DIY How To Apply Knockdown Texture To Ceilings

DIY How To Apply Knockdown Texture To Ceilings

Welcome back to Behind the Walls. This is
Jason with JP Carducci Inc, and today we’re going over do-it-yourself knockdown texture.
First, we’re going to start off with the texture we use which is Tuf-Tex provided by Home Depot.
It’s an unaggregated texture that you need for knockdown textures. The other texture
is a popcorn.It has Styrofoam flakes in it. This kind is smooth. Kevin here is going to demonstrate mixing,
how we come up with our consistency to use the hopper gun to apply the texture. He’s
going go ahead and show you how to mix. First, you put water in the bucket. You want
to put water in the bucket first and not texture, that way you don’t get your clumps and your
hard spots. You’ve got your water, and we’re going to go ahead and add our texture. You add water as you as you go to get your consistency. Now that we’ve achieved the consistence that
we’re looking for, you can see it’s kind of runny, that way when you fill this up, it
actually will spray out of the nozzle with the air. This is what you call a hopper gun.
This we got from Lowe’s. It’s the Kobalt edition. We use the big tip for the application we’re
doing here. Depending on what tool you’re using, this
or a texture machine, your consistency will change. The texture machine likes it a little
more runny, a little more wet, because the pressure is not as great. With this, we’re
using a manual compressor setup which just has a lot more power. So, as you can see here, this is your air
adjustment for how much air comes out of the nozzle, and this is your trigger. This is
what you’ll pull to get the flow out, but this controls your thickness, what comes out
of the bucket, which we’re going to demonstrate here. We’re going to get this filled up and
then we’re going to start texturing… All right. We’ve got the hopper gun filled.
Kevin here divided this to demonstrate a straight-sweep pattern on the knockdown… Also, there’s another technique you can do
which is a circle motion which some people use like myself, and we’re going to demonstrate
that for you too… The techniques are truly what’s comfortable
for you. Kevin prefers the straight. I prefer the circle. As long as you’re consistent in
your flow, your coverage will be even and that’s your ultimate goal. Now we’ve got to spray. Depending on your
temperature level, humidity level, in your house, it can be anywhere between from five
minutes to ten minutes is about how long you want it to set up. What I mean by set up is
you still need it damp enough to when you pull your knife across, it knocks down the
thickness of the splatter, but you don’t want it too wet to where it comes and it smashes
in. It’s kind of almost like a doughy type of feel. Back here as you see, Kevin’s scraping and
you can see how this is already starting to dry pretty quick because our humidity level
is sound and A/C is running, but as you can see, how he scrapes, it knocks it down and
gives it that flat texture look. That’s knockdown texture. So once he gets all that scraped,
we’ll go through, we’ll pick out the little trash that we had in the bucket, and wait
for it to dry, and then we’ll prime and paint. That’s how you do knockdown texture!

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  4. @freethinker52 – Yes priming does slow down the drying, pending what material you use for your texture. We have only encounter where priming was needed and that was in condos where the ceilings are concrete. Thank you for your input and viewing!

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  8. Regina I am sure you can but I would do a test on a scrap piece of drywall.
    You will have to roll on and then wait for the texture to start hardening and then knock it down like we did on the ceiling, Trial and error!!

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