DIY Koi Pond Construction | Finishing & Pouring Concrete – Part 6

DIY Koi Pond Construction | Finishing & Pouring Concrete – Part 6

[MUSIC] Check your bucket. We need at least one
more bag I think. I don’t know, it’s dang close. Maybe not. Then,
yeah, there you go. You want to get all that,
you want a nice wet cap over it. Now then, see how all this is high?>>Mm-hm.>>You want to just take it,
and you want to float it and work it back and
forth like you’re rolling dough.>>Okay.>>And if it’s extra, then you
can bring it right to your edge.>>Uh-huh.>>Bring it right to your edge,
and push it off.>>Okay.>>What I have here is
a half-inch bullnose trowel, and what this does is it puts a beveled
edge all the way around the edge of the concrete,
all the way around the pond. Okay, what you’re gonna do is
you’re gonna set it in there, work it in between the bender
board and the concrete. You’re gonna work it up and
go back and forth, and you’re gonna get
some buildup right here. Don’t worry about that. Slough it off and
keep working your way around. Float the top,
push it down a little bit more. Gives a nice smooth edge, all the way around. As for all the stuff clumping up on
the sides, you could always redo it, push it down a little bit again. Shake it up and down and kinda just work that little bits of
aggregate back into the concrete. And just keep floating. So as you go around the edge just
remember, keep it floating up and then back and forth like that. It’s your turn. You don’t have to be so
gentle with it, keep working. There you go. Now you’re gonna continue on and see
how that rough edge is right there? This where you’ve gotta lean your,
keep your hand on there, lean back and
lift up in the front, slightly. There you go. You wanna keep this level with this
guy right here, the form board.>>Okay.>>And then,
you just work it back and forth. There you go. [MUSIC]

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