Dezigns Construction – Roofing throughout the Northeast

If you’ve had to decide between a roof
replacement and temporary repairs, you understand the struggle of balancing
costs and benefits while trying to figure out who you can trust. At Dezigns
Construction, we’re committed to simplifying your next roofing decision.
We have the capacity to be the single source for all of your roofing needs,
with comprehensive services including maintenance, repairs, and replacement. Our
location in Williamstown is home to a 12,000 square foot warehouse, allowing us
to quickly serve businesses throughout the Northeast. with a commitment to
safety and quality, DCI has earned the elite status of Master Select Commercial
Contractor, along with Certified Maintenance Professional, and we’re
uniquely positioned to offer industry best 15, 20, and 30 year roofing system
warranties. Contact DCI today and we’ll show you firsthand how much more you can
expect from a roofing partnership.

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