today’s video and I
hope you guys enjoyed hanging out with me and
Jade in today’s video! Jade’s first official cameo. I would like to think that
one day she’s gonna look back, maybe 20, 30 years from now
and be like that was me. Goo goo ga ga! Thank you guys again for watching and I’m gonna be nice to you. I’m gonna kindly ask that
you watch the next video right here while me and Jade take a nap. Oh, ‘scuse me, can’t
mess up my lashes, sorry. Well, I ain’t gon’ nap ’cause you know I’m not trying to mess up my lashes but you know what I’m saying. Jade, can you say bye? Say bye-bye. Say bye-bye. Say bye-bye. Say bye! She’s over it, she’s so over it. Not me, you. She’s not over me, we’re
good, she’s over you.

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