DIY – Creative Cement Ideas – How To Make a Concrete Coffee Table – BEAUTIFUL and EASY

DIY – Creative Cement Ideas – How To Make a Concrete Coffee Table –  BEAUTIFUL and EASY

1sand + 3 cement 1sand + 3 cement

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  4. Good job😀😀

  5. It was so pretty before he ruined it with the spray and paint…

  6. This is so yikes

  7. I have never seen such a ugly table in my life like this one

  8. La neta, la neta, quedó bien gacha 😐

  9. Ugliest table I saw in past 30 years. Iam 30

  10. If you scrape your bare legs on that table…ouch!!

  11. Osceno….. Ma per piacere.


  13. Garbage table, and the spray paint made it worse

  14. lo mas inutil del mundo

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  16. This video was so boring but I couldn't stop watching it

  17. نتيجة متستاهلش هاد تمارة كلها😕😕😕

  18. Amazing and yet so simple 👍🙌😍😮👏

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  22. Esta bien culera 😂

  23. Well who wanted to know the end result

  24. Que bosta ;-; é muito mais fácil comprar um e sai bem mais baratos do que esses tijolos, mais os matérias para fazer o cimento e mais as tintas e esses spray's.

  25. The poor bastard that has to move that heavy ass table.

  26. I liked the natural brick and mortar legs and plain white leaf pattern maybe gray it a bit and coat it.

  27. No me.gusto 🙁

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  29. 🙈Feooo¿que es eso?desprolijo¿tanto gasta en material?para nada..eterno para terminar, disculpenme pero a mi no me gusta 🖓

  30. Heavy ass piece of gawdy!

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  32. Lindo! Eu queria uma dessas.

  33. Him: A jungle table , mister?
    Him: wait 1 minute….🧱🧱🧱👨🏻‍🎨
    The customer: you nailed it!

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  38. genial quedo!!! muy buen trabajo 👏👏👏

  39. 👀 bueno pues…

  40. Beautiful table and great craftsmanship but unless you live in a typhoon/ hurricane zone or you are Fred Flintstone isn't this a bit impractical?

  41. So good job my freind BRAVO

  42. Столько сил и материала потрачено! А получилось, ну как-то не очень…

  43. A half tone table be like..

  44. Why do you hate cement so much??

  45. Good idea until you have to lift it to another spot – you would need four people to move this table.

  46. ¿Para que marcan las hojas?
    Si las terminan pintando después.

  47. The spray paint made the entire thing look cheesy. A whitewash would have looked classier and brought out leaf pattern beautifully. Other than that the guy is talented no doubt.

  48. What was the instrumental playing when u were spray painting green?

  49. 4:51 até este momento estava lindo… depois estragou com a tinta e o spray…

  50. the music is awful

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  52. Bonjour très jolie cette table de jardin

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  54. This is how they build bridges in asia.

  55. That leaf print is so pretty

  56. You ruined it with paint.

  57. It looks good a little little bit I guess.

  58. Should have left it natural. The paint ruins it.

  59. The ugliest thing I have ever seen….

  60. Ficou muito lindo parabéns pela criatividade 🇧🇷🍀🇧🇷🍀

  61. I like it 👌👌👌

  62. That’s one ugly table

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  64. Amei essa ideia . Parabéns !..

  65. less is more , please mid this.

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  67. Непонятно, как эта фигня 6 млн просмотров собрала? Люди! Мы тупеем!

  68. This is a work of art I love it and the colors are great..Bravo 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

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  72. This song has to be the worst in history. Way too much going on.

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  74. Amazing!!! Love it… thanks U..👍

  75. Enjoy Stodoys woodworking instructions.

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