DIY Koi Pond Construction | Concrete Form Installation – Part 5

DIY Koi Pond Construction | Concrete Form Installation – Part 5

[MUSIC] So if you’re lucky enough to have
some stable soil conditions and you can dig a trench like we
have in this particular pond. You can go ahead and pour your
concrete on top of your rebar. If you live areas with unstable
soil conditions, say in Florida or Palm Springs and you have a lot of
sandy soil, you might not be able to get the dirt to conform to
the shape that we want here. So you’re gonna have to take
an extra step and put some forms in place to hold the concrete
in place for your bond beam. We’re gonna show you
how to do that next. We just picked up some wooden
stakes, got a sledgehammer, and we have these cool little
bender boards here. They’re coated in plastic so
the concrete doesn’t stick to them, and they can conform to
the shape of our circle. I also have this quick little impact
screw gun and some drywall screws. So the first thing we’re gonna do
is we’re gonna drive some stakes in around, and then we’ll attach
our form boards right to them. So the first step is to come in the
inside curve of our excavation and we’re going to drive these
stakes in every couple of feet. And this is what we are going
to attach our form board to. We’ll tack it to it. Once you have your stakes all
driven on the inside of the form, what we’re gonna do is we’re
gonna set the top form board of the bender board. And we’re just gonna start with the
top first, and what we’ve done on this pond, we have the bond beams
can be 12 inches below water level. So we set our laser level to tell
us exactly where that’s gonna be. You can do that with a traditional
four foot level as well. But we’re gonna go ahead and start attaching these
form boards to stakes. We have our forms in place,
and our rebar is set. It’s time to pour the concrete. We just went to the local hardware
store and picked up a concrete mix. And we’re gonna use
wheelbarrows today. But if you’re lucky enough to
have a buddy with a mixer, you could probably go
a whole lot faster. I brought in some
extra boys today so we can get this done
a whole lot quicker.>>Water. [MUSIC]

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  1. не совсем понятно для чего это заливать бетоном?

  2. How many parts will there be for this series?

  3. Wow pure concrete no sand or ballest. This is interesting to watch though. They are all well filmed as well. Thanks for making the effort to do this Ponddigger. I am sure it might get you a few customers as well, good communications age thinking =)

  4. What are the dimensions of the bond-beam?

  5. You can have a cement truck come with as little as 6 yards and it will cost less than bags, not to mention labor cost.

  6. Clueless as to how anyone can click the dislike tab. These are great videos and Thank You for taking the time to film them!

  7. Lots of silica cement dust floating around boys. It wouldn't be a bad idea to show wearing dust masks. Silicosis is a really evil condition.

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