DIY AGILITY A-FRAME for Backyard Agility | Build an Agility Course

DIY AGILITY A-FRAME for Backyard Agility | Build an Agility Course

Today you guys, we are going to show you
how to build your own DIY A-FRAME. You guys had been asking us to do this
for a very long time and we had our
A-Frame for five (5) years now. It is starting to fall apart and we did not
built it. I bought it from somebody else. What we are going to do is,
we are going to de-construct our A-Frame. Then, rebuild it and as we do that,
we are going to explain to you guys
how to build an A-Frame. This will take us quite, a few weeks
to actually film…
(laughter) But, eventually when is all done,
you will get an awesome video and then,
down in the video description below there will be a link to our blog with all the
information and measurements on how to build
your own DIY A-Frame for your backyard. Here’s the list of all the materials you will need They will also be listed on the blog.
Just click on the video description below. The first thing I’m going to need is,
two (2) of 4×8 sheets of plywood. We have the two (2) 4×8 sheets here. They’re going to be measured so the top of the
A-Frame will be three (3) feet across
by eight (8) feet long. We’re gonna have a little bit of extra and
we’re gonna cut that off. Jamie is going to cut this off, so we can get
ready to paint this stuff. Now that we have, our two (2) pieces of plywood
cut to the exact size that we need, now we are going to primer the surface. I’m using the ‘Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer.’
This had a ‘mold and mildew resistant film’ You can cover with any type of top coat. This is what I’m using to primer these. We are going to primer the top, sides and
the bottom. Alright! We are going to do, two (2) coats
of the primer and a whole thing. We found out that our A-Frame was a little bit
more rugged than we thought. We are now building an entire new one,
instead of the de-construction and
re-construction A-Frame. We have everything pretty much laid out,
for what you will need for this project. Again, there will be a blog post
down below, to show you guys
all the stuff in detail. You are going to need some hinges,
some screws, some brad nails,
some deck screws, you’re gonna need about six (6) feet
of chain, per side. You’ll need these little hooks to go
on those and this to hook them on to that. You will need, some liquid nails,
that will be for this. Again, will explain more on this as we go
on further. You will need your wheels,
primer because all these wood needs
to be primed which is what we’re doing right now. Your two (2) different colors of exterior paint.
These are the colors that we are using. Is like a yellowish green and the blue. You will need some floor finish,
‘non skid floor finish additive.’ That is going to go, into these two paints,
when we paint. You will need six (6) 2×4 stud boards,
cut to 33 inches. Then, you will need four (4) 2×4 stud boards
that are eight (8) feet long. These and those, are going to make
the box around the base of the A-Frame which we will show you when we get there.
Then you will also need… Fourteen (14) pieces of…
This is the lattice and these are the
strips that will go across for the dogs to grip. Again, will show you more of that,
when we get there. That’s the basic run down of everything
you will need to make the A-Frame. (Jamie) “You can find unpainted and painted lattice…”
(Jessica) Yeah! (Jamie)
“…To make sure you get, the pre painted one
and then you don’t have to…” (Jessica) “The pre painted was a penny more,
so I went with that…”
(Jamie) “Right…” (Jessica)
We pretty much have everything we need
and now, as we continue this process, will show you how to build an A-Frame for your
backyard agility. Once you do the top board’s primer,
the next thing we are gonna need to do, is to attach our lattice.
Before we do that, we need to measure out every
twelve (12) inches. We’ve done that, all the way up
the board, you will need seven (7) of
these pieces. Then, the bottoms of these…
Here’s a little line mark here… Will each hit the twelve (12) inch mark. This is our next 12 inch mark,
so will be one there and we will continue that, all the way up. Now, we have to attach these! OK, to attach the little lattice pieces,
what we’re gonna do is to put
some liquid nails on the back. You can pretty much use any type of
outdoor glue for this. You don’t have to use liquid nails
if you can’t get it. We’re gonna run one little bit across
the back of this. Now, we’re going to flip it over and we mark
the lines on each side. We’re gonna match up each corner. Then kind of press down on this
a little bit. The glue will help hold the lattice in place. Then, we’re gonna use some brad nails…
(background noise) Then, nail it in place. You can also do this, with a hammer nails
if you don’t have brad nailer. What’s going on in here?
Or out there?
I’m working hard on the A-Frame? What are you guys doing?
Napping… Napping…
(laughter) Once we have our board primed,
all these little pieces are nailed and glued
down and the glue has been given some time to dry, we are going to measure
from the bottom of this board… Forty two (42) inches up.
Then, we are going to make a line. This is your contact area. This needs to be one color.
The top needs to be another color. We are painting ours…
(laughter) (Jessica) Apparently, looks like mustard yellow…
(Jamie) It looks like mustard yellow… (Jamie) It darkers a little… (Jessica)
The first coat of paint we’re putting down
on this board is one coat without the non skid… applicant inside there.
We’re just doing one quick coat
on the base of this. Then, we will add the sand, which will
make it a non slid surface. The top of ours is going to be blue. We are also taking all of these
side boards and we are measuring forty two (42) inches up.
The color will change here as well. The bottoms of these will be yellow
and the tops of these will be blue. For the bottom color paint, will have
the bottom half of your 2×4 painted. Two (2) of the bottom boards, the short boards
painted and the bottom of each
of the ramps painted. Oh my goodness! It starting to come together. Once you have your bottom colors done,
is time to do your top color. We are doing blue and yellow,
so we’re gonna go ahead and put our first coat of blue on.
Again, this is going to be our first coat. The next coat, will have the non slip sand
added into the paint. Now, we are going to add the
‘Non skid finish additive’
to the paint. But… We’re not actually
gonna add it to the whole bucket. Because once you add the stuff to the
bucket of paint, the paint
will not stay good for very long. We’re gonna put it, in the little rolling pan. Then, mix a little bit in there. (Jessica) Oh! Be careful!
(Jamie) Shuz…
(Jessica) You’re getting it, in the paint. (Jamie) You can’t get in the paint…
(Jessica) Uh… That’s what it looks like.
Is like fine little sand granules. We’re just gonna put a little bit in there,
cause that’s supposed to be filling
a whole gallon. Will put a little bit in and if
we feel like we need to add more,
we will. We’re testing it, to make sure we mix it
well enough. You can see the little bits
of sand granules in the paint. That’s going to give us a nice
non skid surface. Now, we’re doing the yellow and we’re mixing
the non slip surface stuff
into the yellow. We just put it in the small pan
and we’re mixing it together. We’re actually gonna do,
two (2) coats of this. So, we have the blue coating down and
when that dries, will do another
coating of the blue. The same thing with the yellow.
It looks like mustard, doesn’t it? We got the non skid coating in the yellow
and the blue. Now, we just got to let it dry. We may do a second coat on the blue
because we didn’t do the sand as thick
as we did on the yellow. We might do a second coat. Now that we have everything painted,
we are going to screw together. The base frame work for the
A-Frame. Again, we have the 3 boards that are
thirty three (33) inches long each. (background noise) Then, the eight (8) foot long
two (2) 2×4 boards.
(background noise) Now, we got it all screw together in one piece. Now, we are going to take
this piece… We are gonna put it on top of here.
We’re gonna nail it down. Now that we got all our bread nails
and we got one side completely done, now we’re going to do the other side. Check that out. All in one piece. (background noise) We’re preparing for the wheels. We put, the wheels on ours, cause it makes it
easier to move. You don’t actually have to add the wheels. But, trust me that it will make it
a lot easier to move. (Jamie) Yes. Now, we are going to take the hinges and
attach them to the board. Memphis! Are you sitting on the table
waiting for us to be done with the A-Frame so you can come and play on it?
You bad table top dog! (laughter) I see you! Since we have the A-Frame before,
we were able to kind of… Put ours back in the same
position and you may want to do this laying down
before you stand it up. So now, we are installing the chain.
I’m installing the eye hooks and you need
four (4) of them. One for each side and they are just
about a foot up from the brace that goes
across the middle. Alright! We’re adjusting the chain.
I need a little over six (6) feet of chain
on each side. We’re adjustin it and what that is gonna do,
Jamie is down right now. When we put the A-Frame all the way out,
it will stop it from falling down. Part of the reason behind the chain
is so, we can have the A-Frame be lowered
for practice, cause sometimes is easier to make it a little bit lower.
When you are teaching your dogs
to go over the A-Frame, also this is not a regulation size A-Frame.
This is a backyard practice agility A-Frame. Ours is only eight (8) feet up, on each side.
Regulation is nine (9) feet up, on each side. This is just for practice and backyard agility. Is alll done! The only thing left to do is, show it
to the dogs. I think Oakley will be glad to have her shade back. Come on here girls! Memphis! Look!
Memphis quick! Walk up! (laughter) Oh, look!
The A-Frame is back! Does it smell brand new paint? Are you happy as you can be? Are you the queen of the world again? “I’m the queen of the world again!” What you think Shelby? Walk up!
She’s like,
“Whoa! It smells different!” “I don’t know, is kind of smell different.” Walk up! Do it! Walk up! Memphis is like,
“I can do it!”
(laughter) … Bark it at you. What you think Shelby? She’s like,
“Whoa! What’s new?” “Is like all new.
The whole thing is new!” Are you super happy that is back? (laughter) Memphis is like,
“This is all I wanted for!” “Is a game for me…” “I just like to stand up here and having
the advantage.” Walk down Memphis! Walk down! Walk down!
This way, come on! Walk down! Good job! Good job! Shelby, walk up! Whoa! Memphis is like,
“Hold on! Let me test this non slip grip!” Memphis is like,
“Nope! This is mine! I claimed this!” Shelby, you can do it!
Walk up! She just ate a mosquito…
(laughter) Good job! What you think Oakley? You own shade is back! Say the A-Frame serves for multiple purposes. For practice and for shade. There they go! Oh! I thought she was going to dig… Shelby is like,
“Hey! Play with me!” Aww! Come here! Shelby! Come here! Shelby here! Shelby, walk up! Good job! Good job! Now she can dig a hole. Oh yes! The A-Frame is digging holes under. Your sandbox is back! Yeah! Makes the sand box nice and cold
underneath here. The rest of the backyard is hot. (growls) Oh yeah… Fun under the A-Frame! What are you doing? (Jamie) You are getting dirty!
(Jessica) So dirty! Oh she got…
I thought she can jump on the pool. And… Here they go… Whooom! Look out! There she goes! In the pool!
Oh no! Not… In the pool? Yep! Yep! Yep! Maybe… Over the pool…
In the pool! That’s what I thought!
(laughter) Alright you guys!
There you have it. As I said before, there is a blog post
listed down in the video description below. With detailed instructions on how to build
your own backyard DIY agility A-Frame. Let us know… What agility obstacle…
Whoa Memphis! …You want us to make next? We had done A-Frames, we had done jumps.
Maybe weave poles next. Let us know down in the comments below,
what you want to see us making next? Alright you guys.
If you are new to this channel
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to help us grow ‘The Pawdience.’ As always… Memphis in the pool!
Thanks for watching!
Thanks for subscribing! Stay Pawsitive!
Dream big!
We will see you again soon! Good bye guys! ♪ We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs ♪ ♪ Come and join us for a new adventure! ♪ ♪ Lots of fun, lots of walks, won’t you come ♪ ♪ into our Siberian world! ♪ ♪ We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs ♪ ♪ Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

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