#DIY Felt Flowers Wall Clock – DIY Wedding Gift by S Nuraeni | Diy Wall Clock

Hello everyone! Welcome back to S Nuraeni channel. In this video, I’ll share, How to make a wall clock and felt rose flowers. DIY wedding gift. Felt wall clock. Stay tuned… And click the SUBSCRIBE button below, then activate the notification bell. Prepare pieces of felt fabric with this sizes. Fold it in half. Then cut to form the felt rose petals. It’s the same size. Give glue on the bottom. And stick it. Next attach the hot end of the glue gun to the edge of the petal. And bend a little. Take 1 sheet of tissue. Use only half. Then fold the tissue. Give glue. And roll it to the wire. Stick the petal. The first to cover the tissue. Then stick the other petal. Cut the corners. To form a circle. Then cut. And divide into 5 parts. Cut the corners, to form a sepal. Pull the sepals. Then twist. Stick with felt rose buds. Then wrap it with floral tape. Do the same steps as before. This is the same size. Press. Then pull it. Stick the hot end of the glue gun to bend the petal. Take 2 sheets of tissue. Roll to the wire. Give glue and stick it. Stick one by one the felt rose petals. Fold it in half. Then cut to form large felt rose petals. Do the same steps as before. There are many ways to bend the petal. You can heat it on the fire, use a hair straightener, or you can use the hot end of the glue gun, like this. Cut to form a sepal like the previous step. Cut the edge of the sepals, jagged. Then attach the sepal to the felt rose. Cut the excess wire. Fold it. Then cut to form leaves. Cut the edges. Jagged. Stick the wire in the middle of the leaf. Here I have prepared rigid PVC plastic with writting. This is for wedding gift. Then color it with white pylox on the back. It doesn’t have to be the same, you can use printed paper. This is after colored. and already given a hole. You can use heated nails or, You can also use the hot end of the glue gun to make the hole. Make a square pattern, according to the shape of the clock on the styrofoam. This styrofoam measures 30 x 30 cm. And cut according to the pattern. Next prepare cardboard with the same size as styrofoam. Then make the pattern according to the hole in the styrofoam. And cut it. Give glue on the cardboard. Then stick it. This is jute fabric, the size is 35 x 35 cm. Give glue on the cardboard. Then stick it to the jute fabric. Punch a hole in the jute. Stick the excess fabric, to cover the styrofoam. And stick the pvc plastic. Next attach the clock engine. Measure the hemp rope with a length of approximately 150 cm. Cut three times and braid the string. Prepare 12 pieces of hemp rope with a length of 10 cm. Next stick it around the clock. Arrange the felt leaves in the corner. Give glue. And stick. Stick 2 pcs of the felt roses. Do the same way for the top part. This is a hemp rope braid at both ends with a piece of jute fabric. Give glue to lock the rope so it doesn’t come off. Done. Thank you for watching. See you in another tutorial. Don’t forget to like, comment, share, and SUBSCRIBE~

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