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Hello everyone, I’m Cara, this is cynch
makes. I’m back after a little break to bring you this DIY, which is a concrete hand.
You could…you could use it as a jewellery display or like a paperweight but essentially
it doesn’t do anything so…it looks nice though, it looks nice. So, for this DIY you’re
gonna need some mortar, you are gonna need an old container to mix the mortar with the
water, follow the instructions on the pack or just mix the water in gradually, until you
get creamy paste consistency. Ok, so I’ve figured out the best way to do this, is to
take a large vase, a rubber glove, just a normal domestic rubber glove, some elastic
bands. And you are going to stretch the rubber glove over the top of the vase and you want
to make sure that it doesn’t touch the sides or the bottom of the vase. Ok, so then you
can start adding your concrete you wanna make sure you do this slowly and that the concrete
reaches the bottom of the glove, of like all of the fingers before you add more concrete
in. The next thing you are gonna do is vibrate the air out of the glove, this is a very important
step if you don’t do this you’re going to end up with holes in a concrete and it will
make your sculpture more like liable to break and it doesn’t look very nice either. Ok,
so you want to leave your concrete to dry, maybe for a day or so, just until it’s solid
to the touch. Ok so when it comes to taking the concrete out of the glove you want to
do a slice up the palm of the glove and in between each finger. And you wanna be really
careful when you’re taking this off because your concrete will still be slightly damp
on the inside. And if you take the glove off in one go like I did this may happen. Ok,
so you want to leave your concrete hand to completely dry overnight before painting it.
So there you have it my concrete hand. Thank you so much for watching as always. Don’t
forget to like comment and subscribe and I will see you next time!

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