DIY Wall Decor – Pressed Glass Frame

DIY Wall Decor – Pressed Glass Frame

Hi I’m Jennifer with Jennifer Decorates
and today I have got a really easy do-it-yourself wall decor idea that I
think you’re really gonna love. So stay tuned. I’m going to show you how to make your
own pressed glass frame. If you’ve never heard that before, all it is you got a regular frame with your glass on the front and usually cardboard on the back.
So, instead of the cardboard on the back, we’re going to put another piece of
glass and have two pressed glass pieces together. You can put a special
certificate in there, special leaves, or pressed flowers. But I decided what I’m
going to put in mine is, this is an old song book that I sang from as a little
girl and this is well over 40-something years old and I took some of my favorite
songs out of here. Some that my dad used to lead. He turned 90 this year so
there’s special songs and what I did was I took a razor blade and I just cut down
straight the songs out that I wanted to use. I’ve got my songs ready but if you’re
doing a piece of paper in your pressed glass project, I want to show you a
really neat trick to make the paper look aged. And what you’ll need is some
stamping ink that is kind of a color of caramel and then I just use a little
sponge and what you’re going to do is, you’re going to rub it on your
stamp ink and you’re going to rub the edges. Let me bring it a little closer to
show you how cool this is. Take your sponge, rub it across your ink pad, and gently
brush the edges. If you want to get the corner a little heavier, you can lay it
down and you go all the way around doing the same thing. If you need more ink
go ahead and rub your sponge across again. Let me show you the difference. This is
one that was just started a little bit and this is one that’s completed. Just adds
a little touch. Now we’re going to put my project
together, but before you do you want to make sure your glass is really clean and
if I can share one more tip. I like to use glass cleaner that sprays on like a
foam. I tend to when I use the Windex more
liquid one, I tend to spray too much before I know it it’s going to cracks
and sometimes when I put my picture in I don’t see it and it gets it wet. So that’s
just what I prefer, for what that’s worth. Now one thing I want you to do, these
little metal brackets that are in the frame that when you put the back back on
your frame you know you push it back in. I want you to take all those out and the
reason is it’s because when you put that second piece of glass on and you fold
this back over its going to show. So I want you to just use some simple wire
cutters wire snips and just pop them out. Really easy to do. Go ahead and get your
glass clean and then I’m ready to put my songs in. I’m going to kind of cross them over,
like so. I’ve already cleaned this glass. Be really careful to not cut yourself. Place that back in. Make sure I like where it’s at. So how you’re going to keep this in here is with a little bit of hot glue. Once your glue is dry, take a look at the
front and if any is showing you can just take a razor blade and kind of push it
back in there so it doesn’t show. As a decorator, it seems like 40% of my job is
hanging stuff and I cannot stand to see a picture of hanging crooked. I get a
little OCD about that. So how I solve that is, this is called poster tack. I don’t
know if you’ve ever heard about it before but I take a little piece of it,
this stuff is amazing, and I’ll put it on the back and then I’ll hang my picture
and it doesn’t have to be straight because I’ll push my picture against the
wall and when it needs straightening I push it till it’s straight which adheres
this poster tack to the wall and the frame and you never have to straighten
your picture again. Even when you dust it, someone bumps it, it’s pretty much going
to stay in place. So, that’s just one of my little decorating secrets. So let me
go hang my two pictures and I’ll show you how it turned out. I hope you enjoyed that tutorial. Please
subscribe to my channel. I’m going to be doing a lot more fun tutorials. Have a
wonderful day. Thank you. I did them with these these work these
are called snips

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  1. tahnks you very much!
    very useful

  2. did you use all poster tack to hang the picture or did you use a nail and poster tack?

  3. Thank you. Was just trying to figure out how to do this as a centerpiece. Wonder if the glue will hold safely then.

  4. I'm going to put all my sacred geometry in them

  5. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing 🎄

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