Deb8 Mile… An Epic Rap Battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Deb8 Mile… An Epic Rap Battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

It’s the final round between Donald and Hillary everybody. [Crowd Cheering & Booing] Ok settle down. Settle down. Donald… heads or tails? Tails never fails. Tails it is you choose who goes first. I’m gonna let the lady go first because I’m a gentleman. [Crowd noise] Hey Hey Hill… It’s up to you. You know what to do. Hey DJ! Spin that track. [Beat Music Starts] [Voice in crowd] She’s CHOKING! [Crowd making noise] Now everybody from the big D.C. Put your politician hands up and follow me. It’s Hilly on the mic here about to kick a rap reppin’ small business tryin’ to close that wage gap. Daddy worked a small business that much is certain worked in the candle light making RICH people curtains. [Crowd reacting] Trump thinks that women should be takin’ dictation talkin’ noise about the Clinton Foundation. Let me tell you what will be a sensation my sensible plan for legalized immigration. [Crowd Booing] [Hillary] Yes [Hillary] Hashtag I’m with her. Talkin smack about the refugees women and Islam you can check the facts on Hillary Clinton dot com. I have… WRONG Fact check. WRONG Fact check. WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG That’s cute Hilly but I told you many times I know the best words so I have the best rhymes. Them crazy eyes give America the scares but what scares Hillary a tiny flight of stairs. [Crowd making noise & chanting] She’s a Washington Stooge my hands are super huge I’m about to spin this mother like a centrifuge. I like your pant suit is your stylist your hubby looks like you ripped it off a dead Teletubby. [Crowd reacting] You know Donald… my Technicolor pant suit is none of your concern but here’s a little lesson that America should learn. You’re business acumen’s a whopper his casino was a fail thank goodness he’s not president Because you’d be in jail! [Crowd reacting] NAFTA China on trade she’s a WUSSY I’m about to grab the Oval Office by the Woah! Woah! Woah! [Crowd reacting] You know what Donald go and sit on a cactus. Or better yet show us all your income taxes. It’s cute how you’re curious about my net sales and I’ll show you as soon as you show your emails. [Crowd reacting] [To DJ] I don’t need a beat for this. [Music stops] Hilly Hilly You’re actin’ so silly a Washington puppet just like Milli Vanilli. [Crowd reacting] Awe… right… Awe… right… ok ok ok Hey… Lets hear it for Donald. [Crowd cheering] Ok. Ok. Ok… Calm down. Calm down… Hillary [Crowd cheering] Ok. Ok. Ok… You know what… Too close! We’re going to let America decide… in November! Debate Mile… OUT! [Beat Music Plays] [Crowd reacting]

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  1. Very funny. Too bad the real debates aren't like this.

  2. Love your impressions. Best Trump there is.

  3. nice job. turned out well. what happened to the hilly shake??

  4. I like it. Good job.

  5. So epic 😂😂😂 I love it 😂😂

  6. hahahahahahahahahahahhq cause you'd be in jail 😂😂😂

  7. I can't stop watching this hahahahaha

  8. needs more views man!!!!!

  9. F K you still got it brother lol. loved you on madtv

  10. Absolutely brilliant Frank !

  11. His face right of the bat 😂

  12. Thanks I can use some light hearted humor right about now. Smart and funny is in great demand .

  13. Ahwwww come back!!! There is so much negative and hate in the world we need this kind of humor

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